Best AI Content Generators For Bloggers

ai content generators

We have all heard the expression “content is king,” and it has never been more accurate. According to Live Internet Stats, more than 950 million blog articles had been posted as of the fifth month of 2022. Just consider the numerous types of material produced, such as emails, case studies, social media posts, and more. Millions of content producers and marketers see content as a good investment.

However, producing pertinent, original material necessitates a high degree of creativity and endurance that is difficult to sustain. So it might be time to make an SOS call to stay up with the never-ending need for more and more content that converts. Your best option? An AI-based content producer.

Best AI Content Generators Every Blogger Needs


jasper ai

With more than 52 short- and long-form writing templates, Jasper is a remarkable ai content writer. Jasper can provide you with excellent content, whether you’re creating a real estate listing, an Amazon product description, an Instagram caption, or a personal profile. You ask, and Jasper shall deliver!

When trying to find out how to produce content for your website, the Jasper Blog Post Intro paragraph may be extremely useful for breaking through writer’s block. When you tell Jasper what your article is about, he will provide a launchpad that will enable you to go deeply into your topic. You may instruct Jasper in even greater depth using the Boss Mode strategy.

Jasper is aware that collaborating with a new AI team member might include some learning curves in addition to flashy templates. As a result, the program includes an incredible array of thorough training materials and support pages that explain how Jasper works and how to get the most of the software.

Price: Starting at $29 per month. When they sign up, new users are given 10K credits.


copy smith

The purpose of Copysmith is to assist brands and companies in achieving their content objectives. In addition to Facebook Ad, Pitch Yourself, Event Press Release, and Content Rewriter, this AI writer contains over 30 other templates. Use these templates to write persuasive Facebook advertisements, promote events, market yourself and your services, and rewrite existing material to shine.

You can arrange and save your content in folders using Copysmith so that you always know where each client’s work is. Additionally, it’s simple to test out the program because you may get a 3-day free trial and use all the features (with some credit limits).

When responding to questions on Reddit, for example, most content creators will want you to submit some information about your question and any keywords you’d like to target. The machine will then pull from its enormous library of online resources (including a bank of comments), which, paired with its human-sounding language, will produce a fantastic first draft you can now modify for your purposes.

Use the Copysmith Chrome browser plugin if you use Chrome. Also, Copysmith is introducing collaborative tools to its most expensive membership level, enabling teams to collaborate on content creation.

Price: Starting at $19, with credit limits. A free trial period of three days is available for new users.



Writesonic, an AI copywriting tool, attempts to produce content that attracts your readers and generates traffic and revenue for your business.

There are two content-generating options available. One set of templates is explicitly designed for copywriters, including choices for creating sales emails, landing pages, and product descriptions while also testing for readability and grammar.

The other templates allow you to create blog posts, content summaries, and rephrases as necessary while supporting long-form article authoring. For those who aren’t quite ready to commit to a monthly or annual subscription, Writesonic also provides a free trial and a Pay-As-You-Go credit system.

Price: Monthly rates begin at $15. New users can get a free trial.



The first AI content generator designed solely to produce SEO-relevant material is called Kafkai. Rather than using boring, old, conventional templates, the program operates on a writing niche system. There are presently 37 categories available, including software, sports, pets, and health.

You can expect original material from Kafkai, like most AI content providers. The ideal word count for articles created by Kafkai is 500–900 words. If you’re skeptical, Kafkai provides a 30-day money-back guarantee along with a 3-day free trial.

If you’re not happy with the way, the Kafkai app generates articles, no worries at all!! You can download their WordPress plugin and write on WordPress directly for a more convenient process. Do you need your material to be translated into another language? No need to fear because Kafkai is here! Your work may be presented in seven other languages through Kafkai.

Price: Starting at $29/month, which includes up to 100 monthly articles.

 Article Forge

article forge

Article Forge uses deep learning techniques to produce unique SEO text in less than a minute. Article Forge will generate an article using your keyword and any more appropriate data, replete with pertinent subheadings, photographs, videos, and links.

You can edit important elements like article length, secondary keywords, and subheadings using Article Forge’s user-friendly interface. This AI aims to raise your content’s position in search results.

You can convert your created material into various languages using the majority of AI content generators. However, Article Forge allows you to immediately produce high-quality material in as many as seven different foreign languages. If in doubt, you can also take advantage of their 5-day free trial and 30-day money-back guarantee.

Price: $27/month when paid annually or $57/month when invoiced monthly.

Other Notable AI Content Generators :



With Articoolo, users pay to produce a certain amount of articles each month or plan on an article-buy basis. The program creates a brief article once the keyword is entered; it usually has less than 500 words.

There aren’t any templates available with this application, so keep that in mind if you prefer using them. Instead, you can use Articoolo to write new articles, edit existing ones, generate headlines, condense articles, and locate photos and quotations to enhance your writing.

Users of WordPress will appreciate Articoolo’s WordPress plugin, which enables an easy creation and sharing procedure.

Price: Monthly memberships start at $29 for 30 articles and pay-per-use prices start at $19 for 10 articles with no time restriction.


Rytr is a simple writing aid and content creator with more than 30 templates and uses cases. It is made to assist copywriters and content marketers in creating text for advertisements, landing sites, product descriptions, and other uses.

By selecting from Rytr’s 20+ writing tones, you can fine-tune your tone to sound perfect. It accepts input in more than 25 languages, enabling you to write for a larger audience. To make sentences longer, shorter, or more concise while you’re writing, ask Rytr for help.

Rytr offers a variety of formatting choices that may be used to improve your text’s readability if you transfer it directly to your preferred CMS. Use Rytr’s plagiarism detector to make sure your material is unique.

Price: There is a free plan. Premium is $290 per year and $29 per month.


Another well-known ai writing generator program is CopyAI. It’s understandable why the tool has over 1 million users given that it offers more than 90 tools for content creation and copywriting. This program also includes several templates for ai post generator, emails, websites, case studies, videos, general business content, blog posts, social media posts, emails, and even entertaining templates.

CopyAI can swiftly produce original material and copy that adheres to writing and marketing best practices with very little human input. For instance, the First Draft Wizard template needs a blog title, a few keywords, the blog post’s objective, and a choice of tone of voice. The AI then produces talking points for each heading in a blog post’s structure and publishes content on each of those topics.

You can keep relevant AI information together by using CopyAI, which supports infinite projects and is accessible in more than 25 languages. CopyAI also offers a long-form editor.

Price: CopyAI features a free plan suitable for testing the product out or for light usage before deciding whether to upgrade. Pricing for its premium subscriptions begins at $49 per month.



The last platform is Peppertype, developed by Pepper Content, one of the biggest online content markets. This AI writing helper assists with creating all types of material and copy using GPT-3.

It can help you create everything from personal biographies, and YouTube ai video content generator descriptions to product descriptions and Quora answers, thanks to the over 50 templates available. This program offers certain templates that may be used for long-form writing, but it produces brief outputs and is thus suited for short-form writing, such as ad copy.

When altering existing material, for instance, the Content Rewriter, Content Expander, and Content Simplifier templates might be useful. You may produce blog posts, articles, case studies, white papers, and more with the aid of the paragraph writer and blog heading expander.

Peppertype’s team features are a plus. The ability to add users to higher-tier plans is frequently restricted, and/or all users must adhere to the same word restriction. But even on its Starter subscription, this application allows for extra users, each with a monthly word limit of 50,000. Additionally, the growth plan has more collaboration features, including access management and results sharing.

Price: The monthly minimum for Peppertype is $35. For corporate functionality, you may request bespoke pricing for the middle-tier plan, which costs $199 per month.


Before you invest in AI generators, we suggest getting a free trial to be sure. You do not have to buy the first thing you see/ read about. Try out a few different ones, explore, experiment and then, invest in whatever works best for you and your firm.


How does an AI content generator work?

AI content generators use natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms to analyze vast amounts of data, understand language patterns, and generate coherent and contextually relevant content. They can generate text based on prompts provided by users, incorporating their preferences and requirements.

Are AI-generated articles plagiarism-free?

AI content generators can create original content based on the data they have been trained on. However, there is a possibility that the generated content may inadvertently resemble existing articles or contain similar phrases. To ensure originality, bloggers should use plagiarism detection tools to verify the uniqueness of the generated content.

Are there any legal concerns when using AI content generators?

Bloggers should be aware of copyright laws and ensure that the generated content does not infringe upon the rights of others. AI content generators should not be used to reproduce copyrighted material without permission. Additionally, some countries have specific regulations regarding the disclosure of AI-generated content, so it’s important to stay informed about any legal requirements in your jurisdiction.

Are AI content generators expensive?

The cost of AI content generators can vary depending on the tool or service provider. Some platforms offer free access with limited features, while others require subscription fees or charge per generated article. It’s essential to explore different options and consider the value they provide in terms of time savings and content quality when evaluating the cost.