MultCloud Alternatives & Competitors – Free & Paid Tools 2023

Despite MultCloud's popularity among cloud-to-cloud management services, it is not the only cloud-to-cloud management service. You can use MultCloud instead of - or in conjunction with - the top five multi-cloud managers we discuss in this article.


Cloud storage solutions have improved the ease of securing, managing, and sharing files and other information. As most high-end cloud providers offer excellent security tools and integrations, even highly sensitive information can be uploaded safely today.

Some tools, such as MultCloud, offer a streamlined, user-friendly interface that lets you manage your cloud storage. This tool offers easy access to a variety of cloud storage platforms, such as Google Drive and Dropbox, from one intuitive interface. Perform various actions including data transfer, file management, and managing files.

Top 10 Alternatives to MultCloud

Densify is a cloud and container resource management & optimization solution that ensures proper business management wherever it goes. Engineers using Densify gain a variety of benefits. The solution enables them to double the number of pods running on K8s clusters, boost elastic scaling by up to 30%, and gain the trust of the finance department.

As a highly scalable Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud computing solution, Apache CloudStack helps companies deploy and manage large networks of digital machines. It is currently compatible with industry-specific hypervisors like KVM, Hyper-V, XenServer/XCP and/or VMware ESXi with vSphere, enabling seamless business operations.

Business management software like Cloudways makes it possible for users to expand their business with as little restrictions as possible. Companies are able to enhance their app performance with dedicated system servers that come with the software. Hosting drives are SSD based, which are 3x faster than normal drives. SSD drives make it possible for users to load their websites much faster. The Cloudways platform comes with a pre-installed plugin called Breeze that offers faster WordPress performance.

In addition to cloud management software, Scalr assists IT operations and development teams in ensuring that they follow best practices. It manages private and public cloud platforms using a hybrid cloud management software. Managing costs, compliance, automation, and security are possible with this tool. This cloud management tool is ideal for large companies. In addition to standardizing and automating application deployment, it is a cost-effective solution.

It provides automation, bursting, and scalability through cloud-based software. Role-based access control scope integrates with Active Directory or other LDAP-compliant services to provide collaboration with your team. VMware ESX, Hyper-V, KVM, Xen Server, and Oracle Virtual Machine hypervisors, as well as OpenStack and vCloud Director private clouds, are supported. Using dashboards, generate reports with graphs and optimization tables to measure resource consumption. This software is used by companies of all sizes.

Multi-cloud applications can be managed and automated using Cloudify. In this approach, CI/CD pipelines are left behind, which require a lot of time and repetition. The Cloudify platform comes with high-level code that can be reused, allowing users to run applications very much as if they were on a template. Additionally, this increases the agility of the system, reduces the overall costs, and facilitates cloud migration for the enterprise. Essentially, it makes it easier for enterprises to move to the edge.

The OpenStack project provides cloud infrastructure services for businesses and organizations. A unified dashboard or APIs are used to control large pools of computing, networking, and storage resources. Besides that, it also provides orchestration, service management, and fault management options. This ensures that users’ applications run more efficiently. OpenStack lets users host their cloud infrastructure internally or find an OpenStack partner on the market.

CloudBolt is an enterprise hybrid cloud management platform that allows users to orchestrate and accelerate hybrid cloud strategies quickly, safely, and at the lowest cost. With its self-service catalog, the software is easy to use, powerful, and provides access to resources. With over 200 plug-ins, it can be easily integrated with existing technologies, including DevOps tools, container orchestrators, infrastructure-as-code tools, etc.

With Morpheus Data, hybrid clouds can be managed and apps can be modernised. By using this, DevOps teams are able to provision bare metal, VM, and container-based application services themselves. Moreover, it provides enterprise agility, control, and efficiency by bridging the gap between hybrid IT and DevOps. Multi-cloud mastery and continuous automation are facilitated by this simple, unified, and agnostic platform.

Cloud management software provider Skykick is based in the US. It provides enterprises with migration, backup, and management solutions for managing customers in the cloud efficiently. From pre-sales through project completion, the migration module automates all steps of the Office 365 migration process.