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Data center proxy providers can assist you in conducting your online activities more effectively and efficiently, but the process can be daunting at times. Developing this method involves a lot of hard work since you really need to test the services of each provider. It is also important to research the provider and their service and do your due diligence. Check to see what other users are saying about the proxy service. Do they offer the feature you are looking for? You might be interested in Proxy Rack - or not. Your decision depends on what other alternatives you have available to you.


A few proxy service providers offer residential VPNs in addition to proxies. ProxyRack is one of those providers. It lists toll free numbers for Hong Kong and the United States, but it doesn’t give much information about the company behind it. While the lack of information about ProxyRack does not inspire confidence, its pricing and features make it an appealing option worth considering.

Top 10 Alternatives to ProxyRack

It is a global web data giant which provides proxies in countries and cities all over the world. Bright Data (formerly Luminati Networks) is a company that used to be called Luminati Networks. Looking for residential proxy services? The company operates in 195 countries and has 72 million shared and exclusive IP addresses. Bright Data has 600,000 proxies sourced directly from ISPs if you want more reliability and speed.

There is also Limeproxies, which offers proxies covering 40+ countries and 100+ cities, along with live-chat support and professional customer support. Their private proxies are recycled IPs, and their premium proxies are virgin IPs not used by other users.

A premium proxy service based in the UK, launched in 2011 to help users access content which is geo-restricted and anonymous. claims it does not log your browsing history, real IP address, connection times, or bandwidth usage, despite UK’s harsh data retention laws. However, the lack of a privacy policy website section raised our eyebrows, since transparency is key to knowing how your data will be used.

While IPRoyal proxy service may not be one of the most popular proxy services on the market, it does have its own niche. Residential proxies are not all that this provider offers; data center proxies, sneaker proxies, and even 4G proxies are also available. IP Royal provides datacenter and mobile proxies to its Lithuanian customers who need sneakerhead assistance. You can also use Pawns to scrape Google–if you came from there, you might prefer it! Here’s our review of Residential Pro’s services; they’re great as always.

Airproxy is an Italian proxy provider that offers 4G/LTE and is suitable for social media sites. Mobile proxies such as Airproxy are usually used to run Instagram bots, Facebook ads, or data scraping. Through Airproxy’s API or dashboard, it automatically switches to Fresh IPs for these sites using rotating IPs. Airproxy provides username and password authentication so you can secure your account.

Oxylabs has been providing proxy services in Lithuania since 2015. It’s one of the largest companies in the field, offering several specialized data collection tools and various proxy services. Oxylabs caters mainly to businesses. This can be seen in everything from a well-designed website to a list of certifications on the homepage to a dedicated account manager. The products are even insured! This is a first in proxy companies.

This is a new company in the industry – there is no doubt about that. Nevertheless, it has walked into people’s minds, and many call it the next big thing. Some even say it is the best Internet proxy network for residential users. As compared to other proxy networks, it claimed to have a virtually zero failure rate. In addition, it claimed it was extremely fast.

Using ProxyMesh, you can avoid IP bans and rate limits by rotating anonymous proxy servers. Use their HTTP proxy to crawl from multiple IP addresses. Each of ProxyMesh’s 15 proxy servers has 10 IP addresses that rotate twice per day, which gives you 300 IP addresses per day. Whenever you make a request through one of these 15 anonymous proxy servers, your request is routed randomly through one of 10 different proxy IP servers. Sites will find it much harder to track you if they use IP addresses to track you. You can get around IP bans or rate limits by changing IP addresses twice a day at each location.

Among the most trusted names in residential proxy services, Smartproxy stands out from the rest. Smartproxy has earned its premium residential proxy provider status with a wide network of over 10 million IP addresses, skilled 24/7 technical support, and a simple dashboard. It’s available in more than 195 countries around the world.

Using FoxyProxy, you can manage proxies by location/IP, visited URL, and other parameters. FoxyProxy is a free browser add-on for Firefox, Thunderbird, Seamonkey, and Songbird. Additionally, FoxyProxy offers SOCKS proxies, but for a fee, for use with the FoxyProxy proxy switcher add-on.

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