Compare Elementor and Divi Builder

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Just like planning is required to construct a building, a website also needs to be built properly. Time needs to invested to get your website built. You will have to look out for options that can help you to set up the best website ever!

Designing a website on your own can be challenging, and it may seem like there is no end in sight. Elementor and Divi Builder are two visual builders that offer plenty of flexibility for site developers to personalize their design with ease. What sets these tools apart from one another? Which should you use when building a new website? Let’s take a look at everything you need to know before you choose an option. Make sure that you invest enough time to understand everything.

Features Comparison
Responsiveness for mobile devices
Widgets for social media
Wide range of layouts
No coding required
Pricing Comparison

elementor pro pricing

Elementor, being a free tool, is much easier to use for those who are just starting off. Elementor offers a yearly plan for $59. Elementor also has a lifetime license which is going to cost you $249. There are many other features that can be purchased separately, but the basic ones should suffice for most people’s needs.

divi builder pricing

Divi Builder would cost you more if bought individually, at least in comparison with Elementor. The pricing technique used by DiviBuilder is called a SaaS (Software as a Service) which means that you would have to pay $12.99 every month for the privilege of using it.

Divi Builder also offers discounts if purchased yearly, with an annual cost of $14.97 per month or just about $175 one time fee in comparison with Elementor’s monthly package.


When it comes to customer support, Elementor seems to have the upper hand. Elementor offers 24/hour live chat and email support. Also, Elementor’s customer support is available on the phone, and they are able to communicate in many languages. So, it does not matter which country do you belong to. It is a very old tool so you can expect them to be an expert at this.

Divi Builder only offers email contact for their customers through a ticket system which can take much longer to get a response from than Elementor’s fast live chat service or even quicker email responses. Divi Builder also responds via their social media. But again, you will have to have patience. Since it is a new product, they are still working out the kinks in order to provide you with a better service.



elementor pro additional features

Elementor entered the market in the year 2015 and has already made a name for itself. Elementor is used by over 12 million websites, including many high-profile ones such as Adidas, BBC America, Coca Cola or the New York Times. The customer base is of about 100k people.

divi builder additional information

Divi Builder is a relatively new player in the field of building websites. Divi builder was founded by Elegant Themes, henceforth known as ET. Elementor’s customer base has grown steadily since its launch and now stands at 100k people from around the world. Divi Builder entered the market in the year 2015 and has already built a customer base of 40k people. Elementor is much more popular among the customers, even though DiviBuilder’s offerings are better than that of Elementor Pro.


If you’re looking for a sound and visual builder, Elementor Pro is definitely better than Divi Builder. It has more features that can be customized based on what suits your needs best. Apart from being able to use it with WordPress, Elementor also works on other platforms like Magento, Shopify and Drupal. Elementor Pro is also less expensive with a price of $44 per year compared to Divi Builder’s $89 for the same features.

Divi Builder does have more templates available which may suit people who want something completely different than what Elementor has to offer in terms of design. For users who are new to e

Elementor has a nice interface and easy to use design. Elementor offers many useful elements that you can find in other visual builders, all for free. The builder is available on mobile devices as well which makes it easier to edit your website while still being away from the computer. Another advantage of using Elementor is that there

However, Divi Builder would be the best choice if you want more features and templates at your disposal. The pricing of Elementor can also be an issue but it has so many other advantages that it will not make sense for you to choose Divi Builder, which is more expensive.

With that being said, you should make sure that you take up a trial period. Elementor offers a 15-day free trial for new users and Divi Builder has a 14 day trial period. You will have enough time to understand the difference between both of them and you will also be able to choose one of them.