SendGrid Alternatives & Competitors – Free & Paid Tools 2022

If you are a marketing agency or if you are a person who has to send out a lot of emails, then you must know what SendGrid is. For those who do not know, sit down and relax. There is nothing to be worried about.

This article will take you through what exactly is SendGrid, and will also put forward the best three SendGrid alternatives you can choose from.


SendGrid is a cloud-based SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) provider that will allow you to send out emails without the need to maintain any email servers. SendGrid is responsible to manage all of the technical details. From scaling to the infrastructure to ISP outreach and reputation monitoring to whitelist services and real-time analytics – SendGrid does it all! 

You can send out password reset emails, promotional emails, shipping notification emails, and email newsletters with confidence. This is because SendGrid is trusted by many developers and marketers. They use it for saving time, scalability, and delivery expertise. 

SendGrid has an available free version. However, the free version may not have all of the specifications you are looking for. If you switch to the paid version, the amount is hefty. 

Here is when the alternatives play a role. You now know what SendGrid is, so it will be easier for you to understand the possible alternatives for the same.

Top 10 Alternatives to SendGrid

HubSpot is one of the options that will help you grow your sales. This is done by sending out marketing emails. The emails are such that they try to make a relationship between the customers. 

You can consider HubSpot as one of the closest alternatives to SendGrid. HubSpot tends to use apt graphics with the perfect template to get the desired outcome. 

Talking about the features, HubSpot manages to get all the contact lists and the companies that have been engaged with. It also does not let you limit yourself to contacts. You can get an opportunity to reach a larger audience once you use this. Then, as a result, you will get website engagement. This will help to create a larger reach.

Talking about the benefits, there is 24 by 7 customer service that is provided. There are no due time limits. They also have an extremely affordable pricing range.

Also, the deals or contracts that you make are not very flexible.  

Sendinblue will help you to empower the virtual business in an extremely powerful and effective manner. If you are looking for an option to send out bulk emails, then this is your option. Sendinblue will help you to market your business in the best way possible.

Sendinblue will allow you to stay in touch with your customers at a personal level. This is done by enhancing communication. It also delivers the emails in the perfect timing so that the customers read the email they have received. This rigid time management system makes it easier to grab the attention of the readers.

Apart from that, it also uses SMS marketing too. They try to personalize the message to every customer so that they remember your ad. You will always be provided with 24 by 7 customer service. You will also have an option to be a part of live chats. 

Moving on to the pros, you can send out emails in bulk without taking too long! There would not be any requirement for extra time to be invested to perform this. You are not limited to send out emails to those people who are on your contact list. You can also send out emails to a maximum number of customers. There is a wide range of templates you can choose from.

Although, you must note that if the customers have subscribed to your email, you cannot send out a mail to them. You will have to invest in a dedicated IP address so that your email is not thrown into the spam folder of the receiver.

Another alternative you can think of is the Pepipost. You can completely depend on this bulk emailing service. It not only takes care of the outgoing emails, but it also takes cars off the incoming emails. If you are sending out any confidential email, Pepipost is something that will be your go-to service. 

A few of the noticeable features are that they use bounce notifications. This makes the email stand out from the rest. They will also provide you with real-time reports. And of course, they also are ready to assist you with 24 by 7 customer service. They use the feature of live chat to make things faster. You will not waste your time at all – your query will be resolved in a short time.

One of the benefits of Pepipost is that it provides tight security. Your email will be encrypted. It also tried to take care of the spam emails. Pepipost will allow you to get live interactions from your customers. This is one of the bases for an effective marketing strategy. 

However, there is no free trial that is provided by Pepipost. You will have to do the registration of the domain first.


If you are thinking of which alternative is the best one for you, you might first want to understand the features. Look for the features that satisfy your needs. After you come to two options, then look for the pricing. Note that when you are aiming at effective marketing, you will have to put in money. You cannot expect your campaign to go well without investing in it. 

Do some research before you take up any option. The best way would be to take up the free trial.