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Despite the many benefits of AirProxy, is it a tool that is best suited to your business or work? When you have many options to compare, you can make a decision. You will find some AirProxy alternatives here that can help you decide whether or not AirProxy is right for you or if you should use another tool with the same features.


Proxy provider AirProxy offers 4G/LTE for social media sites and provides 4G/LTE options. The use of mobile proxies such as AirProxy is often used to run Instagram bots or Facebook ads. These sites using rotating IPs are automatically switched to Fresh IPs through AirProxy’s API or dashboard. Authenticating your account with AirProxy requires a username and password.

Top 10 Alternatives to AirProxy

The Proxy Server industry is dominated by BrightData. Data center proxies, residential proxies, and mobile proxies are all offered by them. They get their mobile proxies with this “brilliant” idea:

Developers can monetize their apps using BrightData’s SDK (Software development kit). As opposed to running ads, they monetize their apps with BrightData SDK by sharing a small amount of bandwidth with the company. 72 million IP addresses are claimed to be available globally.

To ensure that you never get blocked again, ScraperAPI offers premium proxy pools of mobile proxies. ScraperAPI offers the most customization options of any mobile proxy on this list. More options can be customized, including IP geolocation, request headers, request types, and more. Additionally, you can create sessions to reuse IP addresses as often as you like. ScraperAPI periodically removes slow proxies from its pools in order to ensure consistent speeds of up to 100Mb/s.

With ScrappingBee, you can get raw HTML from any website by using a simple API call. You will never be blocked again when you scrape the web with our residential, data center, and mobile proxies. ScrapingBee doesn’t require proxy configuration nor headless browsing.

The objectives of Proxy-Cheap are to provide good performance for a reasonable price. As a customer of Proxy-Cheap, you’ll not only have access to an impressive 4+ million IP pool from 127 countries, but you’ll also experience lightning-fast speeds via their 4G mobile proxies. In addition to proxy-cheap, you can also use Followplanner, Jarvee, GMT2, Nextpost, Alfred, and MP5. 24/7 customer support is also available.

There are numerous benefits to using Illusory mobile 5G proxies, which are among the best. To begin with, they offer dedicated IP addresses to each customer. Likewise, your 5G data will be unlimited without the restriction of threads or connections. You’ll benefit from increased uptime and reduced security risks thanks to Illusory’s top-of-the-line hardware and security. The IP rotation feature allows you to set it up yourself at intervals of your choosing, giving you more control over your anonymity.

One of the biggest mobile proxy players is Smartproxy. Most of their proxy servers are mobile devices, but they don’t offer a pure mobile proxy offering. Smartproxy stands out from the rest of the residential proxy service providers. Residential proxy service provider Smartproxy has been able to earn its premium status by providing a large network of over 10 million IP addresses, 24-hour technical support, and a straightforward dashboard. More than 195 countries around the world are covered by the company.

It uses the latest technologies to set up their servers and is a recent addition to the market of 5G mobile proxy providers. This is why they are considered as one of the best 5G mobile proxies. As a result of their users, Soax has compiled over 3.5 million IP addresses. Using their service has the advantage of allowing you to select proxies from specific countries, cities, and even mobile networks.

One of the biggest residential proxy providers is Oxylabs. Oxylabs has residential proxies in almost all countries. According to them, most of their residential proxies come from mobile IP addresses, while the rest are directly from Internet service providers. You are aware of the sensitive nature of the residential proxy acquisition process, and you have set explicit contractual obligations with your proxy providers? Documenting end-user consent ensures awareness and consent is documented.

There is no doubt that Netnut is a new player in the industry. It has nevertheless managed to gain a foothold in people’s minds, with many calling it the next big thing. Some have even proclaimed it to be the best residential IP proxy network. Compared to other proxy networks, it claimed to have virtually no fail rate and a lower latency. In addition, it claimed to be extremely fast.

Storm Proxies is a small-scale proxy service provider that appears not to offer much at first glance – but is actually quite different. This is an all-in-one proxy solution that doesn’t pretend to be anything it isn’t. Some products it offers are worthwhile, including rotating dedicated and residential HTTP/HTTPS proxies, as well as dedicated proxies targeted at social media, ticket and sneaker sites. Its great value pricing could make it an attractive choice for scrapers, social media managers, and anyone else on a tight budget.

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