Compare Anstrex and Adspy

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Advertising forms an important base for any business to gather a strong customer base. It is vital that a business makes the right choice and investment when it comes to advertising. To make this possible, there are advertising intelligence tools that exist.

As a business owner, you are constantly looking for the best way to increase your revenue. One of the quickest ways to do this is by investing in advertising intelligence tools. Anstrex and Adspy are two very popular options that you should consider before you start advertising on other platforms. In this blog post, we’ll look at some key differences between each tool so that you can decide which one is right for your needs! Make sure that you understand everything before you actually proceed to buying one.

Features Comparison


How successful advertisements have been in terms of clicks by their target audience
Can be used via browser and iOS/Android app
Identifies their target audience
Power to track competitors
Detailed Analytics reports
How many people are accessing websites or applications from different devices
Pricing Comparison

Here are the plans that Anstrex follows:

– Enterprise Plan – You pay $1500 for a monthly subscription

– Anstrex Professional – Costs you $795 per month. Comes with dashboard, search and audit features

– Anstrex Standard – It costs $75 dollars per month. Includes the same features as Anstrex Pro, but also includes some additional social media monitoring tools too!The trial period provided by Anstrex is for fourteen days.

– $25 for a monthly subscription

– An Adspy Pro plan will cost you $99 per month and include stats on Facebook ads, Twitter ads, Instagram Ads as well as Google adwords campaigns. It also includes an automated keyword tracking tool to find valuable keywords in your niche market!

When it comes to trial, Adspy does not provide any.


Anstrex provides a telephone number, an email address and a postal address for the customers to address their queries. So, it becomes easier for people to reach out to customer service in case they want urgent support.

An Adspy customer service is provided by email and live chat only but not phone! It does not offer 24/hour support too.

– Adspy offers a FAQ section

– An online self service portal for your ads reports is also available to you! The customer support by phone or email are free of charge too!


Anstrex entered the market in the year of 2000, so it has a huge head start when compared to Adspy. Anstrex is owned by by a company called Anstrex, Inc and they have not been in the market for long. The customer base of Anstrex is of about 500-1000 customers. Anstrex provides 24/hour customer support and it doesn’t cost anything!

The benefits of using Anstrex are as follows:

– zero investment

– no monthly subscriptions or fees for pro accounts

Anstrex does not offer any customization options when compared to Adspy. The Anstrex dashboard is user friendly and easy to use too! Anstrex doesn’t have an API set up either, which is a down side of it!

The drawbacks of using Anstrex are as follows:

– Anstrex does not offer any customization options

– No API set up either.

The customer service of Adspy is good and the dashboard too! The cost for using Adspy starts from $99 per month, which can be expensive too! It also has an annual payment plan as well that you could use if necessary!

Adsply entered the market in the year 2005 and since then it has been providing marketing data intelligence solutions to brands. The company offers a wide range of web-based tools for the marketers who want to monitor their campaigns, assess performance and generate reports.

Adsply is used by many agencies like OgilvyOne Worldwide, Grey New York. This tool has a customer base of over 1000 clients, which includes many Fortune 500 companies.

The benefits of using Adsply are as follows:

-Easy to manage and navigate

-Comprehensive data with global coverage of marketing campaigns, brands and ads. The dashboard too!

-Customized reports for clients based on their individual needs. These can be defined by the agencies themselves or they could request a customer service representative from Adsply to make this happen.

The downside of using Adsply are as follows:

-The way the reports are generated is not that straightforward.

-There aren’t many options for exporting data

Anstrex, on the other hand, has a dashboard which is easy to use and navigate with ease. They also have customized reporting capabilities which allow marketers to create custom reports based on their own requirements.


It is important that you take up the trial period before you decide on choosing one of the options only.

If you are new to this concept, you should choose Anstrex as it has more features and is easier to use.

If you are an expert user, choose Adspy because it has better features for the experts.

You could also do a cross-comparison of both tools before making your decision according to what suits your needs best.