Cloudways Review and WordPress Speed Test 2021

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Web hosting is an important aspect that will determine the success of your WordPress website. The most vital thing that attracts customs is how fast is the page loading time. The quicker the load time of the site, the more the users will prefer coming back to your site.

One of the managed cloud hosting platforms that exist on the market is Cloudways. This WordPress hosting platform is one of the most renowned ones that exist on the market. However, just because Cloudways is famous, it does not mean that you just go and purchase this tool.

Do you sometimes think of using Cloudways to host your WordPress website? Have you ever thought of reading Cloudways review before you begin?

Are you interested in using cloud computing without having any technical knowledge about it? Cloudways would offer you a different outlook at harnessing that power. 

Read this article to understand how Cloudways could work wonders for your WordPress website. This article will provide an unbiased Cloudways review that you should consider before actually buying it.

Uniquely Unique 

Before we begin the Cloudways review, here’s how Cloudways offers a holistic and new approach towards your website. 

  • Cloudways has its physical hardware. They rent this to you. What list WordPress hosts do we use for the hardware of someone else like a specific cloud hosting provider. 
  • Cloudways lets you choose precisely what cloud hosting environment it is that you want to use. Choose from among : 

 Digital Ocean, Linode, Google Cloud Platform, Vultr, Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

  • You get to have control over your provider’s resources, and you can also scale up or scale down as you wish to. 
  • It configures almost everything for you at a server level and provides a user-friendly interface that lets you manage and interact with the raw cloud hosting space. 
  • Unless you’re a developer, the process of hosting WordPress yourself is pretty much complicated to do. The thing about Cloudways is that it’s straightforward and can be done by almost anyone. 
  • Without any technical knowledge, you can have the flexibility of cloud hosting. 
  • You can have many helpful tools like Easy staging areas, easy SSL certificates, Dedicated firewall and security rules, automatic backups and built-in caching. 

Use A Managed WordPress Host Then? 

You would find loads of managed WordPress hosts that use cloud hosting infrastructure. They give you the same tools. 

The question is, why can’t you use another host instead of Cloudways? 

Here’s why. 

  • Your cloud hosting provider: A Managed WordPress Host doesn’t give you any choice, but when it comes to Cloudways, you can select from 5 supported cloud hosting providers. 
  • Easy Scaling: With Cloudways, you can quickly scale up and down according to your wish, but for managed WordPress hosts, you will have to set hosting plans. For example, “The start-up plan for $35”. 
  • No Limits on traffic: You will see that there’s a cap on how much traffic your site gets per month with most managed WordPress hosts. But with Cloudways there’s no such cap. It is based on your resources. 
  • No contract, pay as you proceed: With Cloudways you only pay for what you use. With the hosts, you have to pay monthly at a minimum and sometimes yearly as well. 
  • Hosting multiple sites: There is a green signal if you want to host another site. More than one site as well! Cloudways lets you do that easily without sharing servers or spinning up. 

There will always be flexibility. You get to work in a convenient and beginner-friendly interface. See for yourself. 

How to Launch a Server Along with Install WordPress? 

Before we understand how the cloud hosting for WordPress works, let’s understand two simple terms first. 

Server: A particular allotted space on a cloud hosting provider. The loading time gets more comfortable if you don’t get a lot of traffic. 

Application: A WordPress site is called an application. 

As long as your server has the power to run, you can run many applications. 

You can install WordPress from : 

  • Naked WordPress 
  • WordPress with WooCommerce
  • WordPress multisite. 
  1. You’ll have to choose your cloud hosting provider, the server’s size, and it’s a specific location. 
  2. Pay the price for a specific configuration. It’s a unique thing again. 
  3. Cloudways would automatically install WordPress a short while after clicking Launch Now. 

Easy, no? 

Managing Your Site With Cloudways

Go to the Applications area in Cloudways to manage your WordPress site. 

You will see here a list of all your site’s. 

You have the liberty to use or add another WordPress site by using the (+Add Application) button. 

Application Management Dashboard 

All the details for your site are shown when you click the Application Management button on your dashboard. 

You will be able to : 

  • View the disk usage statistics 
  • Manage your domains 
  • Find the FTP and MySQL credentials for managing your site 
  • Restore sure from one of the automatic backups 
  • Install an SSL certificate 
  • Manage developer features 

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Staging Sites 

Staging Sites mean an exact copy of your site in a safe sandbox you could use for testing purposes. 

You can conveniently use this without affecting your live website. 

Cloudways makes it very easy to spin up some new staging Sites from an orange floating action button on the app dashboard. 

You get to deploy the staging site to any server. 

After this, you can freely interact with the staging site as if it were a live one. But then, the application now becomes marked as ‘staging’. 

If you’re satisfied with your staging site’s working, you can always move your data from staging to live. 

The options here are : 

  • You can freely choose if you want to have the files moved. 
  • If you want the database moved. 
  • Or both the files or database moved. 

Backing up your site as part of the process can also be done. 

For long term projects, pushing data from life to staging helps a lot. It gives you ample flexibility and ease. 

Managing Your Server With Cloudways 

Cloudways also gives you the option to manage your servers. This is one of the most important things you should look at when you are gaining knowledge about the Cloudways review.

  1. Each with their configuration, there can be as many servers as you want. An example could be, one server is at DigitalOcean, and the other is a Google cloud platform.  
  2. There are options for non-technical peeps as well! 
  3. Vertical Scaling lets you modify the size of your server. You can do this by adding or removing the computing power or changing the store limits. 
  4. Scaling down might require the cloning feature but then scaling up is very easy. 
  5. This allows you to change the resources of your servers instantly. This is not something that most managed hosts can do.  
  6. The Backups tabs let you configure the backups’ work – create new backups, how long to retain these backups for. 
  7. With the SMTP tab, you can configure an SMTP server to use for your server. If you want to send those transactional emails from your WordPress site, you will have to set this tab up.  

Free WordPress Migration 

Using the official Cloudways WordPress Migrator, you can switch to using Cloudways any time you want. 

You have to enter the SFTP details from your account into the plugin interface. It automatically handles migration to Cloudways. 

Super easy or no? 

Team Management

You can also give access to your other users on Cloudways. The Team feature helps you do so. Whether it’s a team of freelancers with access to a specific server or site, you can always do it with the help of this feature. 

Performance Tests 

You must be wondering about the performance tests mentioned in this Cloudways reviews. Your sites’ performance depends on the resources and the provider that you choose if you provide your site with enough resources for its traffic.

 Your site is automatically going to load faster on the cloud hosting providers. No matter what hardware you are using, your site will not be slowed down by any DigitalOcean, google cloud platform or AWS, etc. 

Moreover, in cloud ways, you have the option to choose from a ton of resources to optimize your WordPress.

There is also this Breeze plugin that is readily available at for free. The breeze would help you implement and optimize your performance tips such as minification and a CDN integration. 


This Cloudways review will be incomplete without talking about the price. It depends on your choices on the type of cloud hosting provider you would want to choose from. You pay just the naked cloud hosting cost plus an extra amount to Cloudways for the ease of using the dashboard and the management features. 

cloudways pricing image

You only one bill, that is, to the Cloudways. 


Now that you are at the end of the Cloudways review, here are a few things you should know.

Cloudways takes a very modern approach to hosting – that is, cloud hosting- making it accessible to casual WordPress users. 

Using just a simple dashboard, you can manage the same infrastructure that big companies are using. You get more flexibility than what is offered by any other website of WordPress. There are no traffic cops, no website limits, no annual billings. 

Start and end your hosting whenever you want to. 

There is no risk of actually trying it out, is there? But if you are a little overwhelmed already with managing your shared hosting account, you might not find Cloudways the right option for you. 

But then, most people with minimal technical knowledge would very quickly be able to use this platform.

Ishita Desai