ShopMaster Alternatives and Competitors

Dropshippers have several tools available to help them with their dropshipping business. ShopMaster is one of them. As a result, their users had to migrate quickly to new dropshipping platforms after they announced they would be closing down in 2021. The closure of ShopMaster has left dropshippers looking for alternatives to ShopMaster to help manage their online stores.


A dropshipping platform like ShopMaster can be used to import products from 1688, Amazon, AliExpress, eBay, Banggood products, and other platforms directly into an online store with no hassle. With one-click import products and bulk imports of up to 100 products at a time, users can save up to 97% on processing time. Customers can easily customize a product’s description, picture, and title. Besides automatically setting competitive prices for products individually or in bulk, it monitors changes in price and inventory at suppliers and updates them automatically to the store. The program includes an up-to-date database of hot selling products, as well as email and chat support.

Top 10 Alternatives to ShopMaster

It is a platform that allows users to dropship through AliExpress specifically. Their advanced tools allow you to create an AliExpress dropshipping online shop using AliExpress. Their premium features even allow you to customize an existing store or have them create one from scratch. AliDropship lets you create a custom store based on your requirements, or you can use their premium tools to create your own store based on your specifications.

Dsers is one of the best AliExpress Dropshipping tools for E-commerce that allows you to make AliExpress payments and process bulk orders. A single click on Dsers can connect you to a variety of suppliers from AliExpress. From your store or PayPal account, you can connect and manage suppliers, place multiple orders in seconds, and track them automatically.

In order to run a successful dropshipping business, dozens of routine tasks need to be automated. Dropified is a dropshipping software that can automate these tasks. This allows businesses to focus on their marketing strategies and eCommerce operations. The Dropified platform hosts a number of tools for importing, finding, and selling profitable products. Companies can also automate their dropshipping processes, starting with order fulfilment and ending with delivery, by utilizing the platform. Entrepreneurs can start their own brand using Dropified Private Label On-Demand Plan.

Business owners can select dropshipping products from a variety of suppliers using DSM Tool, a dropshipping software for accurate dropshipping. The software comes with a DSM Auto-Paste extension for Chrome, which helps users explore 50+ dropshipping suppliers with just one click. A smart order tracking system helps companies organize their orders. Moreover, the software includes tools like Bulk Lister, which can help them organize their orders.

eCommerce merchants can strategize their business plans worldwide with Easyship, a powerful cloud shipping software. By connecting FedEx, DHL and UPS accounts, the platform allows companies to collaborate with more than 250 shipping services. Easyship also has built-in algorithms that can find the most appropriate flat-rate services. The solution automates shipping rules and allows companies to personalize their stores. It allows companies to prioritize deliveries and provide customers with free shipping. You can download multiple receipts, transaction statements, and past invoices from Easyship to keep track of the revenue generated.

You can automate and manage all of your dropshipping store tasks using Yakkyofy’s online drop shipping management platform, saving you time and money. The site assists you in finding products to sell at B2B prices, which you can add to your store and then ship directly to your customers their ordering. It completely automates the order fulfilling management process to let you focus on the more important aspect, marketing.

With Pocket, businesses can find dropshipping suppliers of EU, US, and other internationally-recognized products. Integrate Shopify, Wix, Squarespace, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, AliScraper, Felex, Ecwid, and more with external platforms. Personalized invoices representing authenticity levels are also generated via the platform. Pocket provides the best discounts and deals on products ranging from 30-40%. Moreover, bands can order samples so they can get a feel for the products before they buy.

Doba offers real-time access to millions of products and hundreds of dropshipping suppliers within one catalogue of dropshipping products. Customers can search through millions of products and create custom lists using the platform. They can then upload their selections to eCommerce marketplaces of their choice. Pay wholesale prices for the products and sell them at retail prices.

A business can use easync to make maximum profits from selling items on eBay. The program searches eBay’s top-sellers to create a listing called hot items that includes items for sale. It releases these based on the performance of eBay. A price is automatically determined according to the repricing settings, while users can choose from a list of the top-ranking product titles. As a result of Auto Order, the source product is automatically added to the cart and shipped to the buyer.

Salefreaks automates your entire drop shipping business with just a few clicks using an e-Bay drop shipping software. Your business runs on autopilot as orders are automatically fulfilled and listings are revised 24 hours a day, 365 days a year without manual input. Salefreaks allows you to find profitable items, create professional listings, fulfill orders automatically, and add browser extensions for ease of use.