Bubble Alternatives & Competitors – Free & Paid Tools 2023

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A visual programming tool and web development framework, Bubble. Using it, people without coding skills can build production-ready mobile and web apps.

Top 10 Alternatives to Bubble

Appenate is an online software that allows users to build powerful data-driven applications to support their businesses without coding skills. Users can easily build complex line-of-business apps with menus, dashboards, queries, data capture forms, and assignments using the drag-and-drop application builder. Brands offer evaluation services for objects and activities on the site like equipment for firefighting, PPE security, and customer visits.

With Twixl, businesses and individuals can create applications and connect with their customers easily. With it, users can create their own native apps and manage the contents of their apps. The solution comes with a plug-in for Adobe InDesign that will allow you to enrich the application with the appropriate content. Creating an app is previewable over the device in real-time, and it can also be shared. Developers can define and manage their app’s interface with Twixl Distribution Platform.

For creators, Adalo’s app building software makes the process fast, seamless, and cost-effective. By dragging and dropping specialist design components, users can easily create visually stunning applications. Additionally, the software enables the users to create their own designs, as the controls are completely customizable. Bringing something innovative to the ground no longer requires developer expertise. Without writing any code, the software configures all databases and adds interactions automatically.

By extracting data from multiple sources, this app maker allows users to instantly build and deploy Android and iOS apps. Users do not need to code. The application allows users to launch multiple productivity apps from various cloud platforms such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Office 365, Box, and Smartsheet. After the app is created, the app can be preview using the fully interactive emulator.

A no-code enterprise app designed for teams, Kintone. With its visual application builder, it enables organizations to efficiently manage data and workflows for collaboration. Users can create dynamic databases and stunning applications for their teams with this software, without requiring any coding. The user-friendly software makes it possible for users to convert monotonous and static spreadsheets that they already use into dynamic databases, thus enabling them to create their own business applications.

Users can convert Excel spreadsheets to web applications without writing any code with SpreadsheetWEB. Users can create apps using the platform without any coding knowledge as it is powered by AI technology. It is possible to apply functions to every cell in an Excel file using the drag and drop controls on a web interface. With SpreadsheetWEB, users can enter data easily and make spreadsheets more visible and interactive as well, thanks to the availability of Charts, Maps, Grids and standard web controls.

You can use Quick Base to manage your business workflows using Citizen’s development platform. Your data, systems, and people can be connected in real-time with Quick Base’s low-code platform. You can visualize workflows across your apps with third-party tools and prebuilt integration channels.

Quixy is a cloud-based business application platform that automates workflows and processes for business users without coding skills. Users can build simple to complex enterprise-grade applications with this easy-to-use platform in ten times the time than with a traditional drag and drop framework. Quixy offers various pre-built solutions like CRM, Project Management, HRMS, Travel Management, Incident Management, and Service Request Management.

A no-code platform that lets you create interactive applications and experiences without coding, Panda Suite is the most interactive no-code builder available. Animate your screens, work with 40 plus components and design your screens with PandaSuite Studio. With PandaSuite, you can create your own and fully-functional apps without any programming knowledge.

Businesses can build powerful business applications easily and quickly with Unqork, an application development tool. Users can use Unqork to design, integrate, manage, and monitor applications without writing code. Unqork provides a customized CSS solution that delivers an elegant user interface.