Keywords Everywhere Alternatives & Competitors – Free & Paid Tools 2023

Do you want to save time when researching keywords? The Keywords Everywhere extension is a well-known Chrome plugin that can help. It finds accurate search volume, CPC and competition for any keyword, making the whole process easier than ever! Keywords Everywhere is a great tool for SEO purposes, but it's also expensive. Luckily there are plenty of alternatives that will get you the same results without breaking your bank! To make sure this doesn't happen again in future just check out our list below:

Keywords Everywhere is a free SEO tool that became freemium in October 2019.

It can be used for both private browsing and public viewing but only provides limited data due to bot activity, like CPCs and competition levels which makes this resource less valuable than it might seem at first glance if you’re looking solely into keyword research without consideration given towards website optimization or content creation strategies (i.e., writing great blogs).

Top 10 Alternatives to

When we think about SEO and keyword research, many people turn to Ubersuggest as their go-to tool. This is because they offer a free plan with limited daily usage that can be refreshed every day if you don’t reach it before noon time in the morning; however there are also affordable premium plans available for those who need more space or want access on weekends too!

Ubersuggest is a keyword tool that helps you generate ideas for your content marketing strategy and production.

With Ubersuggest 2.0 free, it can produce unlimited suggestions on the fly to take any project or idea from inception all the way through publishing so as not have miss anything crucial when putting out new material!

With over two million users and counting, it’s no surprise that the Ubersuggest chrome extension has quickly become one of many popular SEO tools on today’s market.

The innovative design by Neil Patel makes this tool easy to use while still providing all the necessary features for more experienced bloggers or those who want their first time in search engine optimization with ease!

Keyword Surfer is a free extension for Google Chrome that provides keyword searching and research.

Keyword Surfer is a quick and easy way to perform keyword research while you’re on Google. It shows related keywords, their score for popularity as well as monthly volume in seconds!

It fills in the gaps when it comes to analyzing keywords, showing which ones are leading on certain websites while also providing other helpful information such as site traffic data or social media shares.”

Keyword Surfer available in both Chrome and Firefox extensions. Keyword Surfer has everything you need to know about your search rankings in one place.

You can see how many people are searching for each keyword, what the competition looks like on a global scale (based off Google’s statistics) and even get an estimate of where they fall within that ranking order – all without leaving this page!



When it comes to SEO, Serpstat’s toolkit offers premium features that will ease your research endeavors. But if you just want the basics without having an account or subscribing for their paid service- don’t worry!

You can still use this free version with Gmail accounts by entering a keyword into our Keyword Research section on www.(domain).com

Serpstat keyword tool is free and can be a useful way to search for keywords. It also provides you with position, competition, average CPC values among other things such as the volume of searches that occur daily or monthly on each individual term within your chosen industry verticals’ niche topic area(ies).

Although its limited in providing suggestions without purchasing something more expensive like their low price plan which offers 1000 queries per month (which might not even cover what someone would use), it’s better than Keywords Everywhere because there are no ads popping up while using either program!

If you’re looking for a free trial, you can visit the following link for a 7-day trial of the Serpstat SEO tool.

Semrush may be a paid platform, but it’s worth every penny. Not only does this tool offer keyword research and competitive analysis; Semrush also provides insights into the current google rankings for your keywords that you’re researching!

Semrush is an SEO tool that has been around since 2008. It came out originally as just “seoquake,” but now it’s known more widely throughout the world- even though its original name still applies!

Semrush is a tool that allows you to do an extensive amount of research on Google, YouTube and other platforms.

The interface has many features such as keyword suggestions with their difficulty ratings and traffic trends estimates based off keywords in your niche market – it would be hard not find enough reasons why this software deserves attention!

Semrush is a fantastic tool for any marketer to have. The free trial on their site helps you explore the platform and see if it’s something that will work well with your needs, or not as much at all in comparison before committing $99/month (the price of Pro).


KWFinder is a great tool for finding keywords and understanding their competition. There are other tools in this set, such as Link Miner (used to analyze backlinks), SERPChecker(a rank tracking) or even Site Profiler which can help you identify your competitors’ traffic sources so that it will become easier when ranking on Google!

What makes Mangools tools so unique? It’s the simplicity. With a clean and straightforward interface, KWFinder lets you quickly find out how difficult it would be to rank for your keywords with ease-of use features like an awesome difficulty score limiter that tells users exactly where they stand against their competition!

KWfinder offers more than enough information about ranking position optimization while also offering some interesting research functions not found anywhere else.

KWFinder is an incredible tool for any business looking to research keywords and find data about how best they can be used. You’ll have all the information necessary before making your decision, including pay per click costs or rankings difficulty – it’s like having a search volume radar!

Long Tail Pro is a keyword research tool that helps website owners find low-competition keywords to support their SEO strategy.

Use Long Tail Pro to find new keywords and seed your niche. The software provides up to five seeds at once, with hundreds of suggestions for each keyword; analyze a list manually if you have done prior research beforehand or assess competitors’ domains on-the-go using its inbuilt browser tool!

When you’re looking for a competitive edge in your SEO campaign, there’s no better tool than Long Tail Pro. This program collates data from Google Adwords and Majestic to provide useful metrics such as search volume, advertiser bid rank value – my favorite being keyword competitiveness score!

You can’t afford to ignore this software’s long list of benefits. With features like the KC Score, which instantly tells you how competitive your niche is and allows for quick research into new keywords without having go through hours upon endless hours searching online; there really isn’t much not too love about it!

The best part? You don’t need any technical knowledge or experience installing programs on computers because everything happens within browser windows so anyone with an internet connection should be able use these tools right away- making them perfect whether someone wants something simple just For blog writing

With Serpstat, you can do everything from checking keyword rankings to researching competitors. It’s the most popular tool on Product Hunt and AppSumo!

Serpstat not only tells you who people are searching for, but also provides insight into your competitors. First the tool identifies key competitors and displays them in a graph with market intelligence on each one below it – use this option to see if visibility changes or traffic drops exist before investing time and resources into SEO.

Serpstat is a useful tool for SEOs to keep track of their ranking in Google. It allows you not only see where your website stands but also what keywords are related and whether or not they’ve changed over time, which could give insight on how best optimize content!

Serpstat offers an easy-to-navigate user interface as well a in depth reports. The dashboard enables you to view all the important info about your projects with just one glance so that it can help improve efficiency and productivity throughout every department, which is what makes them stand apart from other companies out there!

Serpstat is a great option for those who are looking to save some bucks. Sure, there’s more robust software out there but you’ll have pay handsomely if go with it!

Give your business an edge with Serpstat. Compete against the competition and find out what people are searching for so you can produce content that meets those needs!