20+ Best Fashion Affiliate Networks for Passive Income


Running your fashion website or blog is something that requires a lot of dedication. You must have an affiliation network when you are running your fashion blog. So, you will get a product to promote and in return, you will receive a commission. If you are a blogger and are looking for an opportunity to earn some revenue, this is the best option you might want to think of. If you do it the right way, it might help you to cover most of your expenses!

To begin, you must first register yourself on an affiliate network as an affiliate. You can then select the products you want to promote via advertising on your website. 

If you have no prior experience, it does not matter. Affiliated marketing is suitable for beginners as well. This practice can act as a strong income source for you. 

20 Fashion Affiliate Networks You Must Consider

You can first try choosing affiliate programs that can help you earn a commission. Let us begin with those first.

#1. RewardStyle


RewardStyle is one of the options you might consider for fashion-affiliated programs. It has been set up by an influencer who guarantees that you will earn a commission here. If you are trying to apply here, you might want to work on the following parameters:

  • Your history as an influencer
  • Why do you want to be a part of RewardStyle, what is your mission?
  • What are your business goals?

Reasons why you should join RewardStyle Affiliate. 

  • Aims at increasing the level of monetization opportunities and helps in building long0lasting connections and bonds
  • Commission lies between 5-15%
  • The cookie duration is 30 days

#2. Newchic 

fashion affiliate networks

You can think of Newchic as one of the most preferred fashion affiliated programs. You can get an opportunity to gain more than 50 commissions on the sales that are made in total. Moreover, you will get a free subscription here!

Reasons why you should join NewChic 

  • 18% of the sales commission offered during the first month of affiliate marketing. Sometimes even 50% per sale is offered!
  • The user interface is friendly to use 
  • There is a 30 days cookie period

#3. Eddie Bauer

fashion affiliate networks

Here, you will get the finest quality of clothing. The clothing style offered is of a completely wide range! If you want to become a member here, you need to register yourself on Impact Radius. 

Reasons for joining Eddie Bauer affiliate

  • Premium customer care offered
  • Innovative designs and styles of the company
  • Allows individuals to earn a fixed percentage of commission

#4. Zaful 


This is a popular affiliate program that enables people to earn more than 30% commission. The influencer gets exclusive brand coupons and also free clothes. All you need to do is review them!

Reasons to join Zaful

  • It only demands an active social media account
  • 10% commission offered
  • Cookies duration is about 30 days
  • Free clothes and accessories

#5. Shopstyle Collective 


As an influencer, you can earn a large percentage of sales. This organization provides users with better analytics. The main motto of the company is to build content and relationships. 

Reasons to join Shopstyle Collective 

  • Provides complete transparency for the influencers’ commission
  • The only affiliate program that discards all questions in regards to affiliated earnings

#6. ModCloth 

fashion affiliate networks

On ModCloth, you will find a variety of collection of decor and fashion products. Within 48 hours, the marketer can expect a confirmation from the affiliate marketing portal. 

Reasons to join ModCloth 

  • 5% commission per sale
  • Simple user interface with proper assistance
  • Discounts also available
  • 30 days cookie period

#7. Lane Bryant 

lane bryant

As an influencer, you can earn a commission by referring people to the site.  

Reasons to join Lane Bryant

  • Easy to join where there is a supportive team to help you out
  • Easy and fast payouts
  • Transparency to help you understand the process easily
  • About 4% commission pay per sale

#8. Nordstrom 

fashion affiliate networks

Nordstrom is both online and offline. Apart from fashion, it also has an option to market makeup, jewelry, and shoes. 

Reasons to join Nordstrom 

  • Provide creative banners
  • Account easy to set up
  • 2-20% commission every sale

#9. Harrods 


Harrods is a luxurious brand you might want to affiliate with. This is a UK lifestyle brand. There is a healthy and regular competition.

Reasons to join Harrods 

  • 5.99% commission available
  • Cokie duration of 30 days
  • The affiliates can get a regular subscription to newsletters and other exclusive content

#10. Urban Outfitters 

This brand has over 200 stores around the US, Canada, and Europe. All you need to is promote their products!

Reasons to join Urban Outfitters 

  • Commission up to 5% is given
  • As an affiliate, you can get up to date with the trends in the market
  • The commission is given on every successful purchase

#11. Just My Size 

One of the best fashion affiliate networks is Just My Size. You are not too thin or too healthy for an affiliate program when it comes to being an affiliate for Just My Size. Size is no more an excuse!

Reasons to join Just My Size 

  • It does not cost you anything, yet it pays you a commission that is 4%
  • There will certainly be guidance offered to you to help you set up your website.

Now, let us move on to the trusted fashion affiliate networks to earn more money!

#12. Amazon Associates 

amazon associates

We all know what Amazon is. Amazon also offers an affiliate program for the ones who have their own blog or website. You just need to create product links and share them

Reasons to join Amazon Associates 

  • Payment made within 6o days ay the ned of each month
  • The rate of commission varies from 1% to 10%

#13. eBay Partner Network 


eBay is another platform you can use. The eBay affiliating partner is free and easy to join. 

Reasons to join eBay Affiliate Network 

  • A commission rate of 1-5% on its products
  • The payout frequency is once on the 10th of every month

#14. ShareSale


Another well-known affiliate network is ShareASale. More than 4800 merchants exist in many niche industries. 

Reasons to join ShareSale 

  • Signing up is free – only an active website or blog is required
  • The minimum threshold for payment is $50

#15. FlexOffers

As an affiliate, you have access to a large number of advertisers and publishers. The products that are provided are both physical and digital. Physical products are clothing, electronics, and automotive. Digital products are financial, insurance, and legal services. 

Reasons to join FlexOffers

  • The payout frequency is monthly
  • Commission rates differ as decided by the advertisers

#16. Awin


Awin has over 250000 affiliates. It was previously known as Zanox. It is a global marketplace. 

Reasons to join Awin

  • Uses PayPal to send out monthly payments
  • It pays out its affiliates even when the customers fill out any form or subscribe through emails

#17. CJ Affiliate 

fashion affiliate network

It was first known as Commission Junction Affiliates. It generally promotes high-quality products.

Reasons to join CJ Affiliate 

  • Pays within 20 days once a month
  • Commission rates are decided by the advertisers

#18. Viglink

Here is another best fashion affiliate network. This is another option you might want to consider. You do not necessarily need to sign up with their network.

Reasons to join Viglink 

  • 75% of the revenue goes to the affiliate’s pocket
  • Setting up VigLink is as easy as adding a line of code to your website source

#19. PepperJam


It is one of the transparent fashion affiliate networks out there. All of the ratings are transparent. 

Reasons to join PepperJam

  • Quick and easy to sign up on
  • Payments made via PayPal

#20. AdTraction


One of the most reliable fashion affiliate networks is Adtraction. The company has over 65000 affiliates!

Reasons to join AdTraction

  • Offers quick and easy signup process
  • Ability to customize the links to fit your content
  • The minimum payout threshold is 10 GPB where payouts are made monthly. 


You might want to apply to two or three places for the pos of an affiliate. Out of 3, you would get selected in one at least, right?

If you are new to this, you might first want to choose from the top 11 options that have been put forward. After that, you can move on to the next.