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Many organizations start by implementing a B2B Sales Automation strategy, which often starts with LinkedIn, the most comprehensive and up-to-date professional network. In this collection of top LinkedIn scraping applications, we’ve highlighted the top solutions that will allow you to construct your 100% automated and efficient lead machine.

On LinkedIn, users and businesses exchange information through their profiles. This is why many outstanding LinkedIn scrapers are available for extracting data from the platform. However, many scrapers have now ceased to work. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the most reliable and trustworthy LinkedIn scraper tools.

If you want to learn how to scrape LinkedIn profiles with Python, we’ve compiled a list of the top LinkedIn scrapers for 2022.

What Is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social networking website for businesses and business professionals. The site allows employees to interact, network, help, and find other experts. Since its inception in 2002, it has had over 850 million users. LinkedIn is an excellent platform for hosting and posting job openings. It offers a wealth of data, including company profiles as well as employee information.

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Furthermore, the site offers a wealth of job information that is accessible to anybody. This data is essential for researchers and businesses. Skimming the platform manually may take days, so you’ll have to open and look through each profile. Even though this data is freely available, it is not freely accessible. Because LinkedIn’s API isn’t very comprehensive, data scraping is the only way to obtain it.

As a result, if you want to save money by obtaining a lot of data for free, the only choice is to scrape LinkedIn pages with automated or bots called LinkedIn Scrapers. However, the main issue here is whether or not LinkedIn permits the use of automatic bots and web scraping. In addition, how can you accomplish it and which tool should you use?

Why scrape LinkedIn?

There are several reasons why someone might want to scrape LinkedIn. Here are some of the most common:

To find leads:

Salespeople can use LinkedIn scraping to gather data on potential leads, such as contact information and job titles.

To find talent:

Recruiters can use LinkedIn scraping to find candidates for open positions.

To research competitors:

Businesses can use LinkedIn scraping to gather data on their competitor’s employees, such as job titles and skills.

To monitor brand mentions:

Companies can use LinkedIn scraping to track when their brand is mentioned, and by whom.

How to scrape LinkedIn

LinkedIn scraping can be done manually, by using a tool or software, or through a third-party service.

Manual LinkedIn scraping

Manual LinkedIn scraping is extracting data from LinkedIn without using any automated tools. This can be done by using the search features on LinkedIn, and manually copying and pasting the data into a spreadsheet.

Tool-based LinkedIn scraping

Tool-based LinkedIn scraping is extracting data from LinkedIn using an automated tool. There are various tools available that can be used for this purpose, such as and Scrapy.

Third-party service LinkedIn scraping

Third-party service LinkedIn scraping is the process of extracting data from LinkedIn using a third-party service. There are various services available that will scrape LinkedIn for you, such as LeadGenius and

Top 10 Linkedin Scraping Tools

Bright Data

Bright Data is the best choice as a LinkedIn scraping tool for extracting data from social networking site. It can be used to scrape public as well as private LinkedIn profiles. The tool is easy to install and use. Moreover, it offers a free trial so that you can try it before buying it.

Bright Data homepage

They have a LinkedIn scraper that makes it simpler for you to automate and streamline your data gathering to use it to promote your business successfully and develop new leads. They also have an industry-leading proxy system linked with web scraping.

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Phantombuster understands this, so they offer the services you need to scrape LinkedIn profiles and gather essential data. They comprehend the sort of LinkedIn scraper tools you require so that you may stay safe and hidden while still obtaining pertinent information.

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They believe that collecting all available data, whether it’s email addresses or not, is good for their clients.

Meet Alfred

Alfred is a fantastic LinkedIn and CRM sync scraper, as well. This implies you may not only collect crucial data for connecting with leads that are important to your business, but you can also export it to CRM quickly.

meetalfred homepage

They provide a free two-week trial, which we believe is plenty of time to decide if they are the best LinkedIn scraper for you. They can also help you keep track of your LinkedIn connections and prospects, so you don’t lose any data or get overwhelmed by the process.

They only scrape data that is truly beneficial to your brand, rather than scraping anything that comes their way. They are certain they can assist their clients in both developing and maintaining a strong LinkedIn network. The fact that they have a discussion area where you may contact them before you start also says a lot.

Dux Soup

Dux Soup is another great LinkedIn scraper tool since it has a Chrome plugin. This implies you can directly connect to the tool and don’t have to download anything on your PC. It will instantly link to your LinkedIn profile, allowing you to scrape, visit, and send messages to your prospects and leads.

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The Dux Soup team also provides an extension for LinkedIn that will automatically act on your LinkedIn profile. It mimics human behavior to limit the likelihood of being identified by LinkedIn and costs only $9.92 to get started prospecting with them.

Dux Soup provides a free plan as well as a free trial, so if you’re looking to learn more about a firm before deciding whether or not to sign up, this is the service for you.


LinkedIn is one of the most intelligent and best web scraping tools, along with Octoparse. You may get the information in just three steps: locating the data, selecting it, and then exporting it. It can assist you in converting LinkedIn web pages into a structured database.

There are a number of exporting choices, such as SQL Server, MySQL, JSN, Excel, XLSX, and CSV. In addition to that, you can utilize API keys to store the data on a different platform.

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And, unlike most scrapers, it works on any website and doesn’t require a proxy.

It is not difficult to install and use. There are no installation plans or instructions, however it’s simple to figure out how you can do it yourself. You have to pay a cheap fee of $75 per month in order to acquire this scraper. It also has a 14-day free trial with certain limitations.

This LinkedIn scraper is compatible with both desktop and cloud versions.

Proxycrawl LinkedIn Scraper

Proxycrawl has a scraping API with several scrapers, including a LinkedIn scraper. However, it requires more coding knowledge than the web scrapers mentioned above. It is intended for developers that don’t want to deal with Captchas or proxy management.

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Scraping data from websites is made easy with ProxyCrawl, which includes information such as user profile details, employee data, and a company’s description. It is simple to use this program, similar to making API requests.

The following platforms are supported: the cloud, which may be accessed via API. You can retrieve the data in JSON format.


Another intelligent LinkedIn scraper tool is ScrapeStorm, which was created by a team of Googlers that previously worked on crawlers. It’s a strong, business-class scraping program.

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It utilizes an automated data point identification technique for detecting and extracting the information you want. You may also scrape data using its point and click interface, even if the automatic detection system fails to operate.

ScrapeStorm allows you to export data in a variety of formats, including Google Sheets, MySQL, JSON, Excel, CSV, TXT, and other formats. Scraping on LinkedIn is made easier with this tool. You only have to set it up correctly. The scraper is priced at $49.99 per month for the first month.

Helium Scraper

The Helium Scraper is a desktop app that allows you to scrape data from LinkedIn in a number of different ways, such as company and individual profiles, job postings information, and so on. It has an easy-to-use interface that makes extracting information from LinkedIn a snap. The scraper offers a point-and-click interface for training it to scrape data from LinkedIn pages, and it can be set up to run on a schedule so that you can keep your data up-to-date automatically.

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With difficulty, you can use this program to quickly extract complex data up to 140 terabytes (SQLite can handle this much information). Several data output formats are available, including SQLite, JSON, XML, Excel, and CSV. A single-user license is priced at $99.


ParseHub is a visual web scraper that lets data analysts extract information from the internet without writing code. The desktop software is available for free with limitations, which may not be necessary to you.

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The ParserHub tool is quite advanced and adaptable. You must, however, use the desktop app’s proxies since it does not change IP addresses. For a month, the cost of the premium option is $149. It enables you to get data in JSON and Excel files as well as on both desktop and cloud systems.

LIX – LinkedIn search eXporter 

LIX is a LinkedIn data extractor and scraper that may be used on any browser or device. It is utilized by more than 11,000 people to scrape more than 11,000 search results and is downloaded over 1 million times per month.

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Just start a search and it will automatically export all of the results. It allows you to download hundreds of search results. LIX exports your search outcomes 10x and includes an automated profile viewer as well as CV parsing options.

In a mail merge, you may export email addresses from LinkedIn profiles. You can also export business data in Excel and CSV file formats. You can also import the information directly into your current recruitment program. The software is available for $40 per month.


LinkedIn scraper tools make it easier to collect data from LinkedIn. If you choose the right tool, you will be able to extract the data you need without any hassle. Do your research and select the best tool for your needs.