Compare KWFinder and Long Tail Pro

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If you are new in the market, it is important that you stand out. You must act smartly when it comes to publishing content on your website. No doubt, you can come up with your own ideas, but you also need to make sure that it reaches the audience. This will only happen if you use certain keywords that relate to the topic that you have chosen.

Are you wondering which keyword tool is the best? There are numerous tools that exist to help you out with this task. The two top tools that can help you to take care of this aspect are KWFinder and Long Tail Pro.

Do you find yourself in a dilemma where KWFinder seems to be better than Long Tail Pro, but Long Tail Pro has some features that are not offered by KWFinder? Well, this blog post will help you solve your problem! You can use both tools and get the best of both worlds, or you can make a smart choice.

Features Comparison
User-friendly interface
Save your keywords for later
Finds relevant keywords
Auto generation of excel file of keywords
Estimation of keyword difficulty
Pricing Comparison

The pricing strategy used by KWFinder is very similar to the one used by Long Tail Pro. The only difference, which might be a big one for you, is that KWFinder offers a free plan with limited access to some of their features and upsells afterwards.

There are a number of plans to choose from, the cheapest of which is $49 per month.

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to Long Tail Pro, then KWFinder might be your best bet as it offers more features than any other similar tool on the market and this at an affordable price point.

The pricing strategy used by Long Tail Pro is as follows: There is a free plan and then there are two paid plans.

The cheapest of those is $37 per month, which offers access to the long-tail pro’s powerful features such as Google Rank Tracker, Keyword Research Tool with an unlimited number of keywords, Automatic Article Creator with five different templates – all designed for SEO purposes. Apart from this, users can also use the paid plan as a trial before they decide to buy it.


When it comes to customer support, KWFinder offers a little more than Long Tail Pro, as it also has phone and chat support. KWFinder has different social media profiles which are regularly updated. You can also reach out to them there for your problems.

When it comes to customer support, Long Tail Pro offers phone and chat support only, which is quite less than KWFinder. However, they are updating their social media profiles regularly so you can reach out to them there for your problems.


KWFinder entered the market in the year 2011 and since then, it has been one of the most used tools to rank websites. This SEO tool is owned by Paul Kurniawan and it has a lot of features which make this tool unique. It has a customer base of over 400K and they have a monthly customer retention rate of 98%.

Here are some benefits of using KWFinder

long-tail keywords and find relevant content – One of the most powerful features of this tool is that it helps you to leverage on long tail keywords which can help you in finding more relevant content.

This tool also provides SEO tools, keyword suggestions, etc. for your website and they are completely free!

Long Tail Pro entered the market in 2010, but even then it was one of the most popular tools to rank websites on search engines like Google. This SEO tool is owned by Spencer Haws and has a customer base of about 40K. The monthly customer retention rate of this tool is also very high and it is about 99%.

The benefits of using Long Tail Pro are that it provides a keyword research facility, which can help you get more relevant content for your website. Plus, the SEO tools in this software will give you an idea on how to improve your site within a short period of time.


So what tool do we recommend? If you want a good customer service with all the necessary features of an SEO

Long Tail Pro is more affordable than KWFinder, but it doesn’t offer live chat and phone support. Moreover, Long Tail Pro has a free plan with limited features for those who want to test the app before they invest in it. On the other hand, KWFinder offers both paid plans

Apart from the difference in customer service offered by both of these tools, they are pretty much on an equal footing when you compare them with each other.

Make sure that you take up the trial of each tool. KWFinder provides a trial period of 14 days, while Long Tail Pro offers a free trial too for 14 days.