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Recognize is an employee recognition platform that fosters a culture of appreciation and motivation in the workplace. It offers robust reporting and analytics, tailored experience, and social gamification, among other features.

Recognize Pros

ISO-27001 Security Certification
Robust Reporting & Analytics
Tailored Experience
Global Program
Social Gamification
Flexible Pricing Plans
US-based Customer Support
Positive Recognition & Awards
Integration with Microsoft & HRIS

Recognize Cons

No free plan but have a free trial and free demo
Higher pricing for Enterprise features

Established in 2013 in San Francisco, Recognize offers a complete package of customizable tools for employee recognition, tailored to fit the unique needs of each company. 

Recognize is an employee recognition platform that was established in 2013 with a mission to motivate the workplace and give meaning to people’s lives. The platform fosters a culture of employee recognition and an all-for-one mentality. Recognize offers various features such as rewards, nominations, anniversaries, and peer recognition, all with enterprise configurations and security. The platform is integrated with Microsoft and HRIS to ensure seamless integration into business tools, such as Outlook or Workday.

Recognize’s paid customers have a dedicated customer success manager in the United States to ensure success. Additionally, the platform offers a meeting with a solution architect to learn more about Recognize and how it compares to other vendors. This ensures that customers can make informed decisions when selecting an employee recognition platform.

Recognize is committed to providing continuous new features and customizations to fit their customer’s needs while maintaining low costs. The platform is designed to give employees a sense of purpose and recognition for their contributions to the organization. With Recognize, companies can establish a positive culture that fosters employee motivation and engagement.

Let us understand more about Recognize in detail. 

Recognize Pricing

Recognize is an employee recognition platform that offers various pricing plans to suit different business needs. These plans are designed to provide a complete package of customizable employee recognition tools that can help companies foster a culture of recognition and engagement. The pricing plans are – 


The Start-Up plan is priced at $0.20-$3.00 per user per month. This plan is ideal for small businesses that want a basic employee recognition solution. The Start-Up plan includes configurable company rewards, role-based recognition, configurable recognition badges, reports and analytics, anniversaries and birthdays, and award certificates.


The Mid-Market plan is priced at $0.45-$4.00 per user per month. This plan is suitable for medium-sized businesses that want an automated employee reward and enterprise recognition program. The Mid-Market plan includes automatic gift card access for one currency, one postcard mailed for an anniversary, weekly user sync, approval-based recognition, manager enhancements, and announcements.


The Enterprise plan is priced at $0.50-$5.00 per user per month. This plan is designed for larger organizations that need to incorporate frontline workers and international staff. The Enterprise plan includes flexible, 3000+ international rewards, two postcards mailed for events, international localization, nightly user sync, frontline worker package, and automatic permission syncing.


For businesses that require advanced customizations and onboarding services, Recognize offers a custom pricing plan. This plan includes custom development, custom onboarding graphic assets, advanced customizations, monthly bulk recognition import, and physical onboarding gifts. The pricing for this plan is tailored to the specific needs of each business.

Recognize – Best Features 

ISO-27001 Security:

Recognize has strict security policies that enable the strongest international security certification. With Recognize, customers can rest assured that their data is safe and secure. The platform has ISO-27001 security certification, which is the highest level of security certification available.

Robust Reporting:

Recognize offers robust reporting features that provide insights into users, badging across demographics, and overview people analytics across time. These dashboards are available to all customers and provide valuable information that can help companies make informed decisions.

Tailored Experience:

Recognize allows companies to configure the platform to fit their unique needs. With over 150 configurations and settings, companies can customize everything from the logo to colors, and features. This level of customization ensures that every company on Recognize can use it in their unique way.

Global Program:

Recognize supports companies no matter where they are located. The platform offers cost-center budgeting, localization into any language across all mediums, and international reward options. This makes Recognize an ideal solution for companies with a global workforce.


Recognize offers various ways to notify staff of activities. The platform supports push notifications, text message SMS, Slack, MS Teams, emails, Zapier, and with any Webhook-ready system. This ensures that staff members receive notifications in a way that is most convenient for them.

Social Gamification:

Recognize makes employee recognition fun and engaging with social gamification features. The platform supports points, mentions, reactions, award certificates, TV Mode, badges, Hall of Fame, and much more. These features create a sense of friendly competition among employees and motivate them to excel in their work.

Recognize – How To Sign Up?

Step – 1: Go to the official website of Recognize and click on ‘Pricing’.

Step – 2: Choose the plan of your choice. For now, I am going for the Start-up plan. 

Step – 3: Fill up your company email, check the box, and click on ‘Sign up’. You can also choose to sign up through Yammer, Microsoft, and Google. 

Complete the signup and that is it. You are good to go!

What Kind of Support & Resources Are Available to Customers Who Purchase The Product?

Recognize is committed to providing excellent customer support to help businesses succeed with the platform. They offer different tiers of customer success support to meet the needs of different businesses. These tiers are designed to offer guidance and support to ensure that businesses can effectively use the platform to foster a culture of recognition and engagement.

Choose Customer Success Support Tier – 

Recognize offers US-based teams to offer guidance and support to ensure customer success with the platform. Depending on the tier of support chosen, businesses can receive different levels of support and guidance.

Tier 1 Support:

Tier 1 Support is a basic level of support that includes two meetings with a customer success representative. The representative will guide businesses through the platform and show them the best practices for success. In addition, businesses will receive change management materials to help them implement the platform effectively.

Tier 2 Support:

Tier 2 Support is a higher level of support that includes a project manager, IT expert, and customer success manager. This team will ensure a successful launch of the platform and show businesses the best practices for success. Businesses will receive four meetings with the team, IT resources, and additional change management materials.

Tier 3 Support:

Tier 3 Support is the highest level of support that Recognize offers. It includes a strategist who will work with businesses to develop the best program for their needs. From there, a project manager will guide the launch with world-class tech support. Businesses will receive seven meetings with the team, IT resources, and custom materials for the launch.

Positive Recognition Received By Recognition

Recognize has received positive recognition from various sources that have recognized its quality and excellence in the employee recognition industry. Here are some of the notable recognitions that the platform has received:

G2 ShortList & High Performer recognition 2022: G2, a leading software review website, has been recognized Recognize as a ShortList and High Performer for the Employee Recognition Software category in 2022. This recognition is a result of positive customer reviews and high user satisfaction ratings.

GetApp Leaders category recognition 2022: Recognize has also been recognized by GetApp, a top business software review site, in the Leaders category for the Employee Recognition Software category in 2022. This recognition is based on the quality of Recognize’s product, its customer support, and user reviews.

Stevie Award winner for Best Rewards Provider in 2018 and 2019: The Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service are one of the most prestigious recognitions for businesses that excel in customer service and sales. Recognize has been honored as a winner in the Best Rewards Provider category in both 2018 and 2019. This recognition highlights the platform’s ability to provide effective and innovative rewards programs for employees.


Recognize is an excellent employee recognition platform that stands out for its robust reporting and analytics, tailored experience, and social gamification. It offers a wide range of features, including flexible pricing plans, ISO-27001 security certification, and integration with Microsoft and HRIS. While Recognize has received positive recognition and awards, it comes with a con of higher pricing for enterprise features and no free plan. 

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