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Features Comparison

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Pricing Comparison

While choosing premium proxies, one needs to choose to pay for the right platform to not face any inconvenience in the future. Oxylabs and NetNut both are some of the most well-known proxy platforms in the market, and by personal experience after using both, in this article, we will do a comparison of Oxylabs vs NetNut so that you can choose the best one for yourself.

Make sure that you read this Oxylabs vs Netnut article properly before you directly jump on to buying both of them.


You must know a gist about each platform before you proceed to compare Oxylabs vs NetNut to find out the best one for you.

Oxylabs is one of the big sharks of the proxy markets and is also known to be one of the best premium proxy providers for businesses. Oxylabs provides almost 100 million residential IPs. It is the largest proxy pool out of all the providers. Oxylabs residential proxies cover all countries and most cities in the world. It also provides you with the feature of ASN filtering. 

oxylabs vs netnut: oxylabs homepage

If you choose the rotating option, the rotation settings range from each request to 30 minutes, and if you need a consistent identity, you can opt for a pool of 100k static residential IPs. You can authenticate the proxies using user: pass authentication or whitelisted IP authorization. The only limitation of Oxylabs is that it does not support the SOCKS5 protocol. 

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Gathering data online is a valuable practice for thousands of companies worldwide. Still, in most cases, data collection activities can be easily spotted and feeding you with inaccurate data or even end up getting you blocked from simply accessing it. This is where residential proxies come into play. 

oxylabs vs netnut: netnut homepage

NetNut residential proxies are the best solution for getting that precious data with minimum blocks. NetNut proxy network includes millions of superfast residential proxies worldwide hiding your IP address and going around any geo-restricted content. Hence, you can collect data from all search engines, track keywords and search results, compare pricing from multiple vendors like flight tickets and eCommerce products or web scripts for changes on product pricing, and the list goes on. 

With the features like CLASS A anonymity, unlimited concurrent session, and a guarantee for premium IPs, only data collection using NetNut have become much safer and faster.

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Unique Features

  • Oxylabs

Users can run any number of sessions using the IPs provided and use them to target any number of websites. The residential proxies provided by Oxylabs include mobile IPs as well.

They provide a whopping 70 million residential proxies due to which users can keep switching between any location while searching for extracting the information. Oxylabs not only covers all the countries but all the cities as well

Oxylabs has the multi-user option, which means that by subscribing to this platform several users can use it for searching the information.

Oxylabs provides you with the self-service dashboard that helps you see your detailed proxy usage statistics, it also enables you to whitelist your IP. 

Oxylabs provides a web scraping tool known as the real-time crawler. This tool is meant to search and find the data from search engines and e-commerce websites. 

Oxylabs provide you with non-rotating proxies that come from ISPs. This gives you both data center and residential proxies. 

It provides one-hop connectivity with no dependency on the end-user. It has 24×7 IP connectivity  

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  • NetNut

It is known to have the fastest proxy speeds than the other platforms. It helps you switch your location with the help of chrome extension at a never seen before speed.

There is no need to depend upon the exit nodes connectivity  

There are no-fail rates seen until now, the platform provides you all the information that you wish to extract without any inconvenience while searching. It provides you access to the entire web and search engines. 

It also has completely private proxy tools. Which are completely optimized to make sure a higher success rate and faster search.

Whether your requirement is SEO, social media, ad verification, price comparison, brand protection or any such activity the NetNut proxy provider does all of it.  

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Customer Support

As a customer, the most important thing for you to see is how you have been treated when you go with your problems. Here is the customer support of Oxylabs vs NetNut.

  • Oxylabs

They have an excellent team of account managers available for you 24×7 via the email support option. All the queries are responded to personally and reasonably. Oxylabs ensures that every customer of theirs is satisfied with the information they are provided. All the customers have positive reviews about the customer support provided by this platform as it is not only very helpful but also very instantaneous.

  • NetNut

NetNut proxy providers do not have live chat customer support on their website. Instead of this facility, it has the skype chat option enabled on its website. When you become an authorized user of NetNut, they provide you an account manager, and a standard skype chat is provided for both. 

The manager responds as soon as there is any query from the customer; their team is quick enough to respond.

If the skype chat option does not work correctly or the team takes some time to respond, they can contact them through the email service. The customer support team responds quickly here as well.

Hence, users face no issues regarding the customer service helpline as it is available 24×7 and fast.  

  • Oxylabs

The proxies of Oxylabs are dedicated and not shared with any platform, ensuring total security and safety while browsing. One of the best features of Oxylabs is it provides high speed while maintaining the safety and security of browsing.

  • NetNut

It has new security called proxy in the box that allows law enforcement and other entities. It helps collect alternative data, which is the hidden data that is not available over the internet. A smooth and efficient traffic flow is ensured, there is interruption-free service, their wide range of access solutions reduce the threat of cyber attacks on the website hence keeping it away from dangers like hacking.


Pricing is the vital thing that needs to be taken into consideration when you have to decide to purchase something. Here is the pricing of Oxylabs vs NetNet.

  • Oxylabs

Oxylabs provides the following four pricing plans

1)The Starter Plan –  $300/month, includes 20 GB of traffic.

2)The Business Plan – $600/month, includes 50 GB of traffic.

3)The Corporate Plan – $900/month, includes 100 GB of traffic.

4)The Enterprise Plan – $5000/month, includes 1TB+ of traffic.

The additional features that come along with this plan are

  1. Advice on target scraping
  2. Sticky sessions
  3. Flexible rotation options
  4. Three sub-users
  5. Ten whitelisted IPS
  • NetNut

NetNut provides you with a free trial of 7 days, after which you need to go ahead with the following price plans,

1)The Custom Plan – $300/month.

2)The Entrepreneur Plan – $475/month. 

3)The Professional Plan – $700/month.

4)The Professional+ Plan -$1250/month.  

5) The Master Plan – $3500/month. 

6) The Master Plan – $5000/month.

Pros and Cons

This Oxylabs vs NetNet article will be incomplete without specifying the Pros and Cons of each option.


Oxylabs NetNut
Geo-targeting  – This platform not only allows you to choose countries from which you will use your proxies, but also you can choose a city from which you can use your proxy. User friendly- The proxies of NetNut are straightforward to be used and set up. As the users are also in touch with the account manager, the task becomes faster and easier.
An extensive collection of IP and location has around 30 million residential proxies and over 2 million data center pools of brokers. As a part of their marketing strategy, they give a free seven-day trial to their customers, granting them access to all their features along with unlimited usage.
The free trial and refund policy is one of the pros since most of the premium proxy providers don’t give both of these options to their users.  Extension of chrome- NetNut provides you with an extension for chrome, making the setting of proxies very easy. Without an extension, switching locations becomes a hectic job, and hence this feature is very favorable


Oxylabs NetNut
The customer support is only through emails, and there is no live chat or skype chat option, which might be slightly inconvenient for users. The only limitation of NetNut is its expensive pricing. Their first plan itself costs $300. 


These were the most used premium proxy providers; both have their advantages and disadvantages. You can select one of your residential proxy options by referring to the above article as it has almost everything you need to know about both platforms.

At the end of this Oxylabs vs Netnut comparison, you should be able to only come down to one of the options. This is so that firstly, you can save money and secondly, there is no need for you to waste money for the same purpose on two different things. Either of the services will work wonders for you if you choose wisely. Make sure that either of the services is available in the city or country you live in. Also, make sure that you see their social media platforms before you choose one of them.

If you want the best, you might want to go for Oxylabs. The performance of this service has an upper edge when compared to NetNut. If you compare the success rates, you will see that Oxylabs can be a better thing to go for. The only upper edge NetNut has is that it has a dedicated account manager that makes its performance better. It is a more reliable software to choose from when it comes to residential proxies.

Make sure that you see the pricing plans before you select one. See which is the price at which you will get value for money.

We hope this article helped you. Please leave your feedback in the comment section.

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