10 Best WordPress Button Plugins for Improved CTA

wordpress button plugins

With buttons, your website becomes better than it is. The buttons are the real essence of your website. If you do not have buttons on your website, people will find it very difficult to use it. As a result, people might even stop visiting your online profile.

If you are a person who has created a WordPress website and wants to improve the conversion rate, you should read on. To make your page or website more user friendly, you might want to add buttons to it.

Therefore, if you are looking for WordPress button plugins, you have come to the right place. Go ahead to find out the best WordPress button plugins you can choose from.

Best WordPress Button Plugins To Choose From

1. Buttons X

buttons x

The Buttons X is an extremely powerful WordPress button plugin. You will get a variety of features in this app. Besides, you will get the power to create and design the buttons the way you want. Moreover, you can create a variety of buttons out there.

Here are some features you must know about Buttons X. You can create dual buttons using the plugin that you have. Also, you could create your button for WooCommerce as well. There is a feature where you can track every button click in Google Analytics. Besides, this is not all – there are a variety of designs and animations you can choose from. 

This plugin costs $22 for a single-site license. 

2. MaxButtons


MaxButtons was one of the oldest plugins that were made for WordPress users. You will find this as a very user-friendly plugin. The best part is that it is free of cost! If you are really satisfied with the free service, then you can proceed to take up the paid version of this plugin. 

In less than a minute, you can create your social share button on your website. This plugin additionally provides you with a feature of a live preview.

3. WordPress Button Plugin MaxButtons

wordpress button plugins

The WordPress button plugin by Max Foundry is one of the few plugins that are free of cost. You can create CSS3 WordPress buttons instantaneously. There is a live preview option wherein you can see how your button looks in real life. If you do not like it, you might choose to edit it.

There are a few astounding features you must know about this button plugin. There is no limit to the number of buttons you can generate. No coding is required for the same. You also have an add-on of the share buttons. With this share button, the page or the article can be sent to various social networking sites. 

With the pro version, you can add icons and images to your buttons. And of course, it has support for Google Analytics.

4. Ultimate Blocks

ultimate blocks

Ultimate Blocks is a Gutenberg blocks plugin. Along with buttons, you also have access to other block widgets.

Few of the prominent features of this plugin is that there is an option of 17 blocks you can utilize to make gorgeous pages. Apart from this, you can also customize the buttons the way you want. You can add borders, change the size of the buttons, change the colors of the buttons, and many more. 

The best part about this plugin is that it is free.

5. MashShare


MashShare will allow you to share your content on other social media platforms. You need not worry if you do not know to code. It is completely user-friendly. Also, different Add-Ons are available that allow you to share images, descriptions, and titles on social media. 

This is one of the few plugins that promise high-security levels. There is no exchange of any personal data at all. Therefore, it is free.

6. Button

wordpress button plugins

The Button is another plugin you can consider. There are about 9 types of CSS3 button sets and 7 social buttons sets to choose from.

You will get the benefit of seeing the live preview of the button while you are previewing it. There is a huge bunch of design options you can choose from. You can also mix and match the color combinations the way you want them to. 

There is both a free and a pro version available. 

7. Thrive Ultimatum

thrive ultimatum

The Thrive Ultimatum is not any ordinary button plugin for WordPress. It is a complete marketing tool that will aid your business to grow. 

Apart from being able to choose your design, you can even create widgets. There is an option to create multiple campaigns as well.

Talking about the pricing, the plugin costs about $97 for a single site license. You can also take up the five site license for about $147. For $399 you can get a license for 15 sites. 

8. ShortCodes Ultimate

shortcodes ultimate

ShortCodes Ultimate comes with a button shortcode that will allow you to create amazing buttons. With one click, you can immediately add shortcuts to the WordPress page. You also can edit the CSS of the buttons.

You will not have to take up any subscription. However, you might have to pay for add-ons. 

9. Stackable 


The stackable plugin helps you to create high-quality blocks for your WordPress page. There are more than fifty layouts and twenty-three-page building blocks. There are typography options as well. 

The button block is equipped with the ghost button. This makes your button stand out from the rest.

10. Forget About Shortcode Buttons

wordpress button plugins

You can directly add buttons in the editor without the need for any shortcodes. Easily, you can create buttons within minutes! In case you spot any errors, you can easily edit that using this plugin. 

Plus, this plugin allows you to add Dshicons and Font Awesome icons to your buttons. There is one drawback that you will not be able to customize everything the way you want to.


Now that you have reached the end of the article, you might want to know about a few more things. First of all, you might want to dig in a little deeper about each alternative. Do thorough research. Then, choose the option that best suits your needs. The best way would be to try the free version first. Maybe after that, you can decide whether or not to take up the subscription. \

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