AirProxy icon acts as a free proxy server that lets you access the internet from your office, school, or anywhere that is blocked by firewalls or proxies.

AirProxy Pros

Automatic IP change
High IP trust score
Specifically for Instagram
Instant delivery
Easy-to-use panel
Can rotate IP via API or automatically
Unlimited data
Increases accounts trust score
Legit users connects from mobile IPs

AirProxy Cons

Only has one prepackaged plan of €87
Only Italian Proxies

This mobile proxy supports scraping bots, so if you’re looking for one, Airproxy is an option. Despite being specialized for social media sites, Airproxy does not support web scraping, but it does support scraping bots.In order to scrape data or to automate Instagram bots, Airproxy is specialized for mobile proxies. Through its API or dashboard, Airproxy automatically switches to Fresh IPs for these sites that require rotating IPs. Airproxy provides username and password authentication so that your account is secure.

AirProxy Pricing

As per the website, there is only one available pricing plan. €87 has to be given per proxy for 30 days. You will get unlimited bandwidth along with a dedicated Sim Card. Furthermore, you will get Limitless IP Rotation Time along with instant delivery.

You can also try it for 72 hours at a minimum cost of only 9.90€.

AirProxy Features

  • Unlimited Data – You will never face any problems relating to any limitation for anything if you own AirProxy.
  • Tax Invoice – For business owners, the best part about AirProxy is that this proxy can be included as an expense.
  • Immediate Delivery – No setup time is required because the proxies are already installed on their infrastructure.
  • Clean IPs – Their IP has a 0% Spam and Fraud Score, making it a reliable option.

AirProxy Products

Mobile Proxies

AirProxy has only one product, and that is a mobile proxy server. This is not detectable easily. You will find that AirProxy mobile proxies can rotate IP via API or automatically. Some real users connect using the mobile IP. Moreover, it has a high IP trust score as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is AirProxy Located?

Their proxies are located in Italy.

Is there a trial?

There is a trial that AirProxy offers at only $9.90. This trial lasts for 72 hours. You will not be charged until you manually select that you want to continue to avail of their services.

Is there any refund AirProxy provides?

There is a refund that AirProxy provides if you are unsatisfied with their services. This will be done within 48 hours; they will complete the refund.


Based on the above review, you should have your impression of AirProxy and its mobile proxies. Despite their high cost, I think they are well worth the money, especially for social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These sites have ingenious and strict anti-spam systems that detect proxy traffic quickly. They will secure your accounts if you do not use more than the required number of reports on their proxy servers.


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