ClickMagick Alternatives & Competitors – Free & Paid Tools 2023

If you are looking for a platform to help you market better, ClickMagick is one of the options that will always pop up. ClickMagick will help you track and improve your marketing.

ClickMagick works everywhere that you wish to advertise online - this includes Google, Facebook, Microsoft, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn. You will be able to try it out for free as well.

Here are 10 alternatives you must consider when you are thinking of taking up ClickMagick.


ClickMagik is a tool that will help you to track and improve your marketing. It is also a way to help you market in a more efficient manner. It does not matter if your business is already established or is new to the market. You can choose ClickMagik to make your marketing better!

Top 10 Alternatives to ClickMagick

One of the closest alternatives to ClickMagick is FunnelFlux Pro.  it is one of the most user-friendly platforms you will ever find. You can understand how your marketing has been tracked in a simpler manner. This will help you understand how to increase your profit margins. 

 This platform has no limits to how much traffic it can take – there is full access to limitless traffic. It creates visual funnels that are not bound to their size. If you are alien to coding, you do not need to worry because FunnelFlux pro does not demand any coding knowledge. Its tracking abilities should not be doubted at all. It is extremely amazing at doing so. You have the sovereignty to choose the type of funnel you want!

However, you will have to invest time into gaining knowledge about the technicalities. 

The pricing is such that the Core Plan starts from $99 per month, the Growth Plan is $299 per month and The Scale Plan is $499 per month.

Another alternative to ClickMagick is Voluum. It allows you to be in control of all of the ad campaigns you are running. You will be able to afford Voluum even when you have a low budget that has been set. Yes, it is one of the cheapest ones that are available in the market. You will be able to keep a track of the impact that has been created through your ads and banners. It shows how much traffic has been generated to your site. There are collaboration tools that have been provided by Voluum to differentiate between your workplace and divide the work amongst old and new users.

However, the plans that they provide are extremely competitive. Also, they just claim to be cheap – they are, in reality, quite expensive.

Improvely helps you to test, track and optimize your online marketing. It keeps track of fraud actions along with keeping track of your conversions. About 7,000 marketers use Improvely to keep a track of their results and spot fraud. With the help of Improvely, you can create separate profiles for your customers automatically. You can export your reports and data to clients and other teammates. You can get a personalized funnel report so that you are well aware of what is happening.  It helps you keep a track of clicks and vital conversions from the advertisements that have been put up. 

If you are looking for a method to increase your profits, LinkTrackr will help you do so with accurate tracking. With LinkTrackr, you can transform your keywords into affiliate links without any permission. This is an extremely important feature for WordPress users. The best part is, it is free of charge as you get a plugin for your WordPress website. You can also flaunt your link on social media platforms. If you have invested your money in some ad campaigns, they help you keep track of that too. The tracking is done in real-time. So, you will know what the status is at any point of the day. Furthermore, it has an organized and managed setup. 

Although, if you are a beginner, you might not want to choose LinkTrackr. You must have knowledge of technical tools. 

ClickMeter is another option you might want to take into account. It is considered as one of the closest competitors that are available. You will get a very user-friendly and reliable service from ClickMeter. It offers a lot of options to combine and measure clicks and conversions. You can collaborate with third-party services by providing an extension to the functionality. In addition, it lets you track the affiliates with one click. ClickMeter provides you with valuable and resourceful insights.

There is one thing you should know there is no option for a free trial.

All your marketing links can be managed, optimized, compared, and monitored under one dashboard with JotURL. Essentially, your links can be managed like a Swiss army knife. Cross-channel touchpoints can be measured, ad campaigns can be improved, and performance and conversions can be improved.

The system tracks and distributes ads intelligently. An intuitive dashboard makes it easy for affiliate marketers, newbies, and businesses to save time with the interface. It has features like ad retargeting and advanced tracking. You can also target people by location to improve conversions.

Using BeMob is a great way to track affiliate campaigns for affiliate marketers who struggle to gather some important data and find it difficult to optimize their affiliate campaigns to improve sales.Affiliate marketers are not the only ones who benefit from this. BeMob helps media buyers and advertisers track and analyze their campaigns better.

We have another tool called Linkly. For marketers who are interested in tracking links to prevent click fraud and optimize their campaigns, Linkly is a fantastic tracking tool and affordable solution. There is no charge to use it, and the paid plan starts at just twenty-nine dollars per month. There are features like customizable social media previews, link shortening, link redirects, visual click tracking reports, geo-targeting, link rotating, team collaboration, and integration with major platforms in the internet marketing industry.

Marketers use Thrive Tracker to boost the success of their campaigns using artificial intelligence. There are features such as AI optimization, bot filter (click fraud in another word), fast redirects, auto-scaling, LP pixels, funnel support, and multi-user access. To test their tool, affiliate marketers, advertisers, publishers, and online marketers can sign up for a free fourteen-day trial.