Wordtune Alternatives and Competitors

Looking for Wordtune's best alternative because you're tired of using it? Then you've come to the right place because here we'll cover the top 10 software and tools offering not only higher quality rewriting but more features and lower prices as well.


Wordtune is an extension powered by artificial intelligence that helps you turn your thoughts into text. With Wordtune, you can make your writing more clear, compelling, and authentic by receiving tailored suggestions!

Top 10 Alternatives to Wordtune

Writing a story isn’t easy because of writer’s block. Copy.ai aims to help you overcome this obstacle. A marketing copy generator software that will awaken the writer in you in seconds. Marketing copies of articles can be created using CopyAi’s creative tools. These tools automate the creation of marketing copies. Copy for Digital Ads on Facebook, Linkedin, and Google, copy for Social Media Content including captions and posts, copy for website content, blog content, and sales content are all available.

Using artificial intelligence, WordAi helps writers to improve the quality of their sentences by rewriting them. By understanding how words interact, the software rewrites entire sentences and paragraphs. By rewriting the article based on what the article actually means, it finds the best possible way to rewrite it.

For teams such as HR, marketing and sales, Grammarly Business is a professional communication tool. A team can produce error-free, credible business writings that have a professional touch if they use the particular. As well as improving engagement levels, tone, clarity, and correctness, the software enhances writer performance. With it, MS office tools, email clients, web browsers, etc. can be seamlessly integrated.

Using QuillBot software, you can rewrite and enhance any sentence, paragraph, or article using artificial intelligence. Vocabulary enhancements allow you to change your writing and find the best synonyms. Receive alerts for grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, punctuation mistakes, and word misuse in your writing. This feature is integrated into Google Docs. It is used by individuals as well as professionals.

Jarvis is a plagiarism-free content creation tool with SEO that is popular with content creation companies for a variety of use cases, including blogs, ads, descriptions, etc. This tool automates the process of creating content. It solves all SEO problems that require original content in order to accomplish their organizational goals. Rather than relying on independent content creators and freelancers, the platform will reduce hiring costs and time. In addition to this, Jarvis addresses the issue of the lack of experience in freelance copywriting. Jarvis manages content marketing for almost 50,000 companies, including Airbnb, Google, and Autodesk.

ProWritingAid is a software program for grammar checking and editing that integrates advanced grammar checking styles with comprehensive writing reports. Users enjoy writing and editing work with the software’s unique suggestions, articles, quizzes and videos. Its users can choose from over 1000 pre-built writing styles to receive automatic suggestions.

Linguix is a smart writing assistant tool that offers recommendations and corrects your sentences to help you write clearer, better-structured sentences. A user can create a snippet, assign it a shortcode, and hit a few buttons to insert it immediately. Linguix can be added to Chrome as an extension so users can get real-time feedback on their grammar and sentence formation in millions of sites.

Writer is an AI-driven copyediting software that helps writers catch spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes. One of the biggest advantages of Writer is that its corrections are based on the messaging and terminology of the writing team, ensuring greater consistency across the organization. By improving their vocabulary and clarifying grammar and spelling errors, the software benefits the entire team.

There is an online grammar and spelling checker called Zoho Writer. To detect grammatical errors, the software utilizes machine learning intelligence. Corrections are also recommended according to the context in which they occur. In this way, context-aware recommendations help users differentiate between words that sound similar. During real-time analysis of a sentence’s structure, the program suggests tense forms relevant to the content. By identifying redundant words and providing suitable alternatives, Zoho Writer improves the overall quality of the writing. To eliminate punctuation mistakes, writers can use this particular as a proofreader.