LimeProxies Alternatives & Competitors – Free & Paid Tools 2023

LimeProxies offers the best Proxy services. This brand is trusted by 5,000 plus companies like web position, authority labs, etc.

The product has many advanced features to manage billing like you can cancel your payment anytime, a simple and user-friendly interface, and 24/7 support.

Alternatives to LimeProxies and its Competitors

best limeproxies alternatives

In this article, we are going to discuss some tough competitors of the LimeProxies website. We have searched a lot to bring out the best LimeProxies alternatives.

Bright Data

Fast and large 3G/4G IPs are available over Bright Data’s advanced mobile network. Mobile proxies are portable devices such as smartphones and tablets that have internet access using mobile data. By connecting to these proxies, you can mask the device’s IP address with your own. It is often believed that such services offer legitimate proxies.

Bright Data homepage

Bright Data offers residential IP addresses in every city and no concurrent connections are restricted. Bright Data has a dedicated deputy in addition to being located in a better location than its competitors. In the United States alone, Bright Data has more than 35 million representatives. It has this feature plus the ability to use the IP address of a city from a list of more than 20,000 cities, making it the king of the hill.


  1. Data CollectorReal-time collection of parsed public web data in batches.
  2. Web UnlockerAutomated unlocking with a request/response real-time model.
  3. Search Engine CollectorCollection of parsed search engine results.


  • – $300 per month for $15.00/GB Residential proxy is for the Experimenting Plan.
  • – $500/month for $12.50/GB Residential proxy is for the Starter Plan.
  • – $1,000/month for $10.00/GB Residential proxy is for the Production Plan.
  • – $3,000/month for $8.50/GB Residential proxy is for the Plus Plan.

These might seem a little pricy at first. However, Bright Data is actually the key to take your website to the next level. If you are a professional, then Bright Data should be your choice without a doubt. 

Why Choose Bright Data Over Limeproxies?

  1. Bright Data is the perfect option for professionals. So, if you already have a considerable amount of experience, you know that with Bright Data you will go a step further. Limeproxies is used by all kinds of users, so it becomes a very common tool in the market.
  2. Bright Data is termed as the World’s #1 in Data Collection because of the user-friendliness it provides. Indeed, it is a tool aimed at growing an established and professional website, this does not mean that beginners cannot have a look at it. They have designed themselves in such a way that anyone who visits their site will certainly know what they are doing.
  3. Bright Data always makes the customer the king. You do not have to worry about customer service when it comes to Bright Data. You know that you will always be their #1. The same cannot be spoen for Limeproxies. It is a little slow when c0mpared to Bright Data when it comes to serving its customers.


Oxylabs is one of the best Limeproxies alternatives you will ever find. This hits the top of our list because the success rate provided by this platform is one of the highest ones you will ever find. You will get unlimited bandwidth when you are using Oxylabs.

oxylabs homepage

This platform is one of the most reliable ones you will ever find online. is a residential proxy provider that provides a decent level of anonymity. They have over 100,000 proxies in total and don’t log connections to their network. The service is limited to 50 concurrent sessions per IP address though which may be too restrictive for some users.


  1. Residential proxy service (with over 100,000 proxies)
  2. Unlimited bandwidth for each account
  3. No need to provide personal information when signing up
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  • – 49€ per month for 100K concurrent sessions with IP rotation and no throttling
  • – 149€ per month for 500K concurrent sessions with static IP address, guaranteed location, and unlimited bandwidth
  • – 250€ per month for 750K concurrent sessions with static IP address, guaranteed location, and unlimited bandwidth.

These packages are not too expensive when compared to Limeproxies which offers a lower price point of $350/month but the service is limited to 150 active connections at any given time or 400 total connections including inactive users. If you want more than that then Limeproxies will cost $850/month! Oxylabs does require sign-up fees though so it may be important to do your research before signing up just in.

Why Choose Oxylabs Over Limeproxies?

  1. provides a decent level of anonymity with over 100,000 proxies and doesn’t log connections to their network but is limited to 50 concurrent sessions per IP address which may be too restrictive for some users.
  2. Limeproxies will store session data on their system and this could easily identify you if the proxy was intercepted by an adversary (which they can see).
  3. It costs less than Oxylabs at $0.05 – $0.08 USD/month or 0.04-0.07 GBP/month while providing 500GB bandwidth included in the package and unlimited traffic within that bandwidth limit!
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Avast SecureLine VPN

If we talk about LimeProxies alternatives, Avast SecureLine VPN always comes first. It is a safe VPN, which protects our data at any cost.

This website is used to encrypt your internet connection with one simple click. The simple interface of this website makes it easy for the users to use it and create a secure connection.

This website hides your IP address, and it also ensures that our data and history are safe and secure from hacking and third parties.


Some of the features which Avast SecureLine VPN offers to its users are:-

  1. It hides the internet activities of the user so that no one could track them.
  2. This website also provides DNS leak protection to its users.
  3. This website provides high-speed servers so that we could browse easily.

Why choose Avast SecureLine VPN over LimeProxies?

Let’s discuss some of the features which make the website unique with LimeProxies:

  1. It provides the user with a Widget tool that lets him/her get quick access.
  2. This website provides fast and reliable services which link the user to the best server.
  3. The website has 24/7 customer support.
  4. When you switch your connection from data to Wi-Fi, it automatically tries to reconnect.


The Psiphon is one of the most renowned Limeproxies alternatives. The website uses a perfect combination of secure connections and updated technologies.

Psiphon is one of the best relay-based censorship passers available on the internet. It centrally controls and manages thousands of proxy servers.


Some of the excellent features that Psiphon provides to its users are:-

  1. Psiphone provides a secure network with the main aim of giving the user access to open Internet
  2. The team of the website provides higher security to the data of their users.
  3. This website is open source for its users and they can use the website for free.

Why choose Psiphon over LimeProxies?

Some of the unique features of the Psiphon website are:-

  1. It allows the user to use multiple devices at a time.
  2. It connects the users with the connections which are active at that particular time.
  3. This website has a large number of server locations available.
  4. You can perform unlimited server switches.

Artica Proxy


Artica Proxy is one of the best options to consider when you are thinking of Limeproxies alternatives. Artica Proxy allows the user to create a proxy of their own.

Artica Proxy offers powerful and easy-to-use proxies to the user. It has a simple and user-friendly interface which makes it a strong competitor of LimeProxies.


Some of the awesome features which Artica Proxy provides to its users are:-

  1. It allows the user to access the help desk with an unlimited number of tickets.
  2. It also allows the import and export of Configuration sets.


Artica Proxy is available only in yearly plans, and it costs just 99$ per year.

Why choose Artica Proxy over LimeProxies?

Some features which make Artica Proxy a tough competitor of LimeProxies are:-

  1. Artica Proxy also has Antivirus software which makes it more reliable.
  2. Artica Proxy allows the user to monitor their usage of the internet.

NetNut Proxy Network


NetNut Proxy Network is currently one of the most formidable competitors of LimeProxies. It consists of the best commercials proxies, which are the fastest in the world.

NetNut Proxy is known for getting the IP address directly from the Internet Service Providers. It also helps the users or companies to hide their IP addresses.


Let’s discuss some features which NetNut Proxy Network provides us:-

  1. It allows its users to have access to IP anytime they want.
  2. NetNut Proxy offers proxies with high speed and stability.
  3. It also uses the feature of rotating proxies.

Why choose NetNut Proxy over LimeProxies?

The features make this NetNut Proxy different from others. These features are:-

  1. It gives the users direct access to the Internet Service Providers.
  2. It has comparatively lower-cost plans available per GB.
  3. NetNut Proxy is highly reliable and has almost zero chance of failure.
  4. NetNut Proxy gives static IPs which have the highest quality.



GeoSurf comes in as another Limeproxies alternatives option you should know about. It allows the user to easily access any website without being detected or blocked.

GeoSurf has a quick and simple interface that allows the user to easily create a connection in just a few clicks. GeoSurf is highly secured and undetectable.


Some of the features which Geosurf provides to its users are:-

  1. GeoSurf hides your IP Address so that your online Security is enhanced.
  2. It allows you to unlock the websites which are blocked in your country.
  3. GeoSurf offers premium support as well

Storm Proxies


Storm Proxies is one of the choices to keep at hand when you are thinking of Limeproxies alternatives. Storm Proxies offers many unique things to its customers which makes it a strong competitor of LimeProxies.

Storm Proxiesnever fails to satisfy its customers. They get access to high speed and excellent performance which is truly awesome.


Some of the features which Storm Proxies offers to its users are:-

  1. Users don’t have to wait for account activation. After payment, the account is activated automatically.
  2. Storm Proxies also offers access to unlimited bandwidth to its users.
  3. If the users aren’t satisfied with the performance, they can get a refund in 24-hours.


Storm Proxies offers its users, easy access to ports for 50$ per month for 5 ports. It also offers Private Proxies to its users.

Why choose Storm Proxies over LimeProxies?

Some of the features which make Storm Proxies unique from LimeProxies are:-

  1. Storm Proxies provides unlimited bandwidth to its users.
  2. It also gives Private dedicated proxies.
  3. Storm Proxies also has a feature of Backconnect rotating proxies.



FoxyProxy is also known for giving strong competition to the LimeProxies. This is one of the best Limeproxies alternatives that has been trusted for its services for many years.

FoxyProxy allows its users to create a secure and safe, VPN or Proxy connection in more than 110 different countries. It also hides the IP address of the user.


The features which FoxyProxy offers to its users are:-

  1. It connects the user with high-speed VPN and proxy servers.
  2. It unlocks all the FoxyProxy which are blocked in the user’s country.
  3. FoxyProxy allows the user to create a VPN connection instantly and choose any location among 77+ countries.

Why choose FoxyProxy over LimeProxies?

The features which make FoxyProxy different from LimeProxies website are:-

  1. FoxyProxy offers unlimited bandwidth to its users.
  2. Users have to purchase only one plan to access both VPN and Proxy services.
  3. FoxyProxy offers 6 ways to connect to a VPN or proxy server.


LimeProxies has got many tough competitors on the internet. Every company has many special and advanced features which make it unique from all the competitors.

Each of the brands ensures that it stays above its competitors by offering features like unlimited bandwidth, fast speed, and much more.

 You can choose any of these Limeproxies alternatives as all of them are truly enthusiastic at every level. You can choose from any of the above list by checking their unique features.


Q1. Why is Oxylabs faster than other Proxy services?

Ans. Oxylabs has an in-built intelligent IP rotation management layer. The user requests go through one of the super proxies, which provide the user with the IP address which is available at the location requested. If you want to speed up NetNut, you have to initiate as many concurrent sessions as required.

Q2. How can we uninstall Psiphon from Windows?

Ans. Psiphon does not get uninstalled in Windows, and it also doesn’t appears in Windows “Add or Remove Programs.” You have an executable file in the download, and you can simply delete the file from there.

 Q3. How can we download and install Avast SecureLine VPN?

Ans. You can simply download Avast SecureLine VPN from Google Play Store. Open the app, click on more, and then already purchased to activate your plan.

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