HideMyAss Alternatives & Competitors – Free & Paid Tools 2023

With so many HideMyAss alternatives available, it is easy to find one that will suit your needs. However not all of them offer fast web browsing and keeps track on where you're going online without revealing your true identity or IP address! This why we've prepared a roster containing only recommended proxy & VPN services for those who need both features in their service provider

Hidemyass.com is a web proxy server that allows you to surf any blocked site anonymously and protect your identity with their secure servers from hackers, who want access in order steal personal information or monitor what pages are being viewed by users on these sites through cookies placed within the browser itself without them knowing about it!

Hiding behind this computer screen will allow one’s internet activity escape notice while giving them full anonymity online – perfect for anyone looking forward avoiding unwanted attention at work or home where there may be more stringent filters than usual against specific types of content such as social networking websites belonging strictly among adults only (and sometimes even solely due simply having been accessed via computers located inside educational institutions).

Top 10 Alternatives to

IPVanish is a relatively new release, but it isn’t one to be shunned away. This VPN provider offers some of the most reliable services and it doesn’t cost all that much either!

A single month’s subscription amounts to just $10.99 for desktop clients as well as mobile applications on Android or iOS devices – there really aren’t many better deals out there when you take into account what each individual package has access too (i.e., high levels encryption standards).

IPVanish offers a wide variety of features to help you stay anonymous and protect your data.

You can use their VPN service, which will prevent ISPs from slowing down the speed on any given network or accessing websites like Netflix that are geoblocked outside its territory – not just in countries where they operate!

The company has over 14000 IPs at its disposal with more than 135 servers situated across 60 countries; this means there’s plenty for all manner things people need when traveling abroad (or even staying home).

IPVanish’s service is easy to use on most devices and only takes a few minutes to install no matter what platform you choose.

They offer apps for Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android. There are also instructions to set it up on Linux systems and routers (DD-WRT) through the manual configuration option.



NordVPN is an award-winning Panama based VPN provider. It has over 80 servers in 52 countries worldwide and promotes double data encryption for extra security, making it one of the most reliable on this list to date!

The NordVPN website is designed with fluid elements and easy navigation. This VPN service supports iPhone, iPad Android phones or tablets as well router windows mobile OS .

You will get unique features like Double VPN that increases anonymity for added protection against hackers trying to accessing your personal data when you’re online!

With a two node server link everything gets encrypted twice using military grade AES – 256CBC encryption protocol so even if someone manages gain access they won’t be able read anything valuable hidden inside content on either end of the connection which makes this site one tough customer indeed !!!

There are 11 month plans starting at $11.95 per month while 1 year subscriptions go down to only $4.92 per month.

If you are looking for a hassle free VPN service with excellent customer service to protect your online privacy NordVPN is the one for you!!!

Hotspot Shield is a free and premium VPN service that keeps your data secure, giving you access to the blocked sites.

It’s one of many trusted virtual private network (VPN) services available on the internet today – it enables WiFi security bypassing internet censorship protects users from malware while concealing their true IP address making them feel more comfortable online than ever before!

Hotspot Shield is a great way to protect your internet connection with military grade encryption. It only uses the Catapult Hydra protocol which has been used by many reputable companies like McAfee and Telefonica, so we’re confident in its security!

In an effort to stay competitive with the industry, Hotspot Shield has just released their longest plan which is now only $2.49 a month – this might not seem like much but it’s on par with services such as Surfshark and better than most competitors in regards price tags!

Hotspot Shield is a quick and easy to use program that offers protection without the hassle. The desktop apps are simple, but they lack some features found in competing programs like configuration options or webpage blocking tools; however their mobile counterparts don’t suffer from these drawbacks which makes them just as effective at protecting your information while on-the go!




With its 500+ servers in 141 countries, PureVPN is a leading provider of virtual private networks.


The company also operates an independent and self-managed network that can be used by anyone to protect their connection on any internet device – from desktop computers all the way down as mobile apps!

PureVPN is a fast and reliable VPN that offers strong data encryption, plenty of secure protocols for your browsing needs as well features to make it seamless when streaming or torrenting.

The only downside some users mention in their reviews was mixed security reputation which could be improved upon but rest assured knowing this company values customer feedback!

PureVPN has done a good job in most aspects but it does come up short when you look at some other features.

The absence of WireGuard and slow speeds are just two things that make this service less appealing for privacy enthusiasts who need maximum security with minimal downtime or vulnerability to hackers attacks like virus infections on devices connected through their network connection.







ExpressVPN is a California-based provider that was established in 2009. The company offers robust security and optimum speed for their customers with unlimited bandwidth usage, server switches & speeds thanks to its 99% uptime guarantee as well as simultaneous connections on up 3 devices.

In addition they provide 30 day money back guarantee along zero logging your network traffic so you can enjoy maximum protection all the time!

ExpressVPN is a bit more expensive than some other VPN providers, but their yearly packages come at very affordable prices. The monthly package costs $12.95 and the six-month plan costs just under 10 bucks per month!

Express VPN is one of the best services for privacy and security. The software works on many different platforms, including Windows 7/8/10 & MacOS X 10 Yosemite or later versions; iOS devices such as iPhone 5S onward (orget about those plastic iPhones!), iPad 4th generation + Tinder), Android Wear 2nd edition users will also find it useful!

Express VPN is a powerful service that ensures your privacy and anonymity on the web. With 256-bit encryption, it allows users to connect via Wi-Fi hotspots or cellular networks without worrying about being tracked by their internet provider.

You won’t have any difficulties with throttled speeds either since there are servers located in 45 countries around world for you access almost any website as well country specific services like Spotify & Netflix among others!