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Oxylabs.io Pros

Privacy: The utmost responsibility 
24×7 Support Staff
Proxy Connection Speed

Oxylabs.io Cons

The cost is a bit expensive when compared with other proxy service providers. So, you might want to reconsider before you put in your money.

Oxylabs is a global proxy network that uses corporate and public proxy networks to route traffic and defends against attacks. This tool holds itself and its partners to the highest standards. It respects and is committed to the highest level of ethical business practices. Oxylabs residential Proxies are lightning-fast, delivering content to users exceptionally fast.

We are more than just proxies. We are confident that we will become your go-to-proxy service for all your scraping jobs.

oxylabs homepage

This tool has an extensive network of partners that provides our users with premium quality residential proxies. Over 100M residential Proxies from 195 worldwide countries. It’s like having your mailing list.

It uses rotating Residential Proxies and rotating IP addresses that act as if they are of different users.

Now, this Oxylabs review will go into the specifications of everything you need to know. Make sure that you understand each and every aspect.

Oxylabs.io Pricing

The most important thing about this Oxylabs.io is that you need to know about the pricing as well. This will help you decide the budget-friendly price that you can opt for.

Datacenter Proxies Pricing

  • Starter pack = $180/month
  • Business pack = $800/month
  • Corporate pack =$1500/month
  • Enterprise = $6000/month

Residential Proxies Pricing

  • Starter pack = $300/month
  • Business pack = $600/month
  • Corporate pack = $900/month
  • Enterprise pack = $5000/month

Next-Gen Residential Proxies Pricing

  • Starter pack = $360/month
  • Business pack = $ 750/month
  • Corporate pack = $ 1,100/month
  • Enterprise pack = $ 6000/month

Scraper API

  • Starter pack = $ 99/month
  • Business pack = $399/month
  • Corporate pack = $999/month
  • Enterprise = $ 10,000/month

Oxylabs.io Products

Oxylabs has a variety of proxies that it offers to customers. The main five types of proxies that they provide are :

Datacenter Proxies

Datacenter proxies provide customizable simultaneous connections with no bandwidth or target locations. 

Forget the trouble of maintaining your server and focus on what you do best. With dedicated IP’s you will have complete control over results. 

More than 2 million proxies from the industry leader in Dedicated Datacenter Proxies. 

Residential Proxies

It allows you unlimited scraping when you need it. The pricing model is designed to enable your constant growth. 

Residential proxies with an average of 93.3%success. It gives you the power to control your accounts. 

Our physical and virtual residential proxy networks deliver high-quality, 100% verifiable human IP’s across the world. 

Next-Gen Residential Proxies

Next-Gen Residential Proxies allow anyone to collect high-quality leads by gathering and providing accurate data. 

Through intelligent automation and machine learning, the API will help you find the people you need to target within the location. 

With Next-Gen Residential Proxies, you get a set of internet-focused proxies built and trained just for you.

Scraper API

The Scraper API tool was designed to solve all of your data-gathering problems and more. 

You can easily import any webpage into our program with one click and perform an effective retrieval operation. 

This way, you can always stay ahead in the modern business world where data is everything.

SOCKS5 Proxy

When you work with Oxylabs, you’ll get access to super-fast, always-on proxies. Proxies are optimized for the highest levels of privacy and security.

We offer a specially crafted and unique set of SOCKS5 proxies. Our proxies are established throughout the world.

Simply set up a proxy with SOCKS5, and you can chain multiple proxies. Network connection settings are automatically retrieved. 

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Oxylabs Use Cases 

Market Research

Researching the market and making decisions based on data is a long-standing tradition when it comes to the creation of business plans. 

Market researchers need to keep up with their competition. Competition is tough. They have to look for new opportunities and change their product as soon as possible.

Brand Protection

They provide detailed tracking of your products to protect your business and ensure that you’re seen as a trusted brand.

Today’s competitive global marketplace increasingly requires new approaches to protect brands from theft and imitation.

Travel Fare Aggregation

They are committed to providing you with the best and most extensive fare aggregation service on the internet.

Flight and hotel websites can be challenging to scrape because they usually render JavaScript-based content. 

Ad Verification

Click fraud is a growing problem for companies as it can harm their advertising scheme. 

Ad fraud involves many activities, including click fraud, falsely generating impressions, and falsifying conversions.

Keeping your IP address and information private is crucial when verifying ads. 

SEO Monitoring

SEO monitoring gives you real-time insight into your online status. It allows you to track rankings, monitor progress, and see how the algorithm changes influence your business.

Maintaining a consistent flow of precise data is important for effective marketing. Search engines constantly push out layout. 

Price Monitoring

The key to a sustainable business lies in a clear understanding of the market cycles and the consumers’ preferences. 

Price tracking enables retailers to strengthen their competitive advantages by driving their pricing decisions on existing products. 

With this data, retailers can anticipate changes in the market and improve their price-setting process and succeed better than they had before.

Email Protection

Hackers are becoming more prevalent as technology advances, and businesses are becoming more vulnerable to cyberattacks. 

These systems help protect vital information and personal data from falling into the wrong hands. 


Given the recent rise of cyberattacks, everyone needs to protect themselves. To do so, internet users need these cybersecurity companies to protect them. 

They protect their customers against cyberattacks while keeping themselves protected from attacks.

All Locations that Oxylabs.io has

One of the most important things you should look at in this Oxylabs review is how this company spreads its services. Well, you should certainly know where all these proxy servers excels – so that you have an idea of what to expect out of them.


Our Japanese proxies will help you scrape challenging targets like a pro. Our proxies are IPs that live in Japan. Hence you will never get blocked again when doing web scraping jobs.

Wisp’s proxies are in Japan. This means less latency and less trouble for you when you scrape data across the ocean in it. 

United States of America

Oxylabs’s American proxies give you the speed, stability, reliability – and anonymity – you need to make web scraping fast, easy and affordable.

American Proxy will help you duplicate your online research. You can conduct multiple concurrent web scrapes with half the limit. 

United Kingdom

Oxylabs’ UK Proxy Server will help you get the job done easier and faster than before.

You will hide your IP address with a UK proxy and keep yourself safe from phishing scams. Your data will also be safer since UK servers are more likely to have better firewalls installed.


These proxies from Canada are second to none and allow you to scale your scraping jobs for huge targets. 

This way, your data will be collected and sent back instead of hitting the request limit with your target server.

Security measures by Oxylabs

With phishing attacks increasing by 23% in the last year, it’s essential to be aware.60% of cyberattacks use Phishing as their entrance point, and 60% of the time, this leads to data breaches.

Traditional phishing solutions are now fighting a losing battle against cybercriminals, becoming increasingly sophisticated in their attacks.

Proxy IP addresses hide cybercriminals’ real identities when hacking into your system or scamming you.

Cybersecurity companies are on the frontline of identifying malicious websites. However, their IP addresses are continuously being blocked by unidentified sources to evade detection.

Enterprise Plans

Oxylabs lets you avoid all those hassles by providing 24/7 live monitoring, around-the-clock support, and an endless pool of IPs. Available in 195 locations worldwide, we give you access to all your favourite sites.

Oxylabs is a cutting-edge technology company that devotes itself to technological advancements. Oxylabs provides innovative solutions for problems in the field of web scraping and proxy management.

Built to scale, you can configure your solution according to your needs. A small office of two employees will receive just the right amount of data aggregation and other intelligent software features. 

Pros of Oxylabs 

As a fresh reviewer, it was hard to swallow what I saw in the Oxylabs packages. But, after a good amount of digging, their service plan is quite solid.

Privacy: The utmost responsibility 

We take your privacy very seriously – that’s why we never disclose our customers’ identities or their connections. In other words, nobody will ever know you are using our product.

 Your IP address will be hidden and replaced with one of ours on all websites and locations where you use the residential proxy to access a proxy website.

24×7 Support Staff

The support team is always ready to help you with your Oxylabs issues. They also keep a database of frequently asked questions so you can easily find the answers you need.

Even though they love remote work, they don’t want you to feel completely alone. Email them, and someone will get back to you within 48 hours.

Proxy Connection Speed

We know how important fast internet is to your business, so we came up with our speed checker tool called Oxylabs Speed test to tell you how fast your internet is.


Our proxies are high quality, anonymous and stable. You can check them yourself. Just hover over the IP in your browser’s top bar and look at the “Internet Protocol Address.” This is a number that uniquely identifies the proxy you are using. Just compare it to the list of IPs we offer to see it matches! 

Cons of Oxylabs 

Now that you understand the benefits of using proxies let’s go through some of the things that will make sure you have the best proxies to get the most out of your work. Understand the cons presented in this Oxylabs review so that you have a balanced approach when considering this option.

More complaints from users

In recent times, Oxylab users have been complaining of poor services. Though the company ensures them with proper help, the conditions aren’t good these days. 


The cost is a bit expensive when compared with other proxy service providers. So, you might want to reconsider before you put in your money.

Should you go for it?

If you have come so far reading this Oxylabs review, I suggest you go for it. 

Oxylabs has helped many people, including myself and my family members. In a way, I would say it saved their lives. It is a fantastic product. There are a lot of benefits to getting this course, and I hope you will seriously consider investing in it. The system is very cheap and affordable but could potentially help save your life and the lives of your loved ones.  

Don’t believe us? Look at the idea and business innovations our products have won. We are not robots, but we help you automate your business processes. With us, you get intelligent custom-made software for your needs. Our documentation on residential proxies is organized by country, service providers, and packages. Use the search bar to find the information you need quickly. 

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