ISP Proxies: What Are They? Which Is The One For Me? Here Are 15!

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If you’re in the market for proxies, you’ve come across ISP proxies. These proxies have become increasingly popular due to their many advantages over other ones, such as datacenter and residential proxies. Buying from a reliable proxy provider is essential when shopping for ISP proxies. But with so many providers, knowing which one to choose can be challenging.

Luckily, this guide is here to help. We’ll provide everything you need to know about choosing a proxy provider to ensure you get the best possible service. Keep reading to learn more about the best ISP proxies to help you.

What Are ISP Proxies?

Internet service providers (ISPs) use proxies to ensure security and improve performance. A proxy is an intermediary IP address associated with an ISP but does not involve end users. In other words, it’s hosted on a server and not a residential device (like a mobile phone or desktop computer). Static proxies were all datacenter addresses. Residential customers’ traffic through a shared network to the public internet. By routing traffic this way, an ISP can benefit its customers by increasing security and better performance. Additionally, ISPs can use proxies to monitor and filter traffic.

For example, an ISP might use a proxy to block access to certain websites or track which sites its customers are visiting. However, proxies can also be used for malicious purposes, such as by hackers who exploit them to access private networks. As a result, it’s important for ISPs to monitor their proxy servers carefully and take steps to ensure they are secure.


NetNut is one of the most well-known and widely used proxy service suppliers. It says that since genuine individuals have utilized the IP addresses, they should be more difficult to block than other static residential proxies. You connect via a backconnect server, giving you permanent IPs or quickly changing them.

netnut homepage

NetNut also offers various IP rotation plans, which is helpful for some applications. One of the advantages of using NetNut is that it can unblock almost any website, including the most popular ones like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, etc. You can also use it for tasks that require a high degree of anonymity, such as web scraping, because your actual IP address is hidden. NetNut is one of the best ISP Proxies on the market.

Start your free trial of NetNut here. The cost per GB is $25. There is a 7-day free test available.

Bright Data

Bright Data is widely recognized as one of the best suppliers of ISP proxies. This company is acknowledged as the most advanced proxy service in the market. Its proxies are quick, consistent, sturdy, and undetectable. Furthermore, their ISP proxies promise to deliver 100% uptime, making them an excellent fit.

Brightdata data collection

Through collaboration with several tier-1 ISPs, Bright Data provides a diverse network of over 2 million IPs in 190 countries.The company’s data center proxies are also located in strategic locations across the globe. This ensures that their customers can enjoy low latency and high speeds no matter where they connect. Bright Data also offers a free trial for their services so that you can test out their proxies before committing to a purchase. A $300 monthly fee entitles you to the rate of $17.50/GB + $0.50/IP for your first year and a half. After that, it’s approximate A$25/GB each month.

Blazing SEO (Now Rayobyte)

Blazing SEO is a new ISP proxy service. Therefore, it has a limited pool of proxies and only some locations.

But don’t be fooled: this data center proxy veteran knows what she’s doing. To avoid carpet bans, its ISP proxies come from major consumer ISPs and are dispersed across numerous ASNs. The price begins at $25/5 IPs ($5/IP). A 2-day free trial is available.


Oxylabs is most recognized as a proxy supplier for residential customers, but it also offers static home proxies. The website confirms it, and customer care backs it up. In any case, the provider is secretive about this service, suggesting it isn’t essential or isn’t finished yet. Regardless matter how many ISP proxies you have, they’re all going to be useless if the website you’re trying to access is only available in specific geographies.

oxylabs homepage

The cost of OxyCloud begins at $300 per month for 20GB.

Many small-scale Internet marketers use Proxy-Seller, a well-rated data center proxy service that is quite popular.SOCKS5 and HTTPS are both supported by Proxy-Seller.

proxyseller homepageThe Proxy-seller offers a simple, user-friendly proxy service. Proxy-seller’s customer service is excellent. Their live chat support is fast and efficient, allowing users to communicate with a customer care specialist in real-time. If all agents are engaged, they have the option of utilizing their ticket assistance. Users can also use social media to address any urgent concerns they may be having. Price-wise, Proxy-seller is in the middle of the pack. They are not the cheapest but not the most expensive services on the market. Their prices are fair for the quality of their proxies and customer service.


Smartproxy is a top proxy provider that offers high-quality, fully anonymous, private, fast proxies and VPNs. It has been in the business for over 10 years and has more than 1 million happy customers. Smartproxy offers a wide range of products, including residential proxies, rotating proxies, backconnect proxies, private proxies, shared proxies, and dedicated proxies.

SmartProxy homepageIt also provides a wide range of pricing plans to suit your needs and budget. Smartproxy is one of the few proxy providers that offer a free trial. Before committing to a paid plan, you can test the proxies and see if they meet your needs. is one of the best private proxy service providers. Our proxies are perfect for all your online needs, whether you’re looking to unblock sites, stay anonymous, or boost your online security.PrivateProxy does not have as big an IP pool as the other proxy server suppliers on this list, but it is sufficient for most applications. With up to four IP addresses at once. This makes them stand out since it is unusual to find this much IP whitelisting support in the marketplace.

privateproxy homepage

Price is always an important consideration when choosing a proxy server supplier. Fortunately, PrivateProxy is priced reasonably at just $0.55 per IP address.

SSL Private Proxy

SSL Private Proxy is one of the top-rated private proxy services available on the market. It’s an excellent choice for those searching for a reliable and fast proxy service. The company has been in business since 2012, and its proxies are some of the lowest priced on the market.SSL Private Proxy provides several distinct features, including top-notch privacy and security. They only support HTTP and HTTPS protocols, use username/password and IP authentication, and do not support non-HTTP and non-HTTPS protocols.

ssl private proxy homepage

Price-wise, their services are on the lower end of average.

The company does not offer a free trial, but they have a 7-day money-back guarantee.


Soax is a top-rated service ranked as the best proxy server in the world. Soax has been in the business for over a decade, providing users with a steady and reliable proxy service.

soax homepage

With Soax, you can unblock any website or content your government blocks, ISP, or company. Soax also offers a free trial to try their service before you buy it. Soax provides a large mobile proxy pool from numerous cities across the world. Their mobile proxy pool is kept clean, making it one of the most hygienic worldwide. Wrong IP addresses are purged from the proxy pool if they are discovered. Soax’s unrivaled range of payment plans adds to its appeal. Soax has one of the most adaptable billing systems available. Users may choose from various payment plans, including daily, weekly, and monthly proxies. 


Shifter, which has been in the proxy market since 2012, offers a residential proxy network with 40+ million IPs in 190 countries. The company provides users with unlimited bandwidth and access to over 1,000 proxies. Shifter’s proxies are compatible with all major browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. The company also offers a mobile app for iOS and Android devices. Shifter offers a free trial for seven days. After the free trial, users can choose between two paid plans:

shifter proxy homepage

The Basic plan costs $25 per month and includes access to 40+ million IPs in 190 countries, unlimited bandwidth, and over 1,000 proxies.


Zyte is a fantastic proxy software that may help you scrape websites and ensure that your online information is delivered correctly and swiftly.

zyte homepage

With a proxy service, an excellent scraping tool, and automated proxy management, Zyte provides a fantastic proxy solution. Residential proxies are available for free and come with a 14-day trial. price for a business proxy starts at $19 per month.

Zyte has been in the business for over 4 years and is one of the most reliable and affordable providers.


Hidester is the next proxy service on our list, and it’s both secure and quick. They have a no-logging policy, which means you may use their services in complete anonymity.

hidester homepage

Hidester proxy service is one of the most popular, with millions of worldwide users. They do not have a logging policy, making them one of the finest proxy sites for accessing HD video material. They also have a user-friendly interface and provide consistent access to watch HD video content. Their customers make the most significant use of their Chrome plugin, which enhances the security of their online sessions.

Scraper API

The Scraper API is a convenient proxy service that can assist you in getting around blocks and obtaining rotating IP addresses that are sticky. Using the Scraper API, you may use a residential or geotargeting proxy to scrape any website.

scraper homepage

The Scraper API can eliminate sluggish proxies from their pools and guarantee limitless bandwidth. Their proxy type is residential, and they provide a free seven-day trial. Their pool has 14 million IP addresses and is available in 50 countries.


Another excellent proxy service is IPRoyal, which is ethically sourced and lets you make the most of residential proxies from real people worldwide. It’s a free service with configurable settings and a dashboard where you can quickly manage your proxy solution.

iproyal homepage

IP rotation is available through IProyal and several alternative proxy servers. You may automatically switch your residential IP proxy, and it offers dedicated home proxies to its clients. You can update your IP address through the interface, which supports various spots. The pricing ranges from $3 to $6 per GB, with eight connections included in their plan and over two million IP addresses available through the IP pool.

 ISP Proxies Use Cases

Ad Verification

Ad verification is a process marketers use to scan the web and check if ads are being displayed on the correct websites and to the intended audience. Ad verification also ensures that campaign standards are being met and that statistics provided by advertising companies are accurate. Because ad verification must target millions of websites, an ISP proxy can be used to ensure that the process is conducted swiftly and that it’s not blocked due to an overused IP address. By using an ISP proxy for ad verification, marketers can be confident that their ads reach the right people and get what they paid for from their advertising companies.

Social Media Monitoring

Social media monitoring is necessary for any business that wants to stay ahead of the competition and protect its online reputation. However, social media platforms are constantly changing their algorithms, making it challenging to keep up. Additionally, many platforms have strict rules about how users can interact with the site, and breaking these rules can result in a ban. As a result, businesses must be careful not to raise red flags when monitoring social media. One way to do this is to use ISP proxies, which can help to disguise a business’s IP address and prevent platform detection. By using ISP proxies, companies can avoid being banned or blocked from social media sites, allowing them to continue to monitor activity and protect their online presence.

Web Scraping

Anyone who has ever tried to extract data from a website knows that it can be frustrating. Even with the simplest of websites, manually copying and pasting the needed data can take hours. Web scraping is a process that allows you to automate this task, making it possible to extract large amounts of data in a relatively short amount of time.

However, web scraping on a mass scale is not a simple task. To avoid being blocked by website administrators, it is necessary to use a proxy server that will change your location. This is because many websites display different web pages for different locations. In addition, the proxy needs to be extremely fast to scrape a large amount of data in a reasonable amount of time. For these reasons, ISP proxies are considered the best option for web scraping. Their high speed and ability to change locations allow you to scrape data quickly and efficiently, making them an essential tool for anyone interested in web scraping.


ISP proxies are a unique type of proxy designed to offer the best of both worlds. These proxies offer the high speeds and stability of datacenter proxies while providing the top security and undetectability of residential proxies. Because of this, ISP proxies are ideal for various unique use cases that require both speed and security. Whether you need to browse a fast-moving website without compromising speed or keep your identity hidden from nosy network administrators, an ISP proxy is the perfect solution.

So if you’re looking for high-quality, reliable ISP proxies, there’s no better place to turn than one of the providers on our list above. Whether you need fast and efficient performance for occasional use or you’re working on an important project that requires robust protection at all times, these providers have everything you need to succeed. So why wait? Check out one of these leading proxy providers today and confidently use your ISP proxy!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a proxy server used for?

A proxy server is a server that provides a gateway between users and the internet. This means that it helps to prevent cyber attackers from entering a private network. Proxy servers act as intermediaries between end-users and the web pages they visit online. This intermediary server can filter traffic, cache data, or block certain types of content.

For example, a school might use a proxy server to filter out websites that are not appropriate for students. Proxy servers can also improve performance by caching data. For example, suppose multiple users try to access the same website simultaneously. In that case, the proxy server can keep a copy of the website and provide it to each user instead of having each user request the website from the internet. This reduces the amount of traffic going through the network and improves performance for all users. Proxy servers are essential for keeping a private network safe from cyber attacks.

What Are The Types Of Proxies?

There are two primary types of proxies: forward proxies and reverse proxies.

Forward proxies, also known as tunnels or gateways, are intermediaries between a client and server. They can be used for various purposes, such as load-balancing, authentication, decryption, or caching.

On the other hand, reverse proxies are primarily used to control and protect access to a server. By doing so, they help to improve server performance by distributing the load among multiple servers. Additionally, reverse proxies can also be used for caching and authentication purposes. Using a forward or reverse proxy will ultimately depend on your specific needs.

What Are Pros Of Using ISP Proxies?

While the internet is an excellent resource for information and communication, it’s also important to be aware of the potential security risks. ISP proxies provide an extra layer of protection between your computer and the websites you visit. This can help prevent your data from intercepting or being monitored by third-party entities.

For example, a proxy can help keep your data safe from hackers using a public Wi-Fi network. In addition to increased security, ISP proxies can also provide other benefits, such as improved speed and reliability. So whether you’re concerned about protecting your data or simply want a better browsing experience, consider using an ISP proxy.

When you connect to the internet, your computer is assigned an IP address. This address is a unique number that identifies your computer on the network. The IP address can be used to track your online activities. When you use an ISP proxy, your IP address is hidden from the websites you visit. This can provide some anonymity and prevent websites from tracking your online activities. For example, if you’re concerned about online advertising companies tracking your web browsing habits, using a proxy can help mitigate this. The ISP proxy makes it more difficult for websites to track your movements online by hiding your IP address. This can provide peace of mind if you’re worried about privacy.