Review: How Good Is The WordPress Hosting Control Panel?


If you are looking for cheap WordPress hosting, you are at the right place. I am here to tell you about that provides affordable WordPress hosting. Read review to learn more about its WordPress hosting control panel.

Introduction To WordPress Hosting Control Panel

You would have tested many hosting providers that provide cPanel or Plesk control panels. The problem with these control panels is the cost and complexity. These are not WordPress optimized.

seekahost homepage

The WordPress hosting control panel is a WordPress optimized control panel. It has its uniqueness. One dashboard allows you to buy domain and WordPress hosting.

The SeekaPanel also provides Nameserver and SSL security in the same dashboard. You can also check the space occupied by each website hosted with the SeekaPanel.

What Are The Advantages Of The SeekaHost WordPress Hosting Control Panel?

  • The SeekaPanel is a unique control panel that allows you to manage all your websites easily.
  • You can purchase any WordPress hosting plan from inside the SeekaPanel dashboard.
  • Not just WordPress hosting, but you can also register a new domain at the lowest price.
  • Get website tracking analytics with Google Analytics and Clicky integrated with the SeekaPanel.
  • You can determine the usage of each website hosted on the and upgrade the plan accordingly.
  • One-click WordPress and SSL installation.
  • You can first check out the knowledgebase for any queries for simple issues. There are general and technical FAQs to guide you at every stage. You can contact the support team via chat and ticket support for more assistance.

SeekaHost WordPress Hosting Plans

You can choose any WordPress hosting plan with SeekaPanel, cPanel or Plesk control panel. The prices would differ depending upon the control panel you use.

seekahost pricing

  • Starter: $1.49/mo for a single WP website(includes 2 GB disc space, and 10 GB bandwidth)
  • Standard: $5.50/mo for 3 WP sites (includes 15 GB disc space, and 30 GB bandwidth)
  • Growth: $8/mo for 5 WP sites (includes 50 GB disc space, and 50 GB bandwidth)
  • Premium:$12/mo for 10 WP sites (includes 100 GB disc space, and 100 GB bandwidth)

The plans include one-click WordPress and SSL installation, automatic and manual backups, free WP site migration, and more. The Premium plan offers WordPress support and remote support.

How To Create a WordPress Site Using SeekaHost WordPress Hosting Control Panel?

Let me show you the steps to launch your first WordPress blog with the SeekaPanel.
To launch your WordPress site, you need a domain. I assume you have a domain name purchased. If not, you can buy a .com domain name at the cheapest price here.
To buy a domain at, follow these steps:

Steps To Buy A Domain Name

Go to the official website and see a search box. Before purchasing any domain, do some research.
Now enter the domain name and click on the search button.


The system will look for the domain availability. If the domain is available, you can proceed with the Add To Cart. Click on Add To Cart, and you will be asked to register a free account.


Click on Sign up to register at SeekaHost with your email address and other details. Upon signing up, you can login to the control panel.

seekahost free account

Since you have already added the domain to the cart, you can find it in the Domain Names. You can continue adding more domains or continue with the checkout. You can click on Auto renew and add privacy protection also.

seekahost domain purchase

In the third and last step of domain purchase, choose the payment method.


Click on Order now, and complete the payment. You will receive an email with the order details.

list of the domains scaled

You can now check your purchased domain in the Domains list. You have the domain name, now you need a WordPress hosting plan. Follow the below steps to configure a WordPress hosting.

Steps to Buy A WordPress Hosting

Wait! No need to logout of the control panel. This is what excites me to launch my websites with the SeekaPanel. You can buy WordPress hosting in the same control panel and configure it in one-click.

seekahost buy wordpress
To buy a WordPress hosting plan, go to Hosting plans and click on WordPress hosting. You will see four different plans. You can choose any plan as per your budget and site requirement.

seekahost wp hosting plan

Click on Choose plan, and proceed with filling your personal details. Click on Next, and complete the payment like you did when buying a domain name.

seekahost basic info

You can check your site in the Websites & Blogs section.

seekahost action

To create a WordPress site, click on Create WordPress site.

seekahost create site

Choose the domain name that you purchased. Enter the blog title, and click on Add WordPress Site. Your WordPress blog is ready with some more configuration steps left.

seekahost add site

To connect your domain with the WordPress hosting, you need to change the nameservers.

Steps to Change the Nameservers

Go To the Websites & blogs and locate your website. Click on the Action button and copy the nameservers ns1 and ns2.

seekahost copy nameservers

Now go back to the Domains list and click on the Action button. You will see the nameservers option on the right side. To change the nameservers, click on it.

seekahost change nameservers

Now choose custom nameservers and paste the two nameservers ns1 and ns2 in the respective fields.

seekahost custom nameservers

Save it and your nameservers will be changed. Your domain is now pointed to the SeekaHost WordPress hosting.

To check the status of your nameservers, click on leafdns and check the status.

Your site is ready, but SSL is not active. To activate SSL on your WordPress site, follow the below steps.

Steps to Activate the SSL

To install and activate SSL on your site, go to your WordPress site in the Websites & Blog section. On the right side, you will see the SSL option. Click on it, and you will see a padlock.

seekahost ssl padlock
Simply toggle the padlock and SSL gets activated on your site with one click.
Remember not to activate the SSL quickly after changing the nameservers. Do it after 24 hours or else SSL will get blocked for 7 days.

Top Reasons To Choose SeekaHost WordPress Hosting

Highly Reliable

The company hasn’t been in the industry for a long time but brings you everything you need in a hosting company.
There is no unique dashboard like the SeekaPanel compared to competitors. It is easy to host your site and manage your domains from one dashboard.
You can choose the plans and purchase it from the dashboard itself. If you feel that your website’s traffic is increasing, you can upgrade your plans. The plans are flexible and you can choose it according to the space required and number of websites you want to host.
The WordPress hosting plans can be paid monthly or annually.

Highly Secured

When you host your website with any hosting provider, the first thing that comes to mind is security.
At, you are ensured for your site security and data. You get one-click SSL installation and activation. Free Let’s Encrypt SSL protects your site’s crucial information.
You can take manual backups to your local machine and restore it if you make a technical mistake while customizing your website.
Some days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday are a big threat to websites as hackers look to hack the server. But with automatic backups and SSL, your site is completely safe.

WordPress PBN Hosting offers multiple IP PBN hosting. With the PBN, you can create WordPress blogs in minutes and get backlinks without any hassle. You can purchase PBN hosting from the SeekaPanel and install WordPress to run a WordPress blog.

High Performance

SeekaHost servers are configured with superior hardware and software technologies. This ensures that the servers can handle massive amounts of traffic worldwide.
The WordPress control panel is fast and quickly lets you buy a domain and hosting. The payment is also proceed within the control panel.
After successful payment, you can install WordPress at one-click and secure your site with one-click SSL installation.

SeekaHost WordPress Hosting Control Panel Pros and Cons


  • One-click WordPress installation.
  • One-click SSL installation.
  • Free WordPress site migration.
  • Flexible WordPress hosting plans that can be purchased from the control panel.
  • Free tracking and usage statistics inside the WordPress control panel.
  • Affordable WordPress hosting plans.
  • Expert WordPress support from SeekaHost experts.


  • With such affordable plans and an easy-to-use dashboard, I couldn’t find any loopholes. Please let me know if you found managing your websites difficult with the control panel.


With this step-by-step tutorial in the review, I can conclude that anyone without any expertise can host a WordPress site hassle-free.

Share this tutorial with others, so even they could host a WordPress blog at an affordable cost.