Best 9 Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners


The search for the top affiliate programs for beginners will be one of your main obstacles as you establish your affiliate marketing career.

Because there are so many lucrative affiliate schemes available.

When selecting an affiliate program, remember that the wrong one might hold you back many months, while the perfect one could have you earning your first affiliate commissions before your website is even “done.”

We’ll spend our time together in this blog article looking at the top affiliate programs for beginners, as this is a subject we get asked about frequently.

Furthermore, we’ll attempt to present a far more objective explanation of the situations in which joining an affiliate network makes more sense than an internal affiliate program and the reverse.

But, for now, a quick bonus- a few tips to help you find the best affiliate marketers

1. Search for appropriate keywords

2. Join network affiliates

3. Sign up for online forums and organizations

4. Utilize SEO tools

5. Use your website as a tool

6. Make contacts at events

7. Utilize social media.

8. Ship goods to bloggers and other influential people

9. Place adverts

10. Communicate with your loyal consumers.

11. Join an affiliate organization

12. Employ a manager of affiliates

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs Every Beginner Needs

Amazon Associates

One of the first affiliate programs to exist was the Amazon Affiliate Program, also known as the Amazon Associates Program. It also spans a sizable portion of what they sell online. You may thus sell what you find on Amazon and receive a portion of the sale price.

There is something for every audience that covers anything from books to bullhorns and everything in between.

We often recommend brand-new affiliates to Amazon’s affiliate marketing program first since it is so simple to use, especially when building your first affiliate link (s).



  • All across the globe, everyone knows Amazon 
  • 385 million items are available for Amazon Associates to market so, there is always something for someone.
  • They put a lot of focus on offering top-notch customer service, which benefits you.
  • Link management and creation are straightforward.
  • user-friendly affiliate dashboard


  • Amazon changes its mind about commission rates pretty often and that is extremely annoying to put up with.
  • The 24-hour cookie has major flaws


Pricing: Free

Category:Network of affiliates

You’re given: Net 60

Minimum payment: $10

Ideal for: Newcomers to affiliate marketing creating their first website


The fact that the network is so simple to utilize is one of the main benefits of signing up as an Awin affiliate. Even for those who are not as tech-savvy, the interface does not actually present any technological challenges, and the diversity of marketing tools that are offered is another advantage to take into account.

The plugin takes care of all the tedious manual link-building work and even generates applications for programs you might not have ever considered joining.

Regarding the statistics you may see on the platform, they are likewise quite certain and do not allow for any space for interpretation. Simple and providing all the information you want, your dashboard is easy to use.

Another benefit to consider is the abundance of merchants to choose from on top of everything else. Some of them are respectable companies with a long history, which suggests that your site 

visitors won’t be hesitant to choose their items.



You don’t have to wait around for commissions with accelerated payments.

extensive selection of affiliate marketing packages

Easy-to-use platform with labels and layouts that are distinct and consistent

Through your Awin dashboards, tracking is simple to monitor and comprehend.

improved interface compared to most networks

several well-known businesses to work with


You’ll have a lot of competition, given that 260 affiliate marketers join the network every day.

Although it is a worldwide company, most of its advertisers are from the UK and the EU.


Pricing: Free

Category: Network of affiliates

You’re given: payment once or twice a month (you choose)

Minimum payment: $20

Ideal for: Affiliates that desire rapid payment!

Etsy Affiliate Program

Etsy is a website where you can buy handmade goods, crafts, antique goods, and other things.

The Etsy marketplace offers a wide range of items, including jewelry, clothing, antique items, home goods, kits, toys, electronics, and digital goods.

Although the site is frequently thought of as a marketplace for crafters, there is a lot more to advertise there.

There is something for almost every market on Etsy, not just gifts and crafts.

Because of the wide range of products available on the marketplace, the Etsy affiliate program is a fantastic option for many various sorts of niches and specialty websites.

By connecting to items you find on the website and/or writing reviews of them, you can earn money through Etsy’s affiliate program. Afterward, you’ll get a 4% commission if one of your visitors buys something.

So, does this rank among the greatest affiliate marketing initiatives for beginners? It’s true that you probably won’t be able to live solely of Etsy commissions, but it does provide you a terrific opportunity to earn money that will be worthwhile.



  • A neat, contemporary UI with simple navigation
  • Stock is changed often; there is always something fresh.
  • The top affiliate program in the antique, craft, and gift industries
  • When you promote Etsy, you assist small merchants who produce independent goods.
  • Their selection of goods is wide enough to draw customers to the website for hours.


  • Don’t put all your eggs in one basket since well-known suppliers will ultimately depart the marketplace.
  • The platform’s recent algorithm tweaks have displeased Etsy traders.


Pricing: Retailer (through Awin)

Category: Network of affiliates

You’re given: Net 30

Minimum payment: $50

Ideal for: Affiliates interested in vintage stuff, handcrafted goods, or anything that may be customized.

eBay Partner Network

Directing clients to eBay may make money via the eBay affiliate program, sometimes referred to as the eBay Partner Network (EPN). Affiliate links are used by bloggers, YouTubers, marketers, and influencers to promote goods available on eBay. Affiliates may get paid when people click on those links and buy things (or referral fees).

Let’s say you want to use your fashion blog to market shoes. A few would be chosen that you wanted to endorse, and you would create affiliate links for them and put them on your site. Links to your YouTube channel can be included in your description if you have one.

One of the first platforms that many aspiring bloggers and affiliate marketers encounter is EPN. For many years, eBay sponsored its program. But as of 2019, Impact is the program’s host.


  • The EPN actively encourages newcomers and has a shallow admission barrier.
  • internationally renowned brand
  • with hundreds of millions of available items
  • Here, you can give visitors the actual value for their money—often better than Amazon.
  • relatively high commission charges, which can reach 70% for each sale
  • PayPal is a payment option for you.


  • Only a cookie with a 24-hour lifespan could make this situation worse.
  • There are several imitation/fake goods available on their marketplace.


Pricing: Retailer (through Awin)

Category: merchant

You’re given: Net 30

Minimum payment: $10

Ideal for: Anyone and Everyone!!

CJ Affiliate

You can manage and improve your affiliate program using the CJ Affiliate platform. Running an affiliate program is a difficult in that you must have a thorough understanding of your affiliates, including how they are doing, which affiliates are the most productive, and what they are doing to earn income. Additionally, you must ensure that each affiliate has access to all marketing materials, product information, and any updates or other information that keeps them informed. To save time and effort in maintaining data across many channels, all data must be accessible from a single source. Introducing CJ Affiliate…

Insights into how your affiliates are marketing your items and making money for themselves, as well as information on how much traffic they’re driving to your site, which is converting from that traffic, and other things, are all provided by CJ Affiliate to assist you to keep track of their activities. These insights may be used to determine the next deals to make or which affiliates should receive bonuses for outstanding work.



  • Easy-to-use dashboard and interface—perfect for those new to affiliate marketing
  • Numerous highly well-known brands under one roof Direct display advertising options (flat charge and commission
  • Without having to guess, you may uncover successful affiliate programs.
  • Assistance and instructions make things extremely simple.


  • Big brands frequently appear and disappear on this network.
  • Compared to Amazon, the learning curve is relatively small.


Pricing: Free

Category: Affiliate Network

You’re given: Net 30

Minimum payment: $50

Ideal for: Newcomers to affiliate marketing creating their first website

Fiverr Affiliate Program

It can be among the highest-paying affiliate schemes available. Depending on the type of service provider you’re marketing, the Fiverr affiliate program pays up to $150 for each referral.

Unlike some other affiliate programs, Fiverr offers a variety of opportunities for you to make affiliate sales, including their “Learn from Fiverr” classes, where you may earn 30% of each transaction.

You can now discover “lifestyle” services like arts and crafts, tarot readings, and even relationship counseling on this gig site, even though it made its name selling digital services as WordPress installs and backlink development.

Oh, and signing up for their affiliate program takes around 30 seconds; all you need to do is submit your name, email address, and password.



  • Excellent affiliate interface; in comparison to others
  • Since Fiverr dominates the market, there is no actual competition.
  • You’ll always have something to sell as new services become available.
  • With the possibility of a delectably high $150 per referral earnings, there is much money to make.


  • You are not compensated for any sales made to current clients.
  • Some of the most well-liked gigs will eventually transfer to their website, similar to Etsy.


Pricing: Free

Category: Merchant

You’re given: Net 30

Minimum payment: $100

Ideal for: Though business-style services sell exceptionally well, any blog with a topic that is even somewhat relevant to a Fiverr gig category is acceptable.


By not sticking out from the crowd, FlexOffers can stand out.

FlexOffers stays away from the hype prevalent in the affiliate marketing sector.

As an affiliate network, they modestly go on with their task.

Furthermore, they continue to do this even though they serve as the affiliate marketing platform for several businesses, including Macy’s, Walgreens, Kohl’s, Hulu, McAfee, and AT&T.

They have 12,000 advertising, yet they only classify 500 as “premium” retailers.



  • They offer a helpful, quick onboarding procedure; they let me know when my application process had an error.
  • They also accept affiliate applications from users of Wix or Blogger, which is a true innovation at the moment.
  • A sleek interface, which allows you to sort by 7 and 30-day EPC, makes it reasonably simple to browse among their hundreds of advertisers.
  • Thanks to the Flex-Rev$hare program, you may also generate extra income. Here, a portion of the profits made by your sub-affiliates is used to pay you.


  • Even though their customer support alternatives are obvious, you get a knowledge base and an email address from them.
  • Additionally, the color palette they chose gives me a headache.


Most ideal for: Affiliates who need or want access to the broadest selection of advertisers possible.

Signup URL:

Offer types: CPS, CPL, Flat rate, Per Install

Payment options: Check, Bank transfer, wire transfer, PayPal

Payment terms:  Net 60

Payment threshold: $25


Inquiring about each company’s affiliate program individually would take a lot of time.

ShareASale is considerably more practical to use. Over 16,500 companies in its network, across various areas and specialties, are primed and prepared to collaborate with affiliates.

Finding the ideal goods or services to suit your readers’ requirements and interests is incredibly simple with ShareASale’s wide variety of affiliate programs.

Searching ShareASale for goods you currently use and adore is a good place to start. Or you may look into new goods you believe your audience will like.

Always hunt for products that will be truly useful. Abusing their confidence by connecting to items to generate revenue is the fastest way to lose readers.



  • There are thousands of goods and services to advertise.
  • Smaller, less well-known, but precious affiliate programs
  • For instance, Commission Junction’s “Search for Merchants” feature is considerably inferior.
  • Their “PowerRank” measure displays a program’s position in the top 1000 on ShareASale.
  • There are no long payment delays


  • An outdated user interface
  • It can occasionally be uncertain how affiliate programs will be approved.


Cost: Free

Type: Affiliate network

Payment threshold: $50

You get paid: Net 30

Best suited to: An affiliate marketer looking for emerging brands or more tangential products and services.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right affiliate marketing program can be a bit overwhelming for beginners. With so many options available, it’s essential to research and select a program that best suits your needs.

To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners. We hope this list will give you a good starting point as you begin your affiliate marketing journey. Thank you for reading!