Compare AdPlexity and Anstrex

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If you’re a business owner, hiring an expert may be the most important decision of your life. Here, you will have to think about everything before you invest your money into it.

In today’s competitive world, it’s important to have access to advertising intelligence that helps make informed decisions about how to spend your money on marketing and advertising campaigns. It does not matter how much you spend, you need to be wise when you are spending on marketing strategies.

There are two tools in the market that help you to save money when it comes to advertising – Adplexity and Anstrex. Both of these tools will help you understand if you are really wasting or investing your money in marketing. Make sure that you understand everything before you proceed to invest.

Features Comparison


Powerful database
Detailed Reports
Ad Complexity Score
Cost Per Acquisition
Pop-up Ads Data
Budget Allocation
Pricing Comparison

adplexity pricing

The pricing technique used by Adplexity is as follows: can use can depend on the company’s size, a number of campaigns, and budget.

The pricing of Adplexity is as follows:

– Free trial for up to 30 days

– One campaign per day = $399/month

– Two campaigns at once = $699/month

Adplexity’s pricing is a little bit more expensive than Anstrex, but they offer different features. Adplexity also has the option of charging based on number of impressions.

Talking about the trial period, AdPlexity offers a free trial, which is limited to 15 days.

anstrex pricing

This pricing technique used by Anstrex generally depends on the company’s size and a number of campaigns in their portfolio. For small-to-mid sized companies with less than five campaigns, they have three different plans that they allow users to take up:

– Starter plan, for a low budget and small number of campaigns

– Professional plan, with the possibility to add more than one campaign per day

– Enterprise plans, which allow you to get analytics features without any limits.

Anstrex offers a free trial period, which is limited to 15 days. After the trial period has passed, they charge $399 per month for one campaign and $599 monthly with two campaigns at once.


When it comes to customer service, AdPlexity is the clear winner. This company’s customer service can be very prompt and responsive in dealing with any inquiry you may have. Apart from that, it’s also possible to have access to an online live chat, which is available 24/ hours a day.

The customer service team of Anstrex can be contacted via mail or email at any time and they will get back within one business day. The company also has round-the-clock telephone support that you can take advantage of.

Anstrex offers a wide range of support channels including email, live chat, phone, or Skype; your choice!


adplexity additional information

Adplexity entered the market in the year 2009. It is owned by the company Adplexity and has a customer base of about 700 global customers. This tool uses artificial intelligence to help you with your campaigns.

It can track campaign performance in real time, spot trends that are happening around the world.

The benefits of using Adplexity are as follows:

– It can be used on Andriod, iOS and Windows devices.

– Adplexity is the first artificial intelligence software that has been developed for mobile advertising campaigns.

This tool will also help you in identifying your target audience by using machine learning algorithms to provide insights about their behaviour and interests.

anstrex additional information

Anstrex entered the market in the year 2010. It is owned by the company Vistex and is headquartered in New Jersey, USA. It has a customer base of about 300 global customers. This tool is useful for those who want to compare campaigns.

The benefits of using Anstrex are as follows:

– You can compare campaigns in real-time to identify the best performing campaign

– The dashboard of this software is easy and intuitive

– It saves you from spending your budget on something that is not worth it.


The AdPlexity vs Anstrex debate depends on what you’re looking for. If your priority is to save money then Adplexity may be the winner; if you are interested in a high level of customer service with detailed analytics, then it’s best for you to go for Anstrex.

Since both have trial periods, you can take advantage of that feature. This will help you to understand how each of the options functions.

AdPlexity, however, will always have a better edge than Anstrex, if you really want to understand things in depth.