Best Schema Markup and Review Plugins for WordPress


Why are Schema markup plugins so important? Schema is a big differentiator for any website to be able to outrank its competitors. It is not only a great way to outrank competitors but also to stand out from the crowd on the SERP.

While most people are confused and take review stars as the only Schema markup available on the planet. Schema markup is also available for events, jobs, things, listings, local businesses, etc.

However, you would never want to code the whole schema markup just to show up the review stars or the rich snippet in the search results. That’s where comes the use of Schema markup plugins.

These plugins will basically add the schema markup on your pages in JSON-LD format.

Before we see the plugins, let us see how does an optimized schema markup code look like –

Top 10 Schema Markup Plugins for WordPress

All the plugins I have listed out in this post are capable enough to get you the review stars or your targeted rich snippet. The only condition is that your website is not blocked for schema issues.

1. Schema ProEditor’s choice

schema pro is best schema markup plugin for wordpress

Schema Pro is one of the most favorite plugins of WordPress developers. I have personally been using this plugin on my best money site for more than 2 years now.

The premium version of the plugin opens the door to unlimited possibilities and the ability to optimize your website pages for different types of rich results. Some of them are-

  • Event
  • Recipe
  • Local Business
  • Software
  • Person
  • Job Posting
  • Article
  • Product

The list does not end here. I think you should go and check out the plugin now. Since the plugin supports and detects custom fields, you can also create custom fields to easily automate the process.

The pricing starts from $79 per year.

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2. WP Review Pro

wp review pro is another great schema wordpress plugin

The plugin is specially built to not only optimize your website for the review schema but also for a perfect impression on your audience using reviews. Since many schema data plugins would lack the design factor, WP review pro fills the gap if you want to set up a new review site.

Making your review content stand out becomes even easier because there are more than 15 predesign layouts/themes for review blocks. Once you finish filling up values for the review block, you can find the best review box template (if you have the free version).

As far as you’re using a WordPress theme developed by MyThemeShop (like satyaWP), you will have the option to display the star ratings right on the thumbnail of the posts also. This feature is amazing when you set up a review site with any MyThemeShop theme.

The plugin costs $77 when you need it for up to 5 websites. I would recommend you to go for a membership instead of buying products individually from MyThemeShop.

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3. Ultimate Blocks

review schema gutenberg blocks for modern review sites

Ultimate Blocks is specially developed to extend the Gutenberg blocks for bloggers and marketers who focus on SEO very much. Just like you add intuitive and engaging content blocks on a post or page in WordPress with Gutenberg, you can add schema data and review blocks as well.

The plugin has a lot of features and types of content blocks that you can add on a page. Table of contents, click to tweet, tabbed content, and feature box are some of them.

Talking about the schema related blocks, you get to display below content types with optimized code.

  1. Reviews
  2. How to
  3. FAQs

While the review is one of the most used types of schema data markup, FAQ schema is one of the most potential and underrated features. Go ahead, check out this free plugin and make sure you use all of them and see how it works.

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4. All In One Schema Rich Snippet

all in one schema markup

All in One Schema Rich Snippet is the most used rich snippet plugin for WordPress to implement nearly any type of schema structured data.

As the name suggests, you can add all types of available rich text markup to your website. Since it is customizable for any website, you can use custom codes and also place the widget anywhere you want.

The plugin uses the minimalistic approach where you need to input only the minimum information to optimize your content for rich results. This is great.

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5. Schema APP Structured Data

app structured data

This free WordPress plugin is developed by Hunch Manifest and works seamlessly on any blog to display the rich previews in search results. The plugin’s code is smart enough and detects the post types very easily. It automatically optimizes your pages for structured data.

The type of markup automatically created with this plugin?

  • Page :
  • Post :
  • Search :
  • Author :
  • Category :
  • Tag :
  • Blog :
  • BreadcrumbList :
  • WebSite :
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6. StarCat Reviews

starcat reviews

Available in both versions, free and paid, StarCat reviews is a very intuitive and robust plugin to implement the schema markup on your website.

The most popular feature of this plugin is the ability to customize WooCommerce reviews. You can easily add your own custom settings to WooCommerce reviews.

Another feature that only admin can reply to the reviews and 1 user is allowed to post only 1 review on a single item is unique. It fixes a big loophole in the default WooCommerce comment review system.

You have more control over not only the posting of reviews but also the moderation and display of the same. However, markup is already there to score those stars on Google search results.

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