Top Residential Proxy Provider Options in the World 2023


Sending hundreds of websites and getting blocked? If your answer to my question is yes, then, I have a great solution for you that is the residential proxies. However, a residential proxy provider is utilized for routing the web requests of users through actual real-time IP residential addresses that are made available by ISP.

Because residential IP addresses are the paths through which the request reaches the needed website, however, they are legit.

The market of proxies is however listed with several highly standardized proxy providers, so the decision-making here becomes a bit difficult. Also, it can create confusion such as you pick up an expensive proxy provider that is way too much for your tasks or may end up taking an average one not serving you well, so what is the needful? Which are the best residential proxies? Well, here is an article on topmost proxy providers. So tune in and let the details sink in!

Top Residential Proxies of 2023

Bright Data (formerly Luminati)

When it comes to Luminati, we can say that this residential proxy provider offers both types of proxies that include rotating along with static residential IPs.The proxy protocols that are applied here are basically HTTPS and Socks5. While scraping data from the internet, enables you to evade blockages of IP and captcha. These proxies can also be utilized for verification of ads, monitoring of SEO, automation of social media, and many other tasks. This tool is the most ideal tool for professional websites. If you want to stand out from the rest of your competitors.

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Bright Data is ideal for professional use so you know that beginners will not choose or rarely choose this tool. Automatically, these beginners will be eliminated as your competitors. You know that you will definitely get an upper edge if you use this tool for your wrbsite. The best part is, they offer value for money.


Oxylabs is one of the top residential proxy provider options you will ever find on the market. You will see that this is categorized as one of the best performing proxies that exist! The reason why they stand out is that they gather traffic city-wise. The residential proxy pool that they have sourced is fully ethical. 

Oxylabs is considered as one of the highest performing proxies on the market. They offer unlimited bandwidth and domains and make sure that there is a dedicated account manager.


This proxy provider only offers one proxy type that is rotating residential IPs. It has a pool cover with more than 40 million IPs and the proxy protocol applied here is HTTPS. Also, it is niched. Scaling up businesses and scraping any type of data from the internet is possible by utilizing this. They also provide live chat support when it comes to customer care along with allowing integrations with different platforms according to our needs.


The type of proxy provider offers is backconnect residential IPs.It has approximately a higher no. of IPs in the pool that is more than 5 million. The proxy protocols applied here are HTTPS and Socks5. These proxies have proved themselves amazing when it comes to verification of ads, scraping of webs, registration of bulk accounts and also SEO. They are highly compatible with many popular websites on the internet. The rotation of IPs is automated along with the functioning of geo-targeting.


It offers the rotating residential IPs type of proxy along with a pool with more than 25 million IPs, also the geotargeting is global and the proxy protocol used is HTTPS and Socks5. However, it has a modified version of residential proxies, therefore the name backconnect proxies are used more. These proxies are sold by port. US is the main location of all its residential IP addresses. Also, their proxies are not able to detect or evade notices by some of the strict websites. 


StormProxies offers the rotating residential IPs type of proxy and it has a pool network with around 40,000 IPs.The proxy protocols used are HTTPS and Socks5. You will notice that it has made its proxies available only in the US and Europe. It is really cheap, but is not substandard, offers a variety of features, though with a limited number of IPs, but has a targeted vision. They have a good customer care support team.


Monthly monetary commitment is not necessary here. The proxy type it offers is rotating residential IPs and it has a pool network of more than 6 million IPs and the proxy protocols applied here are HTTPS and Socks5. It has geotargeting functioning in more than 120 countries. It is a good solution for budget keepers as they can even buy a gigabyte of bandwidth.


It turns out to be amazing for small projects related to web scraping. This platform too provides rotating residential IPs type of proxy. The epoxy protocols applied are HTTPS and Socks5. Also, they have their self created niche for social media. They hold proxies for Whatsapp, Fb, IG, along with Viper and some other apps. They are affordable. The bandwidth provided is limitless, besides, the customer care service is not so good.

Iced Out Proxies

While, when coming to this proxy provider, it offers the rotating residential proxy type and they are found to be active only when sneakers are released and they have a network pool with more than 1 million IPs and the protocol active here is HTTPS. It is mostly functional for sneaker bots. They mostly focus on sneaker sites and they ensure no IP blockage.

You can call it an optimized fast proxy network. It offers a residential IP proxy type and the protocol here applied is HTTPS, also it has a network pool of more than 10 million IPs.It is an Israel based company mostly functional for marketers. It is perfect when speed is observed and it has a great latency. Also, they provide a 7-day free trial and good customer support is highly ensured here.


Here, while considering this platform, you will be able to figure out that the functional dedicated proxies are none other than residential IPs, however, the proxy type it offers is static residential IPs and the proxy protocol applied here is HTTPS. By using this platform, you can keep your identity anonymous while surfing the internet.Speed, reliability and security are its top features. They offer a free trial and the rates are affordable. However, latency is not so good.


However, you must have gone through the above-given information very well. To sum up, I would like to say that these are the top 10 proxy providers in the world, but hurry not, select your niche of required criteria, estimate and figure out your budget, go through the advantages and disadvantages of each one and then select the type of proxy you would like to invest in.

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