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You will be overwhelmed by the numerous proxy providers who offer residential proxies on the market. There are many similarities between the two and they appeal to the same audience. When you examine them closely, you will see that there are differences between them that matter and could influence your purchasing decision.

Among the largest proxy providers on the market are Smartproxy and Bright Data. A variety of features and proxy types distinguish Bright Data as a market leader. Alternatively, Smartproxy focuses on providing value by rotating proxies. Here are the two, and let’s compare them to see which would be a better choice for you.

Features Comparison
Ideal for professional use
SERP tool
HTTPS+ SOCKS IP Protocol Supported
24/7 Customer Support
Peer-To-Peer Networks
Task Scheduling/Tracking
Social Media Monitoring
Fastest Response time
Pricing Comparison

Bright Data Residential Proxy

When it comes to pricing, BrightData has numrous plans to offer. Based on your use, you can decide which is the best plan for you.

Experimenting – $300/month
Starter – $500/month
Production – $1,000/month
Plus – $3,000/month
Enterprise – You will have to customize it according to your needs.

SmartProxy pricing

SmartProxy has a pocket-friendly pricing structure. However, it does compromise in giving some features that are beneficial for professional use. If you are a beginner, here are the pricing plans:

  • Micro – $75 Billed monthly + VAT
  • Starter – $200
    Billed monthly + VAT
  • Regular – $400
    Billed monthly + VAT

BrightData is known for its excellent customer service. It always puts its customers at #1 and resorts their problems as fast as they can. They have a live chat option which makes it convenient for users to get their problems solved.

SmartProxy offers 24/7 customer support and tries to give its best to its customers.


BrightData about

Bright Data offers unique and unrivaled technology to its trusted partners with 2,200+ granted patents. In addition to their SDK, we have developed the ability for application owners to opt-in voluntarily as peers by installing the SDK. The result is one of the few collaborative digital networks of its kind where both parties are fairly compensated.
A top priority for them is being ethical, law-abiding (GDPR and CCPA) and securing their network. Therefore, all their peer companies, partners, and clients are vetted thoroughly, and their networks are regularly checked by a mixture of automated and manual tests, as well as external audits.

SmartProxy about

Residential proxy networks like Smartproxy are among the best. There’s a good reason for that – it gives you access to more than 40 million IP addresses spread around 195+ locations. In terms of performance, Smartproxy has been able to prove itself to be the most reliable proxy provider. You might be interested to know that Smartproxy has a response time of 0.97 seconds, making it one of the fastest residential proxy services on the market.


If you’ve noticed, the main difference between BrightData and Smartproxy is that BrightData has more features compared to SmartProxy. Moreover, BrightData specializes in Residential Proxies, and you can find out more options with BrightData. For example, it provides a dedicated datacenter as well.

Both in terms of features and proxy types, Bright Data is considerably more flexible. On the other hand, it’s more expensive and complex to use.

How should you proceed? If you are looking for features for your use case, it would be best to check out Smartproxy. Although the difference in performance is small, the savings are considerable.

In that case, Bright Data is the better choice. Though you’ll have to pay more, it’ll be worth it.

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