NetNut Alternatives & Competitors – Free & Paid Tools 2023

You need to be aware of the alternatives if you are skeptical about NetNut or if you want to make an informed decision before purchasing this tool. We have compiled a list of top NetNut alternatives that can help you decide if NetNut is the right software for you.


Among the original ISP proxy providers, NetNut is one of the oldest. It used to offer nothing more, but today you can also purchase IPs for your datacenter or home. There are inexpensive plans on NetNut’s home page (but you won’t find them), but the company primarily targets companies with large web scraping needs.

Top 10 Alternatives to NetNut

Bright Data provides the most comprehensive platform for collecting business data. The tool helps businesses collect structured and unstructured data from millions of websites using proprietary technology. Their proxy networks can provide you with precise geo-targeted access to sophisticated target sites. These tools allow you to unblock difficult target websites, collect data from SERPs, optimize your proxy performance, and automate all data collection processes.

At first glance, Storm Proxies might not seem like it has much to offer. However, the company provides small-scale proxy services. There aren’t enough proxies to compete with the millions of proxies provided by the top competitors, for instance. You can target a very wide region (USA, EU, Worldwide; US cities include Cheyenne, Los Angeles, and New York). Support is limited, and the service is only available for 24 hours.

Oxylabs provides premium proxy services and web scraping solutions. Since 2015, Oxylabs has provided its customers with premium proxies and outstanding enterprise-level support. Because of its global coverage, it is worth trying. The proxy servers are located in over 180 countries, so any user can easily locate one. The Oxylabs website was built by a team of experts and professionals.

A new proxy provider called Infatica launched exclusively for Black Hat World forum members in February 2019 before setting up a website in March 2019. By the time Infatica was founded, it had proxies in many categories, including residential, mobile, and datacenters. Infactica proxies can be used in virtually any proxy usage case, according to information available on their website.

As a proxy service provider, AirProxy only offers mobile proxies (4G proxies) to their customers in order to automate social media posts. Licensed to do business in Italy, the company complies with Italian law. Consequently, the proxies provided by this company are reliable. The reason why AirProxy owns all the infrastructures they use is unlike other mobile proxy providers who either hack phones or get rights through some absurd legitimate means that are still shady.

In order to scrape websites anonymously, ProxyCrawl is a known tool for web-scraping. You can scrape large and small datasets with this tool. A ProxyCrawl’s service can work across a variety of platforms and websites. For business scrapers whose primary goal is to scrape high-quality data while minimizing payment and remaining anonymous online, this is one of the most popular choices.

With the Psiphon 3 Circumvention System, you can circumvent Internet censorship using relay-based technology. Users configure their computer to direct Internet traffic through a client application, and users connect to the Internet via proxy servers. Psiphon clients can access Internet services that are blocked to the user if they connect directly to a server.

It offers an API that takes care of blocks, IP rotations, and other complexity, and doesn’t really sell proxies. With this tool, you do not need to know any coding to use it. It generally works well, and the fees are based on the requests you make. As such, you can estimate the cost of their services (an approximate amount can certainly be determined).

If you need really low-cost traffic, PacketStream might be your best option. For the price, its residential proxy network provides all the basic services and performs well. This makes the tool a little pocket-friendly since you don’t have to pay for anything in advance. The only downside is that customer support is slow.

Smartproxy is the only decentralized residential proxy network among all major residential proxy networks. Every tool and solution they offer is designed to be easy to use so that everyone can access data. A data hoarding company, competitor, or more technically sophisticated company cannot compete with this tool. With Smartproxy, you have access to two rotating proxy pools, a Google scraping API, as well as many free tools for data collection and anonymization. Definitely worth checking out.

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