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When you’re looking for the most cost-effective way to protect your online privacy and secure your data, it may be tempting to turn to one of the many “cheapest VPNs” out there. After all, why pay more when you can get a great deal? But is buying the cheapest VPN really a wise decision? 

The simple answer is: it depends. While some cheap VPNs offer good value for money, others are simply not worth the money or have other issues that make them unsuitable for certain users. Before you jump on the first bargain you see, it pays to do some research and compare different options before making a purchase. 

In this article, we’ll provide an overview of some of the cheapest VPNs available, look at their features, and discuss why you should consider buying one. We’ll also highlight potential drawbacks to be aware of when investing in a budget VPN service, so you can make an informed decision about which option is best for you. 

Let’s get started!

Top 8 Cheapest VPNs

Hotspot Shield:

The most well-known feature of Hotspot Shield is its free membership option, which enables users to connect to a VPN server in only one nation: the United States. For those who like the free version but want access to a wider range of servers, Hotspot Shield also offers a premium membership option for a very low cost.

The service is often regarded as safe for the purposes of most users and may provide outstanding streaming and gaming speeds, despite the fact that Hotspot Shield’s unique encryption technique may put some people off. Hotspot Shield servers are spread throughout 99 nations and are able to relate to and support P2P activity. Additionally, if you’re a regular streamer or player, you’ll like the provider’s unique streaming and gaming modes, which are designed for different streaming platforms and well-known games.

Hotspot Shield is another VPN provider based in the US. Again, this is not ideal, given the presence of the NSA in the nation and the impending threat of gag orders compelling corporations to disclose information about their consumers. However, Hotspot Shield’s privacy practices have been much improved, and as a result, we can now designate the firm as a no-logs provider.

Users of Hotspot Shield have access to a kill switch, WebRTC leak prevention, IPv6, and 128-bit AES data encryption. Normally, we might state that this level of encryption was enough to protect your browsing sessions.


Despite the fact that ExpressVPN is more expensive than some of the other VPNs on our list, we think the package it offers is worthwhile. In our ExpressVPN review, we found it to be the best service we’ve ever used. No matter where you are, you may find a strong connection thanks to the wide selection of server locations.

Although Express’s applications are quite easy to use, they cover up a ton of useful features. Split tunneling, a kill switch, and a variety of protocols are all accessible. Additionally, the VPN uses “Perfect Forward Secrecy,” which creates a fresh key upon sign-up and updates it hourly while you’re connected. The big news is that ExpressVPN and Backblaze, a high-end cloud backup service, have partnered to provide a year of free backup in addition to the customary three months of free VPN.

Additionally, you’ll be able to access Hulu outside of the US, iPlayer outside of the UK, and Netflix from multiple areas. You’ll be able to safeguard pretty much any gadget you possess, no matter what, with the help of its extensive selection of mobile VPN applications. Even inexpensive VPNs need top-notch customer support, and Express has the best in the business. The live chat feature is amazing, with replies coming in milliseconds, and no matter what your issue is, the technician will be able to help you.


Due to a discount on its best-value 2-year subscription, NordVPN has just moved up our list of inexpensive VPN services. So long as you don’t pay a monthly membership fee, NordVPN offers a cheap VPN service while providing great security. The firm offers a number of “Double VPN” servers, which transmit data via two separate VPN servers rather than one. Sending encrypted communication via the Onion system is another alternative if you want extra security, an automated kill, or other features.

For those who wish to use their VPN for torrent sites, NordVPN offers simple-to-use apps or setup guides for all platforms and gadgets. It also supports P2P traffic. In our testing, performance was above average with above-average speeds. Another advantage of this service is its “zero logs” policy, which PricewaterhouseCoopers has completely audited. It’s definitely a benefit that the business offers a 30-day money-back trial so that you can test it out before signing up.


With more than 7,800 servers spread over over 90 countries, the Romanian-based VPN provider CyberGhost gives you many alternatives for finding the optimal connection. With a number of protocols to select from, automatic HTTPS redirection and programmable data compression for mobile usage, security is also strong. For more details, see our full review of CyberGhost VPN. CyberGhost’s broadcast VPN and torrenting features are its genuine competitive advantages. The applications offer an excellent filtering mechanism that enables users to identify and connect to acceptable servers for a certain activity, despite the fact that they aren’t flawless.

The best servers for Netflix are also included in these filters, along with unlimited bandwidth—a feature that practically every other VPN service, whether expensive or not, is missing. Additionally, we found in our most recent study that connection speeds had greatly increased, with CyberGhost being able to achieve 850Mbps while using WireGuard.

One of the largest server networks is that of CyberGhost, which has over 8,000 servers spread over 110 nations. This may sometimes result in connections that are slower than those of ExpressVPN. But owing to CyberGhost’s generous 45-day money-back guarantee, one of the longest free VPN trials available, you can find out for yourself.


Additionally, it’s not just about the bottom line. The fact that you may use Surfshark on as many devices and gadgets at once as you want increases its value even more. Nothing prevents you from sharing your login details with your relatives and friends.

And what precisely do you get for this shabby sum? Well, pretty much everything you’d anticipate from a supplier that places so highly on our ranking of the best VPN services overall. For enhanced protection, while utilizing the VPN, there are several security protocols (such as OpenVPN, IKEv2, and the new, quicker WireGuard). With Surfshark’s handy “Quick connect” feature, you can connect to one of its 3,200+ servers in a matter of seconds.

Yes, you can get a VPN for less money than SurfShark, but you’ll have to compromise on quality or make a three-year commitment. Surfshark is rated #1 as a consequence.

PIA: Private Internet Access:

Since 2010, Private Internet Access (PIA) has been a fan favorite, and it’s simple to see why. It went from being a relative unknown to a seasoned veteran. Finding a reliable, uncrowded place to connect is simply because of the enormous server count of over 10,000 servers. And because there are allegedly over 10,000 of these devices in the US, the vast majority of its customers may anticipate fast connections wherever they go.

In our most recent round of testing, PIA showed some promise for unblocking internet streaming, with US Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime working without a hitch. Brits residing abroad may want to look elsewhere as they can no longer access BBC iPlayer.

However, PIA is most renowned for its strong privacy and security capabilities, which include a number of in-depth options not found in any other program. PIA offers dependable kill switches, strong browser extensions, and a Port Forwarding function that torrents will like in addition to the usual 256-AES encryption.

In general, PIA is a respectable VPN. However, there are a few negatives: While OpenVPN speeds are great and reach a maximum of 300Mbps, WireGuard speeds are quite poor at around 250Mbps and have not yet passed an independent server audit. Naturally, the circumstances of our tests may have contributed, but a number of other VPNs had better ratings, and PIA has not consistently been the fastest VPN.

Private Internet Access is even more affordable than Surfshark, which offers superior overall service, but no other cheap VPN can match it at this price.


On each server of this VPN, 4K streaming is available. Furthermore, servers in SinglePropertyError: This property has no market value, and a stringent no-logs policy is also feature of AtlasVPN. Even though this is less than many of its rivals, we think these servers are in the best possible position to unblock the websites you’ll need. When you purchase a shorter subscription, the VPN is expensive; however, if you sign up, the price drops.

OpenVPN is not supported by AtlasVPN. Although the VPN does provide IKEv2 as a substitute, more seasoned VPN users or privacy enthusiasts may soon strike it off their list. IKEv2 is a safe protocol that offers sufficient protection for the majority of users, and a kill switch will guarantee the security of your network, which is crucial for torrents.

The country where AtlasVPN is based is well-known for obtaining data from VPN providers via court cases and gag orders. AtlasVPN, on the other hand, thwarts this by implementing a no-logs policy. Additionally, the data leak tracker offered by the service is a welcome feature since it alerts customers when a data breach involving their personal information occurs.

AtlasVPN may also determine which server is best for you based on your bandwidth, speed, and location. An unlimited number of connections may be active at once with AtlasVPN. You won’t have any trouble protecting your devices since the VPN has Mac, iOS, Windows, and Android applications. With a 30-day money-back guarantee, you can test out AtlasVPN for yourself and ask for a refund anytime. You may get a free version of the service as well.


PureVPN isn’t often listed in our VPN roundups because, although it is a reliable service, it falls short in terms of performance compared to industry heavyweights like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and SurfShark.

But because this piece is all about the most affordable VPNs, PureVPN is very cheap at the time of writing, costing only $1.69 per month. PureVPN is rather competent in practice, yet we wouldn’t suggest it if it were a total waste of time. iPlayer has passed a neutral zero-logging audit, meaning it doesn’t maintain any records of your actions and is accessible from outside the UK (but Netflix and other services won’t be available).

The first and most obvious shortcoming was the speed, which was far slower than the rivals. That means you shouldn’t always use PureVPN since it could impede online surfing. The client and applications could both benefit from UX improvement, and the unkempt nature of the assistance site doesn’t exude trust.


Finding the Most Cheapest VPNs can be quite a tricky task. However, with some research and understanding of what features and services are essential to you, it isn’t impossible. By understanding the different features and background information available for each VPN, you can find one that meets your needs while remaining affordable. 

It is also essential to read reviews from other users who have used the service in order to ensure that you are getting a reliable product at an affordable price. Ultimately, selecting the most cost-effective VPN can be done if you take the time to review all of your options properly. With this knowledge in hand, you should be able to confidently select the best solution for your needs without overpaying for unnecessary features or services. 

There is some good news for those still on the fence about which VPN to select. With the ever-increasing competition in the market and the introduction of so many new players, prices have been dropping dramatically over the years. This means that you can find an affordable VPN solution with all of the features and services you need without breaking the bank. 

It’s always important to compare different providers in order to get a clear understanding of your options before making a decision. But ultimately, finding an affordable yet reliable Most Cheapest VPN can be done if you take your time and do due diligence when selecting one. 

I hope this article helped. Please let me know in the comment section which one you choose and why. 


Q: How can I find out which is the best cheap VPN? 

A: When choosing a budget-friendly VPN service provider, you should consider factors such as speed, security protocols offered (OpenVPN/ IPSec/ L2TP/ IKEv2, etc.), encryption strength, and the number of simultaneous connections allowed per account. Additionally, consider customer support options such as live chat availability and a money-back guarantee.

Q: Are there any free VPNs? 

A: While some services may offer a limited free version of their paid VPN, no completely free and reliable services are available. Free VPNs often come with data caps, limited speeds, low security, and ads, making them unreliable for general usage. 

Q: What is the difference between a free and paid VPN? 

A: Paid VPN services generally provide more features, such as unlimited bandwidth, higher encryption strength, and a greater number of server locations around the globe compared to free versions. Additionally, paid services also tend to prioritize user privacy by not collecting or selling your browsing data to third parties. 

Q: How can I use a VPN? 

A: Most modern VPNs are very easy to use and can be installed on your device with minimal effort. All you need to do is sign up for a subscription plan, download the software from their website, install it on your device, and log in using your account credentials. Once connected, you can start browsing securely and anonymously.