Transfer media everywhere from your browser!

Dazzboard turns your browser into a powerful media gateway, making it easy to transfer music between your computers and portable devices; back up your media, and share on social networks. Android users will love the way Dazzboard handles music, and anyone can play music, build and share playlists in Facebook, buy tunes from 7Digital’s 10-million-track shop, and more.

Sync all your devices right from your browser

Sync your Android or other phone, mp3 player or digital camera with your computer. Access your iTunes library and playlists. Transfer music between devices. Back up photos and video or post them on Facebook. There’s always something Dazzboard can do for you.

Discover new great stuff

Dazzboard also lets you know what’s new and hot in music, and what your friends are listening to. You can also find fresh and popular videos on YouTube, photos on Flickr, and music on Facebook.

Share and be social

Dazzboard lets you access all your storage, whether it’s on a hard drive or in a cloud. From there it’s just one click to post your masterpieces on Facebook, Flickr, and more. Oh, and you can download YouTube videos, too.

Manage and back up your media

If you’ve got media stored everywhere from your memory sticks to clouds to social networks and external hard drives, you’ll love the way Dazzboard makes it simple to keep track of it all.