Oxylabs Alternatives

There are other options for Proxy Network Software besides Oxylabs Proxies. Consider exploring alternatives and competing software. You should also consider the ease of use and reliability of alternates to Oxylabs Proxies. We've compiled a list of alternatives and competitors to Oxylabs Proxies based on the votes of reviewers.


Oxylabs is a global leader of premium proxy services and data scraping solutions for web data extraction from large websites. Oxylabs offers premium proxies and scraping solutions. Oxylabs, a leading provider of premium proxies and outstanding enterprise-level support, has been in business since 2015.

Top 10 Alternatives to Oxylabs

Through our proprietary technology, Bright Data is a leading data collection platform that enables businesses to collect structured and unstructured data from millions of websites. Proxy networks from the company enable you to access sophisticated target sites through precise geolocation. Additionally, their tools will allow you to unblock difficult target sites, perform SERP-specific data collection tasks, and optimize proxy performance as well as automate all your data collection needs.

A cloud hosting company called UpCloud is faster than SSD cloud servers, offers an easy-to-use control panel and API, and allows users to spend more time programming than managing cloud infrastructure. Each cloud server is designed and built according to enterprise hardware specifications. In addition to proprietary MaxIOPS storage technology, the software is in-house developed and continuously updated. With cloud servers, deployment takes less than 45 seconds and boot times of less than two seconds, systems can be running within minutes.

It allows users to create secure connections to AWS from their personal computers through a cloud-based service called AWS Direct Connect. With AWS direct connect locations, they can also integrate private connections between offices, work bases or companies. It also enables the network to provide a consistent networking experience to users, while lowering the costs of the network.

Businesses can use NetNut’s residential proxies to access the internet at their convenience. The Residential proxy network has over 5 million proxies and continues to grow every week. In contrast to other options, NetNut obtains IPs directly from ISPs and does not require end-users or P2P networks. It used to be very focused on the high-end business market, but now it offers plans for just about every user level. Proxy servers sourced from ISPs have several benefits, as we’ve seen. A residential IP combines the stability and performance of a data center IP with the resilience and stealth of a data center IP.

Network and Internet security is a priority for them. VPN services provide an additional layer of security for your communications. In order to achieve this, NordVPN encrypts all incoming and outgoing traffic so that third parties cannot access your private information. Avoid security breaches by using NordVPN. Protect your network with NordVPN. Streamline the security of your business network. Browse regionally specific websites from anywhere in the world.

By combining marketing intelligence across the shopper journey, GrowByData powers smarter, faster ecommerce. The applications they provide are Search Intelligence, Product Intelligence, Market Intelligence, Ad Intelligence, Price Intelligence, MAP Monitoring and Product Feeds. To provide their customers with a competitive advantage, they enhance those dimensions with shopper attributes and customize them specifically for your business.

Wersel Brand Analytics provides Anti-Fake and Brand Protection Services, and can aid you in seeing how your brand is performing in relation to the business standards. It is an online fake tracker framework designed by duplicating specialists with coordinated effort. It’s intended for retail owners, E-commerce associations, brand owners, reseller prospects, government agencies, press, and legal firms.

Out of all major residential proxy networks, Smartproxy is the only decentralized platform. All their tools and solutions are designed to be easy to use and provide everyone with access to data. Through this tool, you can compete with large data hoarding companies, competitors, and more technically capable companies.

While looking for an Oxylabs alternative, you can consider X-Byte. With X-Byte Enterprise Crawling, data is aggregated from thousands of websites and mobile apps, allowing data seeking organizations to turn data into actionable insights. With its cloud-based automated data harvesting eco-system, X-Byte aims to become one of the largest data sourcing companies.

Using Artica Proxy, large and multinational companies can log internet performance, filter requests, and generate management reports. Log internet performance, filter requests, and manage reporting with this powerful solution for large and multinational companies.

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