Podia Alternatives & Competitors – Free & Paid Tools 2023

Podia is a great way to sell courses, memberships and digital products. However if you are looking for alternatives then here's an easy list of 9 best Podia alternatives:


Podia is an all-inclusive eLearning platform that enables you to create and sell unlimited courses, digital downloads or memberships.

It’s creator first mentality makes it easy for businesses of any size with no technical experience in marketing their product while they focus on creating quality content rather than building a website from scratch.

Podia has a range of marketing options to satisfy any needs, including email and affiliate programs. Their membership site can be bundled with other products for an integrated experience that Podians love! They also offer Facebook advertising as well as GetResponse integration so you’re sure not miss out on any opportunities at hand.

Top 10 Alternatives to Podia

Kajabi is the ultimate all-inclusive platform for creating, marketing and selling online courses. The features that you need to run an educational platform are right at your fingertips with this easy-to use software!

Kajabi is one of the more intuitive online learning platforms, with a course editor that allows users to build their content right from within the platform. Some may find it lacking when compared against other options though – which do offer customizable courses and greater flexibility for creation.

If you have a passion for getting your courses in front of as many people as possible, then Kajabi is an excellent option. Though they’re separate and one-tiered by nature, the tools that come with this platform will make sure to reach every niche market niche within your intended audience – it’s all right here at hand!

WizIQ is a cloud-based course builder which facilitates with the high-definition virtual classroom.

WizIQ is the perfect software for instructors that want to create their own interactive online course. It’s also useful if you’re looking at training your partners, external stakeholders like traders or investors in some other industry who may be interested on what type of knowledge will help them succeed professionally (and others too!).

It offers a mobile learning (mLearning) app that has all of the tools needed to teach and attend an online course anytime, anywhere. The m Learning App is available in both Google’s Store as well Apple’s App store for download by students or educators alike!

Udemy is the largest marketplace where you can sell your course and monetize skills. As of now, Udemy has 30+ million students across 190 countries who are eager to learn from 42K tutors like yourself!

It’s never been easier to create your own course and Udemy is the best platform for doing so. With this tool, you can easily generate a high quality session in any language of choice – whether it be Spanish or Chinese!

Udemy takes care of all the marketing for your course, including creating worldwide seasonal campaigns that target students with specific interests. They also advertise on sites like Facebook and YouTube to reach potential learners directly through their smartphones or laptops without having them search online first!

The LearnDash LMS plugin is a must-have for any WordPress site. It’s easy to use, affordable and has been endorsed by many experts in this industry as being one of the best on offer – so don’t wait another second!

Fortune companies, major universities, or even small businesses use Learn Dash because it’s reliable with an easy interface which can be tailored for any organization’s needs!

There are some cool features that come with LearnDash, but it doesn’t have all the digital product selling tools. However you can use membership sites through subscription pricing and One great thing about this platform is there’s lots of their own plus 3rd party addons for extending functionality & integrations!

Teachable is one of the most powerful online course platforms that are extremely simple and easy to use.

If you don’t want your courses on Udemy, then Teachable would be an ideal choice for teaching marketplace because it has a more engaging platform with built in marketing tools like social media integration so students can follow their favorite instructors while they’re learning new skills!

Teachable is a great tool for those looking to teach themselves or others about specific topics. The course creation process in Teacheable couldn’t be easier – it accepts your standard range of content, including movies images mp3 audio files PDFs- all you have do upload them!

LearnWorlds is one of the most reliable and affordable online course platforms. It provides an easy way to educate students, train employees or sell your skills & experience with our memberships feature that lets you monetize them at any time!

It provide users access too many courses while still maintaining their high-quality standards in content creation – they really do care about providing value for every customer who purchases from this company.

With LearnWorld’s intuitive page builder, you can create online school without hiring any web designers or paying third party platforms like Wix and Weebly.

Sellfy is an all-inclusive e-commerce platform that’s easy to work with, providing creators and businesses the opportunity for increased sales. Sell on your website or through social media using their product embedding options as well!

Sellfy is the perfect service for any small business owner who wants to take their marketing and sales skills up a notch. With features like email campaigns, analytics dashboards with easy-to understand metrics that tell you where your money needs to go in order grow faster than ever before!

Sellfy makes it easy to build a store. With their simple and intuitive platform, you can have your own online shop up in no time without the hassle of setting everything yourself!


Thinkific is a one-stop shop for all of your training needs. You can create, market and sell online courses that are true to who you want them be while also maintaining an authentic brand identity with their platform!

Thinkific’s easy-to use course creation tools let you create engaging modules that are well organized into chapters (or “modules”). You can incorporate videos, audio files, presentations and images in your courses with their built in quiz creator.

Thinkific’s e-commerce features are all the necessities, with more than enough to keep your customers happy. It can connect seamlessly through third party integrations like ActiveCampaign and ConvertKit for an even better user experience.Thinkific has a simple and intuitive interface that even those without much tech savvy can use.

Thinkific is a great option if you’re looking for an easy way to design, build and sell online courses. With its Site Builder tool (which only offers three themes), there are still plenty of customization options such as color schemes or fonts styles that allow your website be tailored just the way YOU want it!

Gumroad is a Podia alternative that’s been in the ecommerce industry since 2011. However, it doesn’t have quite as big of name recognition for selling online courses because their platform isn’t specific to just one thing like courses or even products; rather they are “digital goods.”

Gumroad is a shopping cart that has very basic features. While it’s not the best for businesses looking to go fully online with their business, if you’re just starting out and need something affordable but still functional then this may be an option worth checking out! It’s easy to use and offers the prospect of selling your work with minimal involvement!

Ruzuku makes it easy to create online courses. Many customers say that setting up an online course and registering students takes less than an hour. Furthermore, it offers advanced course analytics, as well as features for student engagement like webinars and videoconferencing.