Divi Builder Alternatives & Competitors – Free & Paid Tools 2022

If you are a writer, you know that people will get attracted when they see the theme that you use. Talking about themes, Divi is the one that can serve you with the purpose of the best themes you ever dreamt of.

In this article, you will find the best Divi Alternatives. So, let’s have a look at them.

Divi Theme

Those who use WordPress know what Divi is. For those who are non-familiar with the term, this is one of the highly used WordPress themes by WordPress writers. The Divi theme is such that it promises to take your WordPress write-up to the next level. It replaces the ordinary post editor provided by WordPress. 

However, one thing you should know about this service is that it is not paid for. So, if you want to use a pretty theme for your WordPress website, in the long run, you might have to take up the subscription.

Top 10 Alternatives to Divi Theme

You might want to take advantage of the free service provided by WordPress known as Elementor. Yes, it is a built-in plugin. With the free version, you can enjoy a lot of things that are provided!

The free version of Elementor has pretty much most of the features. The best part about Elementor is that it is in WordPress itself. Most default things like drag and drop, designing your pages, and customizing your page the way you want. It makes sure that your pages follow a particular style. 30 different elements!

You can upgrade it to a paid version that comes with more exciting features. The basic plan starts from as low as $29 for 1 site annually. It extends up to $199 per annum for 1000 sites. This is for experts.

This is one of the few Divi Theme alternatives that are available in a mobile application form. There is no built-in page builder in this application. However, it is still considered one of the most user-friendly ways to set up a WordPress theme.

Another added benefit is that it is also SEO friendly. So, you can be assured that your content will reach out to maximum users. Also, customer service is apt.

The Themify Builder is another free option you can choose from. One prominent feature about this builder is that if you lock it, you might lose all of your content. So, be aware of this feature. 

There are about 40+ pre-designed templates that you will find. This builder functions from both the front end and back end – just like Divi. So, if you have already tried using Divi, this will be very easy for you to use.

This page builder is one of the options you want to consider as well. There is a drag and drop feature that makes everything easy for you. It is extremely user friendly – even if you are not a professional, you will be able to use this builder. You do not need any experience.

This is a relatively new page builder. So, it is most suitable for the current generation. You will find everything suitable for the people who read currently.

In this plugin, you will find that there is a free version provided to you. With the drag and drop option, you can perform a lot of tasks. This means that you will not require any coding knowledge. 

For an unlimited number of sites, you will be able to use 30 elements and 10 templates. There will be no compromise in updates – you will still receive updates in the free version as well.

Apart from this, your content analysis can also be done with the help of this plugin. 

This is one of the most ancient WordPress page builders you will find. There are hundreds of page templates you will find in the pro version. The only issue that you will face is that it is not a built-in WordPress service. 

It also has third-party addons to make things easier for you. This means that you will have more than what is already offered to you in the paid version. 

Different types of paid versions are offered by Beaver Builder. It is the Agency, Standard, and Pro version. You will get the Agency version at $399, the Pro at $199, and the Standard at $99. 

One of the best features of this you will get a Whitelabel function. This is available with the Agency plan. If you are a web development agency, you might want to take into consideration this option.

If you are looking for the latest page builders in the market, Brizy is the one for you. You will find Brizy in two versions. One is the WordPress plugin and the other is the Brizy Cloud. An additional good thing about this service is that it is extremely user-friendly. 

One of the most astounding features of Brizy is that there is a global styling option. It will save you time when you have to change the colors of multiple pages.

The amount of money you have to invest in this builder is as low as $49 annually. This is if you require it for personal use. The Studio version costs $99 annually while for the Ultimate usage, you might just have to pay $99 yearly. This is one of the cheapest versions of builders you will find out there. The services provided are also pretty good. You get almost everything that you will get in Divi at a much lesser cost.

This is considered one of the best alternatives to Divi. This is because it focuses more on content building. You can build your homepage, sales page, webinar page – almost everything! If you are a blogger or a marketer, this is something you might want to think of. 

Along with being user friendly, it provides you with over 200 pre-built templates. 

Cost-wise, Thrive Architect is just $67. This is about $22 lesser than would be required to take up Divi.

X Theme is one of the highest-selling theme alternatives to Divi on the ThemeForest. It has its page builder. You can customize things in the front end in the way you want to. 

There are multiple design layouts you can choose from. The best part about this theme builder is that you only will have to put in a fee of $69 as a one-time fee!

10. Avada

Also, you can consider this option as an alternative to Divi. you can build any type of WordPress site with this theme.

This has its builder. It only costs $60 – and the best part is, it is only a one-time lifetime fee.

Live Canvas’ pricing starts from as low as $39 per annum. You can write your code here!

A few of the prominent features of this builder is that there are cool animations, it guarantees top performance. You do not need to add on an additional plugin and there is always an editing history. Furthermore, you can build up your blocks along with your header and footer. There are, of course, more features too – a total worth of the $39 you spend!

The WP Baker takes full control of your WordPress website. Even here, there is no requirement of pre-knowledge of coding. There is a drag-and-drop function that is being used here. It is both a front end and a back end builder. With WP Baker, you can choose to work with any design of your choice. There are two pricing options.

The Oxygen Builder plugin is one of the paid alternatives to Divi. It is extremely developer-friendly. You can use the drag-and-drop option to perform most of your tasks. Moreover, you can create custom headers. You will also get an option to get a visual control of your WooCommerce store.

  • The pricing plans are as follows: 
  • Basic plan – $99 (lifetime)
  • WooCommerce – $149 (lifetime)
  • Agency – $169 (lifetime)

Only the agency plan includes the Gutenberg block builder and the edit mode.