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As a proxy provider, Smartproxy is easy to set up, affordable, and comes with everything you'll need for almost any project.

SmartProxy Pros

Unlimited concurrent connections
Additional tools for free
High Reliability
24/7 customer service
Auto-renewal monthly subscription
Award-winning performance
Proxies in 195+ locations worldwide
Average response time of 3.1 seconds

SmartProxy Cons

No SOCKS protocol
Pricing based on bandwidth

Residential proxy providers like Smartproxy are definitely among the best on the market. They claim that these proxies are unblockable and undetectable while others claim that they are secure and reliable. The reason is obvious: they provide top-notch residential proxies from more than 195 locations worldwide, including state and city-level targeting.

Their plans are based on traffic usage, and they offer one of the best prices on the market. As a result, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Smartproxy believes it is the best residential proxy network in the market. There are more than 40 million residential IPs in the Smartproxy network. In terms of quality, location targeting, and low error rates, Smartproxy is the most effective residential proxy network. Our simple API allows you to easily purchase proxies online.

SmartProxy Pricing

With Smartproxy, you can get a Mini Dedicated Datacenter plan for as little as $39 plus VAT. There is still no traffic limit and unlimited targets are allowed, but you get ‘only’ 25 IPs and 5 proxy users.

Smartproxy also offers bandwidth-based plans. You can use one proxy user with its Clever Datacenter plan to spread out its 40,000 rotating US datacenter proxies. 

Do you need more information? A charge of $1 per GB is incurred if you exceed your 100GB limit. Upgrading can save you money if you do this frequently. For example, the top-of-the-line Genius plan would require you to pay just $0.50 per GB for 1TB of traffic. 

As with the datacenter plans, opting for a higher subscription can save you money. Residential proxies are $75/month for 5GB of traffic (that’s $15 per GB). In addition to the Regular plan, Smartproxy can offer 1TB or more traffic at industry-leading prices if you ask for a quote.

The service does not offer a free plan or a trial, but you are protected by a 3-day money-back guarantee. When you pay, you can ask within 3 days for a refund if the service falls short of your expectations.

If you choose Bitdefender, you’re not covered by the money-back guarantee, but you can pay via credit cards, PayPal, Alipay, and even Bitcoin.

These are fair prices, generally cheaper than what you’d pay with Bright Data or another top name. In the event that your needs are simple, you may be able to get started elsewhere at a lower price. For example, Squid Proxies offers 10 dedicated data center proxies for $24 a month, with no bandwidth limits.

SmartProxy Products

Datacenter Proxies

In addition to offering datacenter proxies, Smartproxy also offers residential proxies. Smartproxy’s datacenter proxies are located in Europe and the United States. With over 40,000 IP addresses in a pool that can be rotated as often as you wish, there are no connection or IP limits to worry about.

Smartproxy’s data center proxies are available whenever you need them. A large number of subnets ensures that you will not be blocked or cloaked. You will be charged a flat rate if you do not exceed the maximum number of simultaneous connections.

Residential Proxies

You need a residential proxy when you want to stay undetected and remain unbanned. With Smartproxy’s residential proxies, your computer or smartphone will receive a virtual IP address. The best part is that none of these proxies share any subnetworks, making them impossible to block in bulk.

The Smartproxy network includes over 195 servers with over ten million IP addresses. No matter if you are scraping, testing ads, buying limited-edition products or crawling, Smartproxy provides excellent quality without ever compromising your privacy.

Dedicated Datacenter Proxies

Additionally, the platform offers dedicated proxy servers that allow you full control and freedom. By using these private proxy servers, you get the following features:

  • IP addresses from the United States
  • Unlimited storage
  • Threads are unbounded
  • There is a 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Randomization of IP addresses
  • You can manage all of this easily and get round-the-clock customer support.

Search Engine Proxies

Search Engine Proxies is a powerful scraping API that lets you scrape search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yanex with ease. It combines a proxy network, a data scraper, and a web scraper.

The Search Engine Proxy Pool combines residential and datacenter proxies, totalling more than 40M. Proxy rotation is an advanced feature that automatically changes proxy addresses. 

A search engine proxy may include the following features:

  • 100 percent guarantee of success
  • Stack-based solution
  • You will receive raw HTML or JSON results
  • Easily access all countries, states, and cities

Proxy servers can retrieve a wide range of information about Google searches, including paid organic results, up-to-date results in real-time, insight into keyword rankings, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Smartproxy?

The Smartproxy network rotates as a home proxy server. Its users can collect data from the internet using a pool of over 40 million proxies. As well as shared datacenter (DC) proxies, Smartproxy offers its users virtual private networks (VPNs).

Is Smartproxy Legit?

Smartproxy’s four types of proxies are dependable, its plans are affordable, and its customer service is world-class. For most proxy requirements, this international proxy provider is an attractive choice.

Is there a public API for Smartproxy?

Definitely. The API has many features, including the ability to create sub-users, manage traffic restrictions, view subscription data, and filter out available endpoints. The API provides code samples in several major programming languages to make your life easier.

Final Verdict – Is SmartProxy Worth It?

Smartproxy is more affordable than many of its premium competitors but offers a service that rivals many of its premium competitors.

Among the many types of proxies available, Smartproxy offers four different types. Residential and datacenter ones are the most commonly used. Among Smartproxy’s other types is a Search Engine Proxy, a complete scraping API that combines a proxy network, a web scraping tool, and data parsing tools. Smartproxy offers a great selection of static dedicated datacenter proxies from US datacenters if you need private IP addresses.

Thanks to its unique balance between price and features, you can get a lot of value for your money. Every plan gives you all the tools you need to handle proxy tasks. Examples include X Browser, which manages multiple profiles of anti-detection, and Smart Scraper, which collects data without writing any code.

Smartproxy is a great option if you need an easy-to-use data access tool and powerful proxy management tools. This enables you to compete with larger companies that collect a large amount of data and competitors with higher technological abilities.

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