12+ Free Stock Images Sites In The Market


In today’s digital age, having access to high-quality images is crucial for businesses, bloggers, and creatives to visually communicate their messages effectively. However, purchasing professional images can be costly, especially for small businesses and individuals with limited budgets. That’s where free stock image sites come in handy.

Fortunately, numerous websites on the internet offer free stock images for personal and commercial use, saving both time and money for those in need of images. From landscapes to food to fashion, these sites offer a variety of images for almost any project.

In this article, we will explore 12+ free stock image sites that provide high-quality images and illustrations without the need for attribution. Whether you’re creating a website, designing a brochure, or writing a blog post, these sites will have something for you. Let’s dive in and explore the different features and benefits of each of these sites.

All You Need To Know About Licenses

When it comes to using images in your creative projects, it’s important to understand image licenses. An image license is a legal agreement between the owner of an image and the person or company who wants to use it. The license outlines the terms and conditions of how the image can be used, including any restrictions or requirements for attribution.

There are two main types of image licenses: royalty-free and rights-managed. Royalty-free images are images that can be used for multiple projects without paying additional fees, while rights-managed images require payment for each use or have specific limitations on how they can be used.

Royalty-free licenses are popular because they allow for more flexibility in how the image can be used. However, it’s important to note that even with a royalty-free license, there may be restrictions on how the image can be used. For example, the license may limit the number of copies that can be made or require attribution to the original creator.

Rights-managed licenses, on the other hand, provide more control over the use of an image. These licenses typically have more specific terms and conditions, such as a limited duration or a restriction on the geographic location in which the image can be used. Rights-managed licenses are often used for commercial purposes, such as in advertising campaigns or on products.

With a rights-managed license, the buyer must negotiate the terms of the license with the owner of the image, which may include the scope of usage, the duration of use, and the geographic location where the image will be used. The price of the license is typically based on factors such as the intended use of the image, the duration of use, and the geographic location.

Another type of image license is the extended license, which provides additional rights beyond those included in the standard license. For example, an extended license may allow the buyer to use an image on products that are for resales, such as t-shirts or mugs.

It’s important to note that even if an image is labeled as “royalty-free,” it still requires a license for commercial use. Royalty-free simply means that the buyer pays a one-time fee for the license rather than paying a royalty every time the image is used.

Top 12+ Free Stock Image Sites


Pixabay is a large and user-friendly online repository that provides a wide range of high-quality photos, illustrations, and vectors. All of the over 780,000 images available on the site are released under the Creative Commons CC0 license, which means that they can be used for both personal and commercial projects without any attribution required. The website is designed to be easy to use, with a clean and intuitive layout that makes it simple to navigate through the extensive library of images.

One of the standout features of Pixabay is its powerful search function, which enables users to filter their queries based on factors such as media type, orientation, color, and minimum dimensions. This makes it easy to quickly find the perfect image to suit your needs. Additionally, the site offers a comprehensive set of license details, so users can be sure they understand the terms of use for any image they download.

Whether you are looking for images to use in a design project, an article, an advertisement, or any other creative endeavor, Pixabay is an excellent resource for finding free stock photos. With such a vast collection of high-quality images available, users are sure to find just what they need to bring their ideas to life.


Pexels is a popular stock photo website that provides a vast collection of free high-quality images that are handpicked from various sources. This careful selection of images ensures that users only have access to the best of the best. Additionally, all the images on Pexels are available under the Creative Commons Zero license, which means that they are free to use for both personal and commercial purposes, without any attribution required.

The Pexels website is designed with user experience in mind. The interface is clean and straightforward, making it easy for users to search for the perfect image for their project. The site’s search functionality enables users to filter their search by media type, orientation, color, and minimum dimensions. This way, they can quickly find the exact image they need for their creative project.

In addition to photos, Pexels also provides free stock videos and illustrations to its users. The website is updated regularly with new content, ensuring that there is always a fresh supply of images available to its users. Whether you need an image for your blog, website, or social media post, Pexels is an excellent resource for finding high-quality, free images with ease.


Unsplash is a popular platform that offers 10 new photos every 10 days, all of which are free to use in any way the user desires. One of the things that make Unsplash unique is the high quality and uniqueness of the photos available. Unlike other stock photo websites, users won’t find any generic, cheesy photos of “Smiling Boss Shaking Hands With Male Employee” on Unsplash.

Moreover, Unsplash has a vast collection of photos, with pages upon pages to choose from. This means that users can find images that truly capture the essence of what they’re looking for. The photos available on Unsplash cover a wide range of categories, from nature and landscapes to technology and fashion.

All this makes Unsplash an excellent resource for individuals and businesses that are looking for high-quality images to use in their marketing campaigns.

Fancy Crave:

Fancy Crave is a popular platform that offers remarkable free stock photos. One of the most notable features of Fancy Crave is that all the photos available on the platform are free of copyright restrictions. This means that users can download and use these photos for personal or commercial purposes without worrying about any legal issues.

In addition to their high quality, the photos on Fancy Crave are also aesthetically pleasing, with images that are both eye-catching and engaging. For instance, some of the photos feature luscious green grapes that look so realistic you can almost taste them.

The only thing that the photographer asks is that users never advertise the photographs as their own, and provide attribution when and if they can. This is a fair and reasonable request, and it allows photographers to receive credit for their work while also giving users the freedom to use the images in any way they want.


nappy is a unique free stock photo site that has a very specific mission – to provide high-resolution photos of black and brown people to startups, brands, agencies, and anyone else who wants to use them. They recognized that many stock photo sites often depict unrealistic representations, and if they do, there is a significant lack of diversity in the people being depicted.

the nappy has addressed this problem by creating a platform that caters to a more diverse audience. They aim to provide a wide range of images that feature people from various backgrounds and cultures, allowing creators to represent their audiences more authentically.

On their site, nappy calls on their audience to “tackle diversity and representation one photo at a time.” They are committed to creating a more inclusive and diverse world by providing a platform where everyone is represented.


Martin Vorel is a photographer and SEO consultant who has created an incredible collection of stunning photos that are available on his website. 

One of the things that set Vorel’s photos apart is their incredible attention to detail. Each photo is carefully composed, with a focus on capturing the essence of the subject matter. Whether it’s a stunning landscape, an intricate piece of architecture, or a beautiful flower in full bloom, Vorel has a talent for capturing the essence of the subject matter and creating truly breathtaking photos.

In addition to their beauty, Vorel’s photos are also incredibly versatile. They can be used for a wide range of purposes, including blog posts, social media, marketing materials, and more. With their high quality and unique perspective, they’re sure to make any project stand out.


Freerange is a stock photo website that sources its images from both in-house photographers and external contributors. The platform offers a diverse range of images to choose from, making it easy to find the perfect picture for your project. The site prides itself on the quality of its photos, which are either digitally photographed on Canon DSLR cameras or scanned from high-resolution Nikon scans of 35mm slides. With this attention to detail, users can be confident that they are getting top-notch images for their projects.

Freerange also has an easy-to-use search function, making it simple to find the perfect photo for your needs. The site’s user-friendly interface ensures that you can quickly navigate through the thousands of images available to find the one that fits your project’s aesthetic. Plus, all of the images on Freerange are available for free, which is a significant benefit for those on a tight budget.

Freerange’s commitment to quality, diversity, and accessibility has made it a popular choice among designers, bloggers, and marketers. The site’s ever-growing collection of images is sure to have something that will work for your project, making it a valuable resource for anyone in need of high-quality, royalty-free stock photos.


Moose is a website that provides access to a vast collection of stock photos with images created by the Icons8 team. The collection comprises hundreds of different categories, ranging from people, animals, nature, technology, and many more. 

The website allows free usage of these images if the user provides a link back to Moose. However, if the user wants to use the images without any attribution, they can get a paid subscription. The images available on Moose are high-quality and unique, making them a valuable resource for designers, bloggers, and content creators who need high-quality visual content for their projects. 

Whether it’s for personal or commercial use, Moose has an extensive collection of images suitable for all types of projects. Additionally, the site’s easy-to-use interface makes it simple for users to navigate and find the perfect image for their project.


Karolina is a web designer from Poland who has created an amazing resource of high-quality photos. She has curated a wide range of images that cover various themes, such as fashion, food, and landscapes. These photos are free for personal and commercial use, giving users the freedom to utilize them however they like.

Although there are no formal attribution requirements, Karolina requests that users include a photo credit with a link back to the site whenever possible. This small gesture will help her website grow and provide even more amazing photos for everyone to use.

One of the great things about Karolina’s collection is that her photos are unique and not typically found on other stock photo websites. This makes them perfect for adding an extra element of creativity to your projects. Additionally, the site is user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it simple to find the perfect photo for your needs.

CreateHER Stock:

CreateHER Stock is a unique stock photography website that offers authentic and diverse images of Black women, created by the founder Neosha Gardner. The site offers a collection of more than 185 images that can be downloaded for free, in addition to its paid membership plans starting at $10 per month. The images available on the site are not only of high quality but also have a strong sense of authenticity, capturing a range of experiences and emotions of Black women.

It is important to note that while the site offers free images, they are not intended for commercial use without purchasing an extended license. However, the pricing for extended licenses is reasonable and affordable, making it a great option for businesses and individuals looking for unique and diverse stock images.

CreateHER Stock is an important platform as it provides representation for an often underrepresented group in stock photography. The founder’s commitment to showcasing authentic and diverse images of Black women is admirable and provides an excellent resource for those in need of such images for personal or professional projects.


Ed Gregory is a photographer who offers a unique resource for free stock photos on his website. Every two weeks, he releases 10 new high-quality photos that can be used for a variety of purposes, including websites, ads, templates, and more. These photos are free to use for personal and commercial projects without the need for attribution.

The images provided by Ed Gregory cover a wide range of topics, including landscapes, people, technology, and more. This allows users to find the perfect image for their project, no matter what the subject matter may be. Users can either browse through categories or check out the latest 100 photos to find the right fit.

Ed Gregory’s free stock photos are an excellent resource for those looking for high-quality images that are both unique and versatile. The fact that they are available for both personal and commercial use without attribution makes them a valuable tool for designers, marketers, and bloggers alike. With new photos added every two weeks, users can always find fresh and inspiring content to enhance their projects.


Picjumbo is an excellent resource for free stock images that are perfect for website designs or blog posts. The site offers a wide selection of high-quality images that cover a variety of different topics, with new photos being added daily. The founder and photographer, Viktor, also offers unique paid packages that cater to the needs of bloggers, designers, and agencies. The packages start at $10 per month and offer even more exclusive and high-quality images.

What sets Picjumbo apart from other stock photography websites is its emphasis on modern and trendy images that are perfect for the needs of bloggers and social media influencers. The images on the site are carefully curated to reflect the latest trends in design and marketing, making it an ideal resource for those looking to create eye-catching and engaging content.

Whether you’re a blogger, designer, or marketer, Picjumbo offers a vast selection of images that can be used for a variety of projects. And with new images being added daily, there’s always something new to discover and use in your next project.

Death To Stock:

Death to Stock is a unique stock photography website founded by photographers Allie and David, who recognized the difficulty businesses, bloggers, and creatives faced in finding high-quality images that matched their specific needs. The site offers a free monthly email subscription service, where users can receive a fresh batch of unique and authentic photos directly to their inboxes.

The images available on the website are carefully curated and often tell a story with a strong focus on diversity and inclusivity. Death to Stock also offers a premium membership for those who have a little extra budget to spend, starting at $15 per month or $180 per year. What makes this premium membership special is that a percentage of the profits is used to fund photography trips and creative projects, ensuring that the site remains a valuable and growing resource for users.

Death to Stock’s commitment to providing authentic and diverse images sets it apart from other stock photography websites. Its unique approach to curating images and its focus on supporting the creative community make it a valuable resource for anyone looking for high-quality and authentic images.


Freepik is a comprehensive platform that provides a wide range of high-quality and professionally verified images and graphic design assets, including free stock images, vector designs, and PSD files. With a strong emphasis on creativity, Freepik offers a solid foundation for both professional and aspiring photographers to showcase their work and earn money per download in return.

The site’s search optimization feature makes it easy to find specific images for any web design, blog, or marketing project, ensuring a seamless user experience. While the site offers free content, Premium members have access to additional exclusive content and a higher download limit per day without the need for any attribution.

Freepik’s community of creatives is vast and diverse, with thousands of contributors from around the world. This diverse community ensures a broad range of high-quality images that can meet the needs of any project. With a user-friendly interface and an extensive library of resources, Freepik is an excellent resource for anyone in need of visually stunning and professionally crafted images and graphic design assets.

Negative Space:

Negative Space is a free stock photo website that offers a growing collection of high-quality, copyright-free images that you can use for any purpose. Every week, Negative Space adds new photos to its gallery, so you can always find fresh and interesting images for your projects. The site’s collection is organized into categories, making it easy to find the perfect image for your needs. You can also filter photos by copy space position and color, which is a great feature if you’re looking for images that match your brand’s color palette.

What sets Negative Space apart from other free stock photo sites is that all of its photos are shared without copyright restrictions, giving you complete freedom to use them in any way you want. Whether you’re creating a website, a blog post, a social media post, or an ad, you can use Negative Space’s photos without worrying about legal issues.

Negative Space’s collection covers a wide range of topics, including architecture, technology, people, nature, and more. The photos are of high quality and showcase a variety of perspectives and styles. The site’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to browse and download photos, and there are no limits on the number of photos you can download. Overall, Negative Space is an excellent resource for anyone in need of high-quality, copyright-free images for their projects.


Free stock image sites provide a valuable resource for designers, marketers, bloggers, and other content creators who need high-quality images without breaking the bank. The sites we have discussed in this article offer a range of options, from generic to niche, and their collections are continually expanding.

It is essential to understand the various types of image licenses and to check the restrictions carefully before using any image from a free stock site. While many sites offer images without attribution or limitations, others require attribution or limit commercial use.

Overall, the rise of free stock image sites has revolutionized the creative industry, making it easier than ever before to access high-quality images and incorporate them into a wide range of projects. By utilizing these sites, creators can elevate the visual appeal of their work while saving time and money in the process.


What are free stock images? 

Free stock images are high-quality photographs and illustrations that anyone can use for personal or commercial purposes without having to pay a fee. They can be used in websites, blogs, social media posts, ads, emails, presentations, and more.

Do I need to give credit when using these images? 

Giving credit is not always required when using free stock photos but it is always appreciated. Most sites will include instructions or guidelines on how to credit, the photographer or artist. 

Is there a limit to how many images I can use? 

There is no set limit as to how many images you can download from free stock image websites, but be sure to read the terms and conditions of each site before downloading any photos or illustrations. Some sites may have restrictions on where and how their images can be used, so make sure you check those carefully before using them for your project. 

Are these images royalty-free? 

Yes, all of the free stock images available are royalty-free which means that they do not require payment of royalties for repeated use. You are free to use the images as many times and in as many places as you like without having to pay any additional fees. 

Will I get quality images? 

Yes, all of the free stock image websites offer high-quality photos and illustrations that can be used for a variety of purposes. Each site has its unique selection so it’s best to explore each one to find the perfect fit for your project. 

Are these images safe to use? 

All of the images on free stock image sites are 100% safe to use since they are licensed under creative commons zero (CC0) which means that no permission is required for using them commercially or personally. However, it’s always best to double-check the terms and conditions of each site before downloading any images.