WordPress Hosting Review 2021: SeekaHost WP Blog Hosting

seekahost wp hosting

If you think starting a blog is not as easy as it sounds, you must read this further.

To be able to start with a great WordPress blog, all you need is a domain and a web hosting plan. What if I tell you that you get both for one year straight for just 25$?

Yes, that’s right. With SeekaHost’s SeekaPanel, you get a hosting plan for one year for just $14 and a .com domain for $10.5

How to Start a WordPress Blog (Step by Step with Screenshots)

Let’s go to the SeekaHost website and see how to create a blog.

Buying a Domain

To get your first blog live, you need a domain. The domain can be your own name or any brand name that is not already acquired.

Open SeekaHost.com and type in your domain name and check its availability.

Once it is available, you get the option to add it to your cart.

Add it to your cart, click checkout and add free add-ons to your domain.

Once done, choose a payment method and proceed with the payment. It supports PayPal, Credit/Debit card for payments in USD/EUR/GBP currency.

Buy a Domain on SeekaHost Now

Purchasing the Web Hosting

Talking about the web hosting and that too especially for a WordPress blog, it has to be technically optimized and fast. SeekaHost.app offers cheap WordPress hosting with top-notch optimizations.

Check out the best WordPress Hosting Plans and proceed with the one you prefer.

The starter plan costs 1.49$/mo which is 12$/year when you pay for year of one-off

Check out the starter plan by creating an account on SeekaHost app and confirming your email.

Create a WordPress Site

Creating a WordPress Blog in SeekaPanel is easy. Just Navigate to Dashboard >> Websites >> WordPress Sites

When you see the big blue button that says “Create new wp site,” hit it with your mouse pointer.

You only have to type in the blog name and domain name to deploy your first WordPress blog. You will receive the login credentials in your email once it’s done.

Start your Blog with SeekaHost WordPress Hosting Now

Point your domain to SeakaHost.app WordPress Hosting

It does not require you to be a technical superman to be able to point your domain to the hosting account. Simply click on the “Settings” icon in the action column on your SeekaPanel site dashboard.

You will see a detailed page that mentions the server IP, nameservers, and login link. Just copy the nameservers from that screen. It should look something like this.


Once copied, go to your SeekaHost.com Client area and click on “Manage Nameservers” from the list of domains.

Now you can choose “Custom Nameserver” option and paste those 2 nameservers and hit “Change Nameservers”.

You’re now all set with your domain and WordPress Hosting. From the login details you received in your email; you can now log in to your WordPress admin panel.

Turn on SSL for Security and enable HTTPS

Additionally, you need to implement one-click SSL, and you’re good to get started with blogging with your very own domain name and super-fast cheap WordPress hosting.

Cheers! Happy Blogging.

SeekaHost WordPress Hosting Plans Review

seekahost wp hosting

I’ve been hosting WordPress sites for clients and my projects for over a few years. I know it is a big mess to manually deploy, manage and maintain. SeekaPanel WordPress hosting will keep you away from that mess, and you can freely host your WordPress blog and start writing, customizing, and promoting it.

Usually, a standard WordPress Hosting plan may cost you $30/mo, while SeekaHost WordPress hosting plans start from just $1.49/mo.

It is not a huge gap comparing the resources with other managed WordPress hosting platforms. So, We recommend you start with SeekaHost when you have less idea about hosting and managing it.

You get several premium features included in all the WP Hosting plans:

  1. Free 1 Click WP Installer
  2. Free One-Click SSL Certificate
  3. Free WordPress Migration
  4. Free Server level malware Scanning and DDoS Protection
  5. Daily Backups of your WP sites
  6. Unlimited Tracking Sites
Start your Blog with SeekaHost WordPress Hosting Now