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One of the few proxy service providers that offer residential VPN services in addition to proxies is ProxyRack

ProxyRack Pros

Unlimited bandwidth
Open VPN Protocol
Easy to use Software
Real Residential IPs
24/7 support
Cryptocurrency payment available
Unlimited Server Switches
Top-notch Security & Privacy

ProxyRack Cons

No specific Proxies
No geo-targeting

ProxyRack was founded in 2012 by an Australian company. We provide rotating proxy services for residential users, data center users in the USA, and mixed data center users. On average, they handle more than 50 million page requests per day! In addition, it powers some of the world’s biggest data mining companies.

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There are two main services offered by the company: residential rotating proxies and residential back-connect proxies. There are a few phone numbers that you can call to contact the customer service department. There doesn’t seem to be any other way to reach a customer service representative, which does seem like a bit of a problem to me. A ticket or email system would be more reliable, in my opinion.

ProxyRack Pricing

The unmetered residential proxies pricing plan starts from $80/month, without any limitations on the capability to run one hundred concurrent threads and the bandwidth. The top-class geo residential proxies start at a price that goes as low as $14.ninety five/month for 1 GB of bandwidth and pass up to $599.95/month for two hundred GB of bandwidth, which comes to approximately $three/GB.

in additionthe  US rotating data center proxies that come up with get admission to over 10,000 US IPs and don’t cap the bandwidth begin at $one hundred twenty/month for 250 concurrent threads. The high-end plan would cost you about $480/month for 1,000 concurrent threads, which is still notably cheaper than comparative plans from ProxyRack’s alternatives.

in case your targets are sensitive to data middle proxies, you can opt for the mixed rotating facts middle proxies that consist of residential IPs as nicely and expenses the same as the usa rotating information middle proxies.

ProxyRack gives several charge mechanisms including credit playing cards, Paypal, or even various cryptocurrencies. it may also be given payments in numerous neighborhood currencies, however those aren’t blanketed by using the refund policy.

If you are in the market for a residential VPN service provider, ProxyRack should be at the top of your list. They offer a wide range of perfect services for both personal and business use. In addition to their high-quality VPN service, they also offer proxies that are perfect for all your online needs.

ProxyRack Products

Residential Proxies

This service is perfect for those who want to keep their online activities private and secure. It provides a high level of security and privacy, and it is perfect for both personal and business use.

Residential proxies are most effective for more complex and challenging projects, where you need the greatest probability of success. They have a number of different data plan alternatives for larger jobs.

proxyrack residential proxies

There are three types of Residential Proxies provided by ProxyRack:

  • Private Unmetered Residential Proxies: A proxy that is not shared with any other person, also known as dedicated or backconnect proxy, is a unique Residential IP Address that one individual only utilizes at a time. It’s not shared with other people, like most proxy solutions, so you have complete control over when and how it’s used, allowing your tasks to go even more smoothly. Use these proxies for bigger, more difficult, or complicated tasks that need to be completed faster, with the ability to do so on more secure websites and unrestricted data.
  • Premium Residential Proxies: The best quality pool of IPs for projects that need the cleanest proxies will offer you the greatest chance of success on your more challenging assignments. This tool also has GEO targeting included. This is their greatest quality pool of IPs, and it will increase your chances of success by a significant amount.
  • Unmetered Residential Proxies: IP addresses in your residential area have no data caps or monthly transfer limits (unlike our competitors who charge per GB) and have a higher success rate than datacenter proxies. This is the most popular proxy pool and is perfect for large tasks requiring many IPs and threads. We don’t charge per GB, so this may be a cost-effective alternative. They provide services for every budget and need, beginning at $199 per month.

Datacenter Proxies

Choosing a proxy can be difficult, especially if you’re unsure of the type of network access your company has. Choose from US rotating, worldwide rotating, or static data center proxies. ProxyRack provides a pool of 20,000+ unique data center proxies with no bandwidth restrictions. Unlike their competition, where you pay per IP for access to individual proxies, they offer flat-rate unlimited access to all of our IPs.These are ideal for those looking for a reliable tool that acts quickly.

proxyrack datacenter proxies
  • USA Rotating Datacenter Proxies: These are United States IP addresses that are located in Data Centres that change on a regular basis, which implies they’re faster and more dependable, but aren’t suitable for all use cases because they can be looted by some websites. Their network of reliable and quick data center proxies is located in the United States, which will provide rapid results for less-secure sites and unlimited data (unlike our rivals). This means you can use them for bigger projects with complications. The greatest speed and dependability are achieved with data center proxies that change on a regular basis.
  • Global Rotating Datacenter Proxies: The IP addresses in this block were previously registered to users, but they were all changed by hackers. These are IP addresses from key locations around the world that are based in Datacenters that rotate on a regular basis, which means they are faster and more dependable, yet aren’t appropriate for certain use cases because some websites may be able to easily ‘scrap’ the target audience. The firm’s goal is to provide “aggressive” and resilient cloud-based services for small businesses, government agencies, and corporations. To this end, the company has established a number of Datacenter Proxies in major locations all over the world. These Datacenter Proxies are based in major cities across the world and will deliver results instantly.
  • Static USA Datacenter Proxies: These are United States IP addresses that are hosted in data centers and will be assigned static IPs that will be shared with a low 3-5 other people and will not change. Datacenter proxies are faster and more dependable than dynamic web proxies, but because certain websites may detect them more easily, they aren’t appropriate for all use cases.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ProxyRack?

The ProxyRack service offers a pool of 5 million+ real residential proxies from all over the world. These are excellent for more complex, complicated, or secure tasks.

What is a Residential Proxy?

A residential proxy network is a proxy network with genuine IP addresses supplied by Internet Service Providers (ISPs). These IP addresses are assigned to real-world locations all over the world, such as countries or cities.

What are Datacenter Proxies?

Datacenter proxies are IP addresses assigned to a secondary firm outside your home. Every time you connect to the internet, your web server will be able to identify your location, a map thereof, and the name of your ISP provider because with residential proxies, each time you connect to the internet, it will be able to determine your location.

Final Take – Can You Trust ProxyRack?

There’s no such thing as the ideal proxy supplier. Everyone has particular skills and shortcomings. ProxyRack has a similar story. They lack certain characteristics that other companies provide, but they do have several benefits. Unlike other vendors, NinjaLoad isn’t as feature-rich. It doesn’t have the bells and whistles that you find with other competitors, such as the real-time crawler from Oxylabs or the open-source IP manager from Luminati. The service, on the other hand, reclaims some of the ground it lost owing to its lack of features through its low-cost residential proxies. Its data center plans that don’t limit bandwidth are also significantly less expensive than those of its competitors.

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