Compare WPEngine and Kinsta

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Many people are not aware that there is a significant difference between hosting WP sites on Kinsta and WPEngine. While they offer similar services, the two companies have different philosophies and approaches to how they host websites. If you’re looking for a new provider for your WordPress site, this blog post will help you decide which company is best suited for your needs.

Features Comparison


Bandwidth Allowance
Network Uptime Guarantee
Managed Security
Immediate Disaster Recovery
24/365 Customer Service
HIPAA compliant hosting solutions
Pricing Comparison

wpengine pricing

  • WP Engine Startup plan: $35 per month for one WordPress website, 10 GB of storage, 25,000 visitors per month, and 50 GB of bandwidth.

kinsta pricing

  • Starter Plan starts at $30/month
  • The professional plan starts at $90/month
  • Business Pro package starting price is negotiable depending on your needs. They have a three year contract with an upfront fee of 20% for the first 12 months, and then you can cancel anytime after that without penalty. There are no contracts or hidden fees!

WP Engine is known for having stellar customer support. Round-the-clock live chat support for any sales questions you might have. They provide 24/7 phone support for sales questions. There is a User Portal support for any technical hosting or WordPress issues. They also have a dedicated Billing Support section for addressing your account concerns

Customer support is also handled 24/365. With a ticket system that automatically assigns agents in order of the number and urgency, they can usually get to you with one business day. Kinsta also has an online chat features for immediate assistance, something I really liked!


wpengine additional information

Founded in 2010 in Austin, TX, WP Engine is a company that offers managed WordPress hosting.Built on world-class network infrastructure,stant innovation with a customer-centric approach to product development. WP Engine is headquartered in Austin, Texas, and has offices in Brisbane, Australia; Limerick, Ireland; London, England; Omaha, Nebraska; San Antonio, Texas and San Francisco, Calif.

kinsta additional information

It is based in Los Angeles and London that stresses Kinsta Unique with a Dedicated secure and scalable server infrastructure .The company touts some major corporate clients: Instagram, the UN and other entities.

The company has a history of being an early adopter when it comes to new technologies that have yet to even be released publicly.

Kinsta offers some great tools for developers such as PHP-FPM with Nginx, Redis cache buffers in front of MySQL and NGINX server push (I love this one!).


If you’re a business owner or developer who builds websites, but doesn’t want the hassle of managing hosting then WP Engine is also an excellent choice. You can just focus on developing content while we take care of all those pesky things like security patches and backups so that your site stays up.

WPEngine offers one-click staging deployments (so developers don’t have to do them manually), automatic backups with daily offsite storage in multiple data centers, plugin/theme updates pushed when they’re released by the original author(s) – which means there’s no more manual upgrades!

Kinsta offers fast, reliable managed hosting with a personalized and supportive customer service. Although the Kinsta pricing is in line with other providers, the monthly price is what’s important to keep in mind.

If you are looking for a hosting company that is reliable, has excellent customer service, and offers the newest technology at competitive prices then look no further. Kinsta is the perfect solution! Whether you are an individual blogger or run a large business website, Kinsta can meet all of your needs to deliver fast loading pages and top security features.

I recommend Kinsta for those who are looking for a reliable and fast hosting service with personalized customer support.