Compare WP Astra and OceanWP

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The theme of your WordPress site will certainly be one of the factors to focus upon. If you really want customers to stay, then you probably need to spend some time deciding the look of your site.

Choosing the right theme for your website is important, and it can be hard to decide what you need. WP Astra or OceanWP? Which one should you choose? The answer depends on what you’re looking for. With WP Astra, your website will have a more traditional design with a lot of features built-in. You’ll also get access to many pre-made layouts that are easy to customize. On the other hand, OceanWP has a modern design and focuses on simplicity. It’s perfect if you want something simple but still professional!

If you’re not sure which WordPress theme is best for your business, we recommend giving both WP Astra and OceanWP a try before making any decisions!

Features Comparison


Pre-made Layouts
Option of Customizing Features
Modern Design
Powerful Design Options
Drag-And-Drop Builder
Pricing Comparison


wpastra pricingWP Astra has pricing plans that start from as low as $89. This plan will come with a premium theme and support. Apart from that, there is one more plan that WP Astra provides which is a pro plan. This plan will come with more customization options, and also support.

oceanwp pricing

OceanWP starts from as low as $139 which includes the drag-and-drop builder too. It also has over 50 prebuilt themes, but WP Astra is much cheaper than this option in terms of pricing plans. If you want an affordable WordPress theme, WP Astra is the best option.


The customer support provided by WP Astra is very helpful. If you want to contact WP Astra, there are different ways of doing that for example, phone number or email. The response time WP Astra provides is also very quick. When it comes to the option of live chat, WP Astra doesn’t have that option, but WP Astra has a blog where it answers questions.

OceanWP doesn’t have an official customer support team available at the moment but their ticketing system is open 24/365 and they provide a lot of information on how to use it. They do not have any live chat option too. The only way to contact them is by email or by their social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.


wpengine additional information

WP Astra theme is very easy to use and their documentation provides a lot of information on how the theme works. Make sure you read the documentation and follow their instructions.

WP Astra is one of the best WordPress themes for your website because it provides a lot of features to make you stand out on search engines, which means more traffic and potential customers! WP Astra also has amazing customer support that will help you with any problems or questions. You should try asking them for a trial period.

OceanWP also has an extensive FAQ section that covers different topics in-depth which WP Astra doesn’t have.

OceanWP also has a lot of child themes, which WP Astra doesn’t have.

Plus, Ocean WP is compatible with WooCommerce – so if you want to sell products online you can use this theme!

You might struggle to get a trial period opportunity from them but it is certainly worth the wait.


A website’s theme plays an important role in making it stand out from other websites. Compare WP Astra and OceanWP to help you make a decision! The WP Astra has a much bigger community of designers that provides high-quality themes and plug-ins which all are free to download from the WordPress directory.

OceanWP is also a very good alternative if you want to have an affordable theme for your website or blog, but it doesn’t offer as many features as WP Astra.

Rather than the pricing, we would recommend that you focus on the features. WP Astra is best for users who want to have a lot of customization options, but it can be hard to find that perfect design. OceanWP offers only one customizable template and pre-designed layouts which are not as flexible or beautiful as WP Astra themes although the price is much cheaper.

Make sure that you always take advantage of the trial period that you get. Explore all of the features and then narrow them down to only one option.