pfSense Alternatives & Competitors – Free & Paid Tools 2023

What alternatives or competitors to pfSense are you looking for? Other key aspects to consider while looking for alternatives to pfSense include configuration and security. We've compiled a list of the best overall alternative and rival solutions, including Check Point Next Generation Firewalls (NGFWs), WatchGuard Network Security, FortiGate NGFW,WatchGuard Network Security, FortiGate NGFW, and Sophos Firewall.


The pfSense firewall/router is a FreeBSD-based software distribution. pfSense CE and pfSense Plus are open source firewalls and routers that can be installed on a physical computer or a virtual machine. Configuration and upgrades can be performed using a web-based interface, requiring no knowledge of FreeBSD to do so.

Top 10 Alternatives to pfSense

A Check Point firewall is a network security solution that provides comprehensive protection from sophisticated cyber-attacks. It offers firewalls, intrusion prevention systems (IPS), anti-virus, anti-spyware, and other related security features.

The Firewall provides system administrators with an effective way to restrict access to computers, clients, servers, and applications. The quality of the access control and network performance is determined by the Firewall Rule Base.

FortiGate NGFW is an appliance that is designed to protect your organization’s network. It is a comprehensive security solution that provides firewall, intrusion prevention, antivirus, antispyware, and Web filtering protection. It also includes the ability to manage your organization’s security posture with centralized policy and reporting.

SonicWall is a company that provides network security products. It was founded in 1991 and is headquartered in San Jose, California. SonicWall has over 1,000 employees and more than 43,000 customers worldwide.

You can identify and control all of the applications on your network with a SonicWall firewall. This greater governance improves compliance and data leakage prevention by identifying apps based on their individual signatures rather than ports or protocols.

GlassWire Firewall is a software application that was developed by GlassWire Inc. It is used to monitor and protect the computer from data theft and network attacks.

Network monitoring to detect dangerous incoming and outgoing traffic. GlassWire visualizes your network activity so you can improve your Internet connection quality or troubleshoot issues. Network security monitoring to see the applications using your network connection in real-time with live updating graphs of bandwidth usage, including by country.

Untangle is used for a variety of purposes, including network security, content filtering, and anti-virus protection. It can be used to protect your computer from online threats such as malware, spam, and other dangers.

The Untangle Network Security Framework gives IT teams the tools they need to maintain a consistent security posture across the entire digital attack surface, putting IT back in control of dispersed networks, hybrid cloud environments, and other connected systems.

CrowdSec is a security company that provides solutions to protect businesses from cyber-attacks. Their solutions include penetration testing, risk assessment, and training to the employees. If you are looking for expert security consultants to prevent your online business from being hacked, then you are at the right place.

The Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewall is a firewall that uses a variety of technologies to protect your network. These technologies include intrusion prevention, application security, and WildFire Malware Analysis.

Cisco Next-Generation Firewall Virtual (NGFWv) is a software-defined next-generation firewall that provides the same level of security as a physical next-generation firewall. It can be used to protect your data center, cloud environment, and network infrastructure.

Sophos Firewall is an endpoint security solution that helps protect your organization from malware, viruses, and other threats. It can also prevent data loss and provide secure remote access for employees.

How Does Sophos Firewall Work? It combines a variety of security features into a single device to deliver effective network protection. This serves as the network’s gateway, protecting it from viruses, web application flaws, malware, and more sophisticated assault attempts.

WatchGuard Network Security provides comprehensive security for networks of all sizes. It’s easy to set up and manage, making it the perfect choice for businesses of all types and sizes. With WatchGuard, you can rest assured that your data is safe and your network is secure, even while you’re out of the office.

WatchGuard offers five different series of appliances, each with increasingly powerful security capabilities.