Ahrefs Alternatives & Competitors – Free & Paid Tools 2023

Looking for the top Ahrefs alternatives? Read on to find out how you can beat your competition and rank higher in search engine results with these SEO tools like Ahrefs.


Ahrefs is a reliable and reputable solution that allows you to track your website’s backlinks. This tool can show you which sites are linking to your site, how often they’re linking to it, and whether or not those links are helping your site’s rankings in the search engines.

Top 10 Alternatives to Ahrefs

Semrush is a very good solution that provides users with a lot of useful data. Not only does it show you how your website is performing, but it also offers insights into your competitor’s strategies. You can use this information to improve your website and stay ahead of the competition.


One thing that I really like about Semrush is that it provides a detailed overview of your website’s traffic. You can see where your website’s visitors are coming from, what pages they’re visiting, and how long they’re staying on your site. This information can help you to optimize your website and improve your marketing efforts.

Features :

  • SEO Alerting
  • SERP Rank Tracking
  • Localization
  • Competitor Analysis

SiteProfiler is is a website analysis tool  a great tool to help you analyze your website and make the necessary changes to improve your search engine ranking. It provides you with an in-depth report of your website, including the number of indexed pages, backlinks, and social media shares.

Using SiteProfiler, you can easily track your website’s progress and measure your success over time. The tool also allows you to compare your website against your competitors, so you can see where you stand in terms of SEO.


  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Keyword Tracking
  • Link Management
  • Mobile Search Tracking
  • Rank Tracking

SEO Powersuite is a powerful set of tools that can help you improve your website’s search engine rankings. It includes a variety of tools that allow you to analyze your website’s SEO performance, identify and fix problems, and track your progress over time.

One of the biggest benefits of using SEO Powersuite is that it makes it easy to track your website’s search engine rankings for multiple keywords. You can also use the tool to track your competitors’ rankings, so you can see what tactics they’re using to outrank you.

SEO Powersuite also includes a variety of other tools that can help you improve your website’s SEO performance, including:

  • A keyword research tool that helps you find keywords that relevant to your niche and have high search volumes.
  • A links manager that can help you find broken links on your website, so you can fix them and avoid Google’s penalties for shady linking practices.
  • An off page seo tool which includes a rank tracker, so it’s easy to see how well you’re ranking for different keywords with SEO Powersuite compared with other websites in your niche. Just enter a URL and the program will return information about its search engine rankings across multiple locations in the world—so you can make sure your website is ranking as high as possible.

Morningscore is a gamified SEO tool that allows you to track your rankings in Google Search results.

For every keyword you add, Morningscore automatically fetches the top 10 search results according to Google and gives them a score out of 100 based on their respective rankings. You can also choose how much time is allowed for each result to load (3 seconds by default) which will affect the score they get, so if one page loads faster than another it gets a slightly higher score.


Morningscore calculates the daily changes in ranking position for individual keywords, along with an overall league table showing progress against all added keywords. The reason why Morningscore doesn’t calculate all changes since installation is because it’s not possible to tell whether changes are caused by improved rankings or have been caused by external factors, such as Google’s algorithm updates.

As an all-inclusive service for search engine optimization (SEO), Moz Pro has all the necessary features to do a great job at optimizing your site as well as make sure you stay up to date with everything related to keywords, organic traffic from various sources, competitors’ domain authority score among other things.

The platform has a very user-friendly interface, which makes it easy to navigate and explore all the data it provides. Among the many features offered by Moz Pro, here are some that we found particularly useful:

  • 1) Rank Tracker: This tool allows you to track your website’s ranking for any given keyword(s) in both desktop and mobile search engines, as well as local results. You can also track your ranking progress over time and see how you compare to your competitors.
  • 2) On-Page Grader: This tool gives you a score for how well your page is optimized for a specific keyword, as well as suggestions on how to improve.
  • 3) Link Explorer: This tool lets you research any website’s link profile, including the number of links, referring domains, and anchor text. You can also see how your site’s link profile compares to your competitors’.
  • 4) Social Media Monitoring: Moz Pro monitors all of your major social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn) and provides insights into how well your content is performing across each channel.

Overall, Moz Pro is an excellent platform for SEO professionals who want a one-stop-shop for all their SEO needs. The wide range of features and data, as well as the user-friendly interface, make it a valuable tool for anyone looking to improve their website’s SEO.

Buzzsumo is one of the best platforms for measuring the engagement of your content. It measures how many times a piece of content has been shared on social media and it also tells you which platforms are used to share the content.

The best way to use Buzzsumo is to enter the URL of a blog post or article on the platform and see how well it has performed. You can also use the keyword tool to measure the engagement of a particular keyword or topic.

Once you have found out which content is performing well, you can create similar pieces of content and aim to get even more shares.

You can also use Buzzsumo to find out who are sharing your competitor’s content and reach out to them to share your instead. This will help you get more exposure for your content.

Majestic is the SEO tool which is used by many webmasters to verify any domain.

It has a great popularity because it provides useful information about backlinks, keyword density or even the Alexa rank of the website.

The main objective was to create a tool which would help people find out key information about their competitors’ websites, check how good they are at link building and discover new opportunities for acquiring high quality backlinks . All this data can be found on the unique “trust flow” scale.

Majestic SEO is very easy to use even for those who are new to this sphere so they don’t need any special knowledge in order to use the tool.

Majestic SEO is a paid tool but there is a free trial version which allows users to check up to 10 domains.

Some of the key features of Majestic SEO include:

  • Detailed backlink data
  • Information about anchor text and its distribution
  • Data on how many referring domains a website has
  • The Trust Flow score which indicates how trusted a website is by other websites
  • Data on how often a website is visited and where it ranks in global search engines

Advanced Web Ranking is (AWR) is a SEO tool  one of the many different tools you can use to track your website’s ranking. It has both a free and paid version, and it provides you with a variety of useful information about your website’s ranking.

One of the things that Advanced Web Ranking can do is track your website’s ranking over time. This is a great way to see if your website is improving or declining in rank. It can also help you determine which keywords are working best for you and which ones you should focus on more.

WebCEO is designed for advanced SEO professionals as well as for small and medium agencies. With it, you can manage your clients’ projects, bids, and link building processes with no limits on the number of projects you handle.

It also comes with a white-label service, making it easy for its customers to customize reports as per their needs.

  • Easily manage hundreds of customer sites
  • Create a marketing platform with a white label.
  • Every day, new SEO leads arrive.
  • SEO reports will leave an impression on your clients.

With an easy-to-use browser plugin that gives detailed SEO-related information on any website. It’s been downloaded more than 3,000,000 times, and thats what made you too choose this.