Mailshake Alternatives & Competitors – Free & Paid Tools 2023

Have you been looking for an alternative to Mailshake but haven’t found anything reliable? I know how frustrating it is when there are so many options available and no clear winner. And that's why I've done all the work of finding alternatives while also giving my thoughts on each one!

Mailshake is a leading email marketing platform that helps you build relationships with your prospects and customers. You can use it for conducting cold emails, lead generation, or any other purpose where developing strong connections would be beneficial to business success!

The tool will not work with contacts saved on Google Sheets, so you’ll need download it as a CSV file and then import them into the application yourself! There isn’t much in terms of customer support or resources available from Mail shakes’ website either – many people consider this extremely expensive for what they offer (although there are some cheaper options out there).

Top 10 Alternatives to



Woodpecker is an email automation tool that’s used by Outlook and Gmail users. It lets you send personalized mass emails and track prospect engagements.

This email marketing tool has the ability to personalize your messages by adding custom fields and sending automated follow-up emails. It also generates reports which highlight open rate, bounce rates among other key metrics that help you track success for any campaign you run through this software!

Woodpeckers’ pricing is the perfect option for small teams and solopreneurs that want to focus on their work, not spend too much time with social media advertising.

Mailshake has been a popular email marketing tool for years. However, if you want to send follow-ups and aren’t confident in your deliverability rates then Woodpeckers is the better option because it offers “condition” which allows users who have already seen an initial message (“cc’d”) another opportunity at reading additional content from their inboxes without having any online presence whatsoever!





SalesHandy is a sales enablement tool that allows you to get more done through state of the art email productivity features. You can track unlimited emails for free, schedule them on your time and even automate follow-up messages with customizable templates!

With Saleshandy’s Behavioral Insights feature alone, it will help build relationships faster by knowing which recipients are most engaged in your campaign or offer – all without breaking any records.

Saleshandy is the perfect way to keep track of your emails sent via Gmail or Microsoft Outlook. With it, you can measure: Email Open Rate – Discover how many times a recipient opened your email;
Email Click-Through Rates – Use individual link tracking so that know which links in an outgoing mail were clicked most often by recipients who did not open them at all (bounce rate).

Saleshandy offers four pricing plans to meet the requirements of different customer segments:

  • Free:
    • Email open tracking
    • Email scheduling
    • Read receipt desktop notifications
    • And more
  • Regular ($9/month per user):
    • Includes all “Free” features
    • SMTP integration
    • Outlook add-in for Windows
    • And more
  • Plus ($25/month per user):
    • Includes all “Regular” features
    • Campaign performance report
    • Advance mail merge
    • And more
  • Enterprise ($49/month per user):
    • Includes all “Plus” features
    • Assistance with ESP migration
    • Dedicated account manager

Saleshandy is a great sales tool, but it doesn’t have the features you need. SalesHandy’s email outreach tools like campaigns and mail merge are expensive with limited functionality for such hefty costs in comparison to other platforms on which one may purchase these same capabilities or even find free software that does an equivalent job at much less cost-of complexity.












Snovio is the world’s only CRM designed to help sales teams find more leads, convert them into customers and automate their follow up process.

With over 2000 integrations for tools like emailing or SMS campaigns you can reach out with an automated message that will set your potential customer on course for success! is offering four different pricing plans, all with their own advantages and disadvantages depending on what you need from the service.

The S plan allows for simplicity by requiring only an email address to sign up but does not come furnished with any features at all;

M comes equipped with some basic tools like tracking pixels that allow marketers access data about opens or clicks throughs while still being affordable enough where smaller businesses can afford it without affecting margins too much thanks to its $39 monthly fee when billed annually (saving money even after 2 free months).


  • A full set of tools for all forms of lead generation: emails, PDFs, and more.
  • Smart feature set lets you choose how to send out your lead gen emails based on the type of lead (vendor/brand), and when you want to send them out (weekend vs weekdays).
  • Automated follow-up sequences and lead scoring based on engagement help you to focus on the most promising leads.

If you’re looking for a powerful, yet easy to use email marketing tool, then is the perfect choice for you. With its wide range of features and capabilities, can automate all aspects of your lead generation process, making it easier and more efficient than ever before. So why not give it a try today? You won’t be disappointed.






Klenty is a revolutionary new way to engage with customers! The company’s innovative technology platform helps sales teams personalize their outreach, automate tasks that are repeated across the board and build an intelligent strategy based on what each individual customer wants.

Klenty’s CRM tool integrates with Salesforce, Pipedrive and Freshsales to import or export prospects’ information. Reps can also communicate in real time by purchasing local numbers for calls automatically logging them on an inventory list–allowing this seamless flow across various channels!

Klenty offers a wide range of subscription plans to suit your needs. You can choose between the Startup plan, which costs $45 per user every month and includes email contents filtering as well; or Growg with an annual charge at 75$ USD for five users total (two GB storage each). The Enterprise option is geared towards businesses who need more space – it’s priced accordingly versus how many employees will use their services!



  • Real-time tracking of all email campaigns
  • Track clicks, opens, replies, forwards and social shares
  • Get insights on subscribers such as location, company size and more
  • Integrated with Salesforce, MailChimp and Zapier

Klenty is a comprehensive email tracking tool that lets you track the success of your email campaigns in real time.

Klenty is the all-in-one sales software you’ve been looking for. It has everything to tackle any issue that comes your way and makes using it simple as possible!

With this powerful solution, there’s no need in spending time doing menial tasks such as updating lead information or creating reports.














With Lemlist, you can create a personalized outreach campaign in seconds. Get more clients by leveraging your personality and experience with highly-personalized content (e~g: images & videos). The lemwarm feature helps boost deliverability so spamming never happens to good campaigns like yours!

You can get creative with your outreach by sending personalized emails tailored just for them. For example, you could include a customized message from one of our partners in the industry or something related to what they do at their company so it will be more interesting and compelling!

Lemlist can help you set up custom tracking domains to measure the performance of your email campaigns.

Lemlist is a platform that allows you to integrate with many different tools. You can use it for CRM integration, performance marketing workflows like phantombustering and growth hacking from apps such as salesforce or hubspot . It also has an easy Zapier integration so users are able send data between various programs in no time!


there are three Lemlist pricing plans available:

  • Silver: $29/month (individual plan) – 100 emails/day + unlimited campaigns.
  • Gold: $49/month per user – all “Silver” features + 500 emails/day + personalized images + basic integrations.
  • Platinum: $99/month per user – all “Gold” features + dynamic landing pages + personalized videos + chat and Calendly integration.



While Lemlist is a great tool for sending cold emails, it has some limitations.
You can’t send attachments and the price of using their service may be too expensive if you need more than just basic functionality from your email campaigns – which means that this platform won’t work well with businesses who want to offer promotions or other types special offers through their newsletters as well!