Cheapest Mobile Proxy Providers of 2022 (#1 is 💙)


Access to every website you can find on the internet is unrestricted when using a proxy. In such a situation, an IP address and proxy were blocked or had limitations that prevented access to a website.

When surfing the web, mobile proxies provide an extra layer of security. Now, numerous companies also utilize mobile proxies. Bypassing restrictions and accessing web pages blocked in your region may be possible through these services.

Due to the many options available, you may find it challenging to select a suitable 4G or 5G proxy. Here are some of the cheapest mobile proxy providers you should know about before investing in one.

Bright Data

We recommend that you check out Bright Data if you’re looking for the best proxy service. They offer high-quality proxy servers and one of the largest databases of IP addresses and cover more countries around the world than most other proxy providers.

Bright Data homepage

Their customer service is excellent, and their packages include lots of extra features. We have to mention one aspect about these guys that may be somewhat discouraging for some: they are pretty pricey. For 4G mobile proxies, they will set you back at least $500 per month.

Scraper API

4G mobile proxy providers such as Scraper API are widely popular and commonly used. Moreover, they offer many unique features to enable seamless customization and uninterrupted data access, so they have a massive pool of IP addresses.

scraper homepage

You won’t have to worry about being blocked again if you use their IP rotation service. Users can customize the types, headers, and locations of requests they can send.


Proxy provider Hydroproxy has locations in the United States and unlimited bandwidth, and prices start at $2.95 per port. If you are on a tight budget,

hydraproxy homepage

I recommend a budget-friendly proxy provider. In addition to having unlimited bandwidth, they have IP rotation support, which means that you will keep the same IP address for roughly 30 minutes.


Despite the name, this platform only works in the United States with LTE proxies. As a result, you may not be able to use proxy servers from other countries.

proxylte homepage

ProxyLTE service has various features used to enhance users’ experience. Currently, ProxyLTE is considered the most premium 4G mobile proxy service due to its unique infrastructure.

The Social Proxy

This site provides privacy features and proxy servers related to social media.

thesocialproxy homepage

Three 4G modem sites across the globe are part of the provider’s setup. Using their anonymous IP addresses, you are unlikely to be detected by social media networks or by surfing the web.


One of the largest providers of 4G & 5G mobile proxy services globally is Smartproxy.

SmartProxy homepage

It operates in 195 countries and has over forty million IP addresses. Smartproxy provides support across countries and has servers in almost all major cities. Their service works with any software and can also be used to scrape web pages since their rapidly changing IP addresses keep your scraper safe. These free tools allow you to access data from anywhere in the world. They have one of the best 5G mobile proxy services available today. You are charged a minimum amount for using residential proxies.


On our list of the best 4G mobile proxies currently available, Oxylabs is seventh.

oxylabs homepage

Oxylabs has developed a unique IP rotation feature in-house. In addition to the US, Europe, Pacific, and Africa, Oxylabs offers different locations worldwide. So regardless of where you are, there will always be proxies available to you. In addition to IPv6 support, the provider allows seamless and comfortable data harvesting.


By using a 5G mobile proxy service, you are not restricted from accessing data online or blocked. They use the latest techniques to set up their servers and are a recent addition to the market of 5G proxy providers.

soax homepage

Their 5G mobile proxies are considered among the best due to this reason. Soax has gathered over 3.5 million IP addresses through its users. They offer the advantage of selecting proxies from specific countries, cities, and even mobile networks. Companies use services like theirs to collect data, monitor SEO, test websites, and monitor prices.


Although Airproxy is a valuable mobile proxy provider in many ways, one thing to note about them is that they only have locations in Italy.

airproxy homepage Their prices start at $87 per proxy per month, but they have unlimited bandwidth. However, they provide their clients with some of the cleanest 4g proxies around, and they offer a dedicated SIM card with each subscription.

Proxy Cheap

If you’re looking for some pretty affordable proxies, especially mobile proxies, Proxy Cheap can help you. Their primary locations are France and the US, and their pricing starts at $50 a month.

proxycheap homepage

They claim to have unlimited bandwidth. This proxy provider is the cheapest, so you can take advantage of them with a limited budget. You can use them for different activities because they do not have a bandwidth cap.


Data collection with AirSocks is one of the unique experience.

You are protected from breaches by 3G/4G/LTE Mobile proxies. Additionally, you are less likely to be prohibited from accessing any data online. For this reason, AirSocks has made it into this list of the best 4G mobile proxies.


You can choose from several 4G & 5G mobile proxy providers.

Above were the top mobile proxy providers you could choose according to your budget.

You should compare the pricing, features, and advantages of each 4G/5G/LTE mobile proxy provider. Thus, you will be able to prevent any issues later on and save money on subscriptions.

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