14 Multi Vendor WordPress Themes

Multi Vendor WordPress Themes

If you are a person who uses WordPress, you should note that more than your content, it is the theme that matters. People will scroll through your website only if they feel that your design is appealing. This is why you should spend enough time choosing the perfect theme.

WordPress themes are vital for e-commerce websites as well. In fact, they are the basis for attracting viewers. If you want to make your e-commerce marketplace, you might want to consider the multi vendor WordPress themes to get you started.

With the help of these themes, it becomes easier for vendors to sign up and start listing their products for sale. The themes that are available can be used in different ways – single or multi. 

Here are a few options you might want to consider to make your website appealing. 

14 Best Multi Vendor WordPress Themes 2021

#1. Urna

If you are looking for a template for ThemeForest, Urna should be the one in your list. It has been designed for multi vendor marketplaces. Urna is one of the few platforms that work with all of the leading e-commerce solutions. You will get full control of everything – from e-commerce to multi vendor aspects of your store. 

multi vendor wordpress themes: urna

There are demos you can choose from. There will be about 29 demos to choose from. You can watch videos to understand the installation process. 

The best part about Urni is that is works with any type of product!


#2. Dealsdot

One more option you can consider is Dealsdot. Dealshot will allow you to create coupons and deal sites. Of course, it allows you to use itself as a multi vendor! The people who register on your website can apply for deals and coupons on your website. 

It is extremely quick to get you started. You can immediately get started after you install Dealshot. There is an option for a demo trial as well!


#3. Marify

Marify is a part of ThemeForest. It serves you with five distinct demos. You should note that Marify is exclusively for tech and gadget style items. But, there is still room for a furniture demo!

multi vendor wordpress themes: marify

Marify uses templates that you would want in an e-commerce store. It is an optional extra that you can use on your store to promote any special promotions you are running. 


#4. eLab

eLab is a WooCommerce marketplace WordPress theme you can consider. eLab is one of the fastest themes you will find. The templates look good and can be used through a smartphone. The demos give you a clear insight as to how your website is actually looking like. 

multi vendor wordpress themes: elab

All you need to do is, import the demo and quickly make changes. It is because of the built-in X Builder tool.


#5. Rigid

Rigid has just recently updated itself to provide multi vendor stores on WordPress. When you install Rigid, you will get a handful of templates. These themes work very well for multi vendor theme requirements.

multi vendor wordpress themes: rigid

The homepage of the templates have been specially designed to reach high standards. There are templates where you can add your blogs too.


#6. Vendify

Vendify will ensure that viewers will read your website because of the eye-catching templates. It uses bright colours and bold layouts to stand out. It is not going to make your website similar to ones that are already existing. All of the things that you put up will be presented in a more stylish way. 


#7. eMarket

eMarket provides you with over 22 homepage demos. Their templates are few of the flexible ones. They are suitalbe for most businesses that exist. There are a number of demos you can try. eMarket tends to update itself every few years. 

multi vendor wordpress themes: emarket

They come with the premium WPBakery Page Builder Plugin. This is at no extra cost! It is also compatible with Elementor. 


#8. Marketo

You will find nine demos on Marketo. These themes have a lot of potential. They can be used as they are or they can be edited. They have adapted themselves to the latest themes – keeping little or no chance to get themselves out of date.

multi vendor wordpress themes: marketo

Marketo provides you with tonnes of features. You can edit the header and footer the way you want. There is also an option to change the colour of your website by switching the colour theme. Even the font colours can be altered!

Out of nine demos, at least one of them will definitely fill out the criteria you wish for!


#9. Martfury

Martfury is one of the compatible themes you will find. It is compatible with most of the leading multi vendor WordPress themes.

multi vendor wordpress themes: martfury

If you own a business that falls under the category of electronics, gadgets, and clothing, you will find it easy to use the themes that Martfury puts forward. There are other demos that you can take advantage of too. Those are ten in number. You can edit the templates by WP Baker or Elementor.

The multi vendor themes are mobile-friendly too! This makes it easier for you to cover a large number of viewers – meaning, vendors who are more comfortable at using their phones can access your website without hassle.


#10. iBid

iBid is suitable for running auctions on your website. Vendors will be able to list their products in an auction format.

multi vendor wordpress themes: ibid

You may choose not to use the auction feature. There is also an option wherein you can disable the auction function. You can simply create your multi vendor wordpress themes. WPBaker Page Builder is used to edit the templates through a drag-and-drop user interface. 


#11. Kunstwerk

If you have a business wherein you sell craft good and artisan product, one of the multi vendor WordPress themes options you can consider is Kunstwerk.

multi vendor wordpress themes: kunstwerk

The multi vendor store that you are aiming to create will enable creators to list out their craftwork there. They can list it out for sale. There are three distinct homepage designs that are used. Here you will find the demos partial towards jewelry, craft and furniture product. The template also covers the benefits of signing up! You do not need to devote too much time to edit the work!

In order to help you perform better, there is a provision for an FAQ section as well!


#12. Besa

If you are hunting for a way to customise your muti vendor platform, you might want to take up Besa. Besa comes with three varieties of homepage designs. Along with that, there are a lot of other templates. 

multi vendor wordpress themes: besa

Besa uses general themes. This makes it easier for you to set it up because it does not focus on a particular market sector. You can of course, change the colour set of the page.

#13. Tijarah

Another option you can consider is Tijarah. It is basically a digital marketplace that has been specially designed for selling out downloadable products. So, if you are selling out files or software, this is the one for you.

multi vendor wordpress themes: tijarah

The type of templates that have been used is specially designed to sell visual products. So, you might not want to waste time or editing each and everything. They have strongly focused on making their page appealing.


#14. ShopMe

ShopMe, multi vendor wordpress plugin is one more multi vendor WooCommerce WordPress theme. After you install and activate this theme, you will be able to use the tools of your choice. Note that you will also have to install the WooCommerce plugin.

Chat X plugin is included with ShopMe at no extra cost. Well, then maybe this is the best option for you!


Before you take up any of the multi vendor WordPress themes, you might want to look at the websites first. Understand thoroughly what you are investing in. If there are free trial versions, do not hesitate to take them up. This will give you a proper idea as to how the template is really going to be!


Can I customize the appearance of a Multi Vendor WordPress Themes?

Yes, you can customize the appearance of a Multi Vendor WordPress Themes to match your brand or desired look. Most themes offer customization options through the WordPress Customizer or theme settings panel, allowing you to modify colors, fonts, layouts, and other visual elements. Additionally, you can use WordPress page builders or custom CSS to further customize the theme’s design and layout.

How do Multi Vendor WordPress Themes work?

Multi Vendor WordPress Themes work by providing a platform for vendors to create their individual stores within a larger marketplace. Vendors can sign up, create their store profiles, list their products or services, and manage their inventory and orders. The theme facilitates the payment process, allowing customers to make purchases directly from individual vendors, while the marketplace owner receives a commission on each sale.

How many themes can be activated simultaneously in WordPress?

For more details, see our step by step guide on how to install a WordPress plugin. You should also make sure that the themes you want to use are installed in WordPress. You can only activate one theme at a time, but you can install as many themes as you want.

Is WordPress good for multi vendor marketplace?

WordPress makes it easy to create an online marketplace like Etsy, eBay, or Amazon. An online marketplace multi-vendor ecommerce website template free website, also called a multi-vendor website, allows users to buy and sell items by setting up their own mini-stores within your platform.