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Disclosure: Content is free. When you buy through links on this site, We may earn affiliate commission. Learn More. and DigitalOcean are cloud infrastructures that let you build your IT products and help to create many IT service solutions.

Both of them are similar kinds of platforms yet very different. There is a constant drift between which one to select from the two. 

Are you perplexed about choosing one of them too? Do you wish to open an online mart but not specific on which platform? Then, Relax; I am here to help you get the best cloud server.

I am going to walk you through a detailed distinction between the two. Then, you can select anyone according to your suitability. After going through this article, you will choose the best cloud infrastructure for your use case.

So, let’s get started with putting forward specific parameters that will help you determine the best option for ServerSpace vs. DigitalOcean.

Features Comparison
Pricing Comparison

They provide you the option of live chat and voice calls to solve all your queries. Free tutorials can assist you with a lot of functioning, and with it, you can also learn how to set up the servers and manage them well without any difficulty.

DigitalOcean does not provide you the facility of phone calls or chats. If you want to contact them, it is only via forums. Also, they charge costs for the services and aren’t good enough to support the customers. And customer support is all we need to have with a cloud hosting system.

CONCLUSION is a cloud hosting provider that focuses primarily on VPS hosting. So, if you are looking for another hosting with excellent servers, DigitalOcean provides you to run java-based web hosting. It will provide you more freedom to create your droplets and get you more features and freedom; furthermore, if you do not want shared data, ServerSpace will best suit you. 

In case you are still confused, you can request a trial of both platforms. Such a method will help you to narrow down when you have to choose between the two.

So, if you want to experience the best of the best, get ServerSpace and get the best services. There is no confusion when it comes to gathering the result of ServerSpace vs. DigitalOcean – you know which is the best.

Deploy a Server on ServerSpace Now
Deploy a Server on DigitalOcean Now

serverspace vs digitalocean is a cloud infrastructure for startups, Devops and SysAdmins.

This tool allows you to have certain features that are needed in building your computing infrastructure. With its fast working quality and secure reliability, the platform runs very smoothly. Its cloud VPS servers are smart enough because a reliable platform is what we are looking for these days.
With the assistance of this platform, you can access it 99% of the time and run the programs and apps smoothly. It will keep all your data encrypted so that you can work with ease on your cloud storage.

Deploy a Server on ServerSpace Now


DigitalOcean is a company that puts all the main focus on helping the developers in their works. This platform assists them in launching the applications in a more secure, fast, and easy way. The company has grown from ashes and has been reaching out to the customers well.

digitalocean homepage

The company mainly aims at developing solid-state drive {SSD} for the users, making it reliable and friendly for them to use. With DigitalOcean, the clients can easily send and receive the files from the cloud and multiply their wealth efficiently.

It is reliable to use as you can enhance your work productivity, along with practical and high-quality speed. It does not matter how many users use the platform – it will store the data securely.

Deploy a Server on DigitalOcean Now

Standard Features – ServerSpace vs. DigitalOcean

Control Panel 


Even if you are not a technical IT person, the control panel’s user interface is still easy for you to use.

Adding servers, storage, RDP, and networking services in the control panel is user-friendly. You can also manage all your work, within a few clicks, in just one place.

The operating system of the cloud servers can also be determined based on your usage. Dashboard has the option to monitor the usage and performance of your cloud servers without any extra step.

Deploy a Server on ServerSpace Now


digitalocean dashboard

When are you in an environment of hosting the web? Who wants to move from clicks to clicks? The control panel of DigitalOcean allows you an environment to perform all actions in one place, at a single point in time. You can also download the software added to the server if you want to. The speed, however, is fast and usable and cost-friendly.

Deploy a Server on DigitalOcean Now

Expandable and Fast Storage allows you to have storage based upon the size you demand or need. Its quality to expand storage is applausive, as it provides you speed and offers you the suitable applications.

Deploy a Server on ServerSpace Now


expanding storage in digitalocean

With DigitalOcean, you can expand up to 16TB of storage with the SSD. If you want to expand the storage, you will have to expand the filesystem first. And add to it, you will need first to stop the server from expanding the storage and then reboot to see the size of the volume.

Deploy a Server on DigitalOcean Now

Up-to-date Hardware 

Xeon gold CPUs, along with NVMe SSDs, are implemented in the software, and it is known that performance is what matters the most when it comes to services. It enhances the speed of processing data and transfers it successfully.   


Linux-based Virtual machines, virtualized hardware runs on DigitalOcean. It has a droplet, which is the same as a CPU, RAM. The allocated resources depend upon the droplet plan you choose for yourself. It also enhances the wide variety of workloads and focuses on memory.

Unique features 

  • You’re charged on an hourly basis for your services. 
  • Even after deployment, configurations are easy to access or modify. 
  • 99% guaranteed agreements on the availability of infrastructure. 
  • The CPUs and NVMe Solid State Drive work faster than average. 
Deploy a Server on ServerSpace Now


  • A variety of services is available for all the networking and storage for your applications. 
  • To expand the volume, CMS, eCommerce, and web application type frameworks are available. 
  • Flat pricing structures, with no additional cost, know prior for what you are paying. 
  • Virtual machines allow you to learn the content of the technology topics and optimize them. 
Deploy a Server on DigitalOcean Now

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Cloud services are considered safer and secure than any other data protectors.

You can use block encryption algorithms to send the data to users. All the files on your cloud, the content, everything available will be protected and shielded with the smart firewall. The paid version of the cloud allows you to protect the name of the files, and you can work with it efficiently.


DigitalOcean allows you to have two-factor authentication so that you have the choice to select between SMS and Applications. If you don’t have access to your mobile phones, you can enable the backup method easily. With SSH keys, you can log in with security in your droplet and tame it accordingly. It has very tight security. Even if the attacker has your password, they still won’t access the files because they can’t have access to your phones.            


The pricing plans available in are more flexible, you can customize the template, RAM, SSD, Bandwidth, CPU, etc you can pay for your customized plan. also provides some predefined pricing schemes with that they also offer us unlimited and free data transferring facilities.  

Few Predefined Pricing Plans : 

[table id=”1″ /]

This plan is for Ubuntu 20.04 X64 Template and Amsterdam location. There are few more Templates available in like Debian 10.7 X64, CentOS 7.9 X64, Ubuntu 18.04 X64, FreeBSD 12.2 X64, Windows Server 2019 Std X64 ans CentOS 8.3 X64. And also for a few more locations like New Jersey, Almaty, Moscow, and Kuala Lumpur (Upcoming Location). There is a price difference for each location and template available. 

Deploy a Server on ServerSpace Now


Regular Intel with SSD 

  1. $5.00 per month, 1 GB CPU, 25GB SSD Disk, 1000 GB transfer
  2. $15.00 per month, 2 GB 2 CPU, 50 GB SSD Disk, 2TB Transfer
  3. $20.00 per month, 4 GB 2 CPUs, 160GB SSD Disk, 5TB Transfer
  4. $80.00 per month, 16 GB 8 CPUs, 320 GB, SSD Disk, 6 TB Transfer

Premium Intel and AMD with NVMe SSD 

  1. $6.00 per month, 1GB 1 Intel CPU, 25 GB NVMe SSDs, 1000 GB Transfer
  2. $12.00 per month, 2 GB, 1 Intel CPU, 50 GB NVMe SSDs, 2TB transfer
  3. $18.00 per month, 2 GB, 2 Intel CPUs, 60 GB NVMe SSDs, 3TB Transfer
  4. $24.0 per month, 4 GB 2 Intel CPUs, 80 GB NVMe SSDs, 4 TB Transfer
  5. $48.00 per month, 8 GB, 4 Intel CPUs, 160 GB NVMe SSDs, 5 TB Transfer
  6. $96.00 per month, 16 GB 8 Intel CPUs, 320 GB NVMe SSDs, 6 TB Transfer
Deploy a Server on DigitalOcean Now

Pros and Cons 


  1. Easy to set up. 
  2. DNS hosting is free of cost, and conditions may vary. 
  3. 1Pv4 address is available per server. 


  1. The UI is a bit complicated so newbies will face initial problems using it.
  2. It accepts payment in only Euros. For USD payments, you can visit the US version of the website,



  1. Carriers of the network transit are great.
  2. Super-fast quality to visit the consumers. 
  3. Servers like Samsung SSDs and Dell Rack are used. 


  1. Documentation takes a lot of time to upgrade.