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Out of so many cloud hosting providers available online, it is really important for you to find the best of the best. We’ve used many cloud platforms and in this Serverspace review, we explain why it is the best platform for you to host your websites, apps and do a lot more with the cloud. is a cloud hosting platform that I have been using not only for virtual storage space, but also for hosting some sites that require offshore location. The interface of is also simple and straightforward to understand and use. If you’ve been using AWS or Google cloud for hosting sites, trust me, this is going to be way easier than that. is highly reliable. Before you buy it, I would definitely want you to read my ServerSpace review.

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When you have a lot of information or data to store, you would never want to run out of virtual space. You also would like to have a reliable, favorable, safe, and secure area. Considering the advanced and enhanced security that provides, there is no threat to safety or data theft. is an efficiently developed, safe, secure, and highly trusted cloud hosting platform. One can save a lot of money by joining the for cloud computing. It reduces the overall costs when you compare it with AWS or Google Cloud. is a one-stop destination for the best cloud services. We can say this after a lot of experience.

Before you proceed to buy this service, it is vital that you know about everything about it. This article will present the review so that you know everything you need to.

Overview is a cloud service that functions very well. It has incredibly captive features that make the whole working outstanding. The servers are extremely fast, secure, and easy to both setup and use.

Overall it is a legit cloud computing service. If you own a software company or an IT business, or even if you are a software developer and you would like to host your software applications at this point, is the best option to consider. It has users who recommend it all around the globe.

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Moving forward in our review is the feature of this tool. Read on to find out.

Minutes based billing calculates your bill for every minute, and that way, you will not stand any chance of having to pay what you have not used. This is the best billing method for a cloud management company. One can save a good amount of money choosing over others. Overall, you can pay accurately for what you used and not for what you haven’t.

Quick and easy setup

Setting up the server is very easy. Any user, new or old, will take the same time, around two to three minutes on average, to set it up. You can create your server and access it immediately. You save a lot of money and energy. Most importantly, you can do it yourself, on your own. 

Efficient data centers (in Russia too) has three-tier, well-functioning data centers. These three levels of most efficient data centers handle data very well. If you have opted for for your data storing and managing, you don’t have to look back. The data centers of are the best.

Usability and Functions

 The usability and functions of are vast. They are a lot more than just storing data. This tool can run many various kinds of databases. You can use it as the best virtual container that securely holds and handles your information. All types of media, news, sites and other data can be handled by this tool.


The scalability of is also worth a mention. Indeed, it is difficult to adjust or change the configurations after the deployment. With, you can modify the compositions, structures, and configurations according to your need even after the deployment.

Reviews and positive responses has excellent reviews and reactions from its users on review sites as well.

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How to Create a Server in ServerSpace

To get started with a review, you need to signup using this link and after you login to your account, you will be in your dashboard.

Next, you click the big blue button that says, “Create a server”

Choose your preferred/favorite operating system that you need based on your requirements. For hosting your websites, you can choose Ubuntu 18.04 or CentOs.

Windows server is also available if you scroll down a bit on the page.

In the next step, you choose the location of your server. Here comes the thrill. You get the option to deploy in Moscow and Almaty also. Amsterdam and New Jersey are the most common location that you can find in any other cloud hosting platform. But, These two locations are amazing if you want to deploy a cloud server in an offshore location.

Choose the configuration for your new server. In the flexible plan, you can customize the server as per your requirements. For memory-intensive apps, you can have more memory and less processor and vice versa.

However, if you want to choose the fixed plans, here’s how you get that.

  • €4/mo for a 1GB RAM, 1v CPU, 25 GB SSD storage
  • €7/mo for a 2GB RAM, 1v CPU, 50 GB SSD storage
  • €10.6/mo for a 2GB RAM, 2v CPU, 50 GB SSD storage
  • and so on. Check detailed pricing here.

Once you’re set with all these things, you only need to set up the access preference for the server, the name of the server, and the number of servers you want to deploy with the same config.

Here’s how I am creating a server with Ubuntu 20.04, 1GB / 1 CPU in the Moscow datacenter.

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It takes a few minutes to complete the deployment of your new server.

Once deployed, you see the access info like this.

Now you can log in to your server using putty or the terminal app on your macOS device to manage applications and services on the server.

If your use case is also to deploy a WordPress site, you can consider an admin panel like Plesk, cPanel or Cyberpanel.

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Easy to use is easy to use and feasible to set up. It saves time and money choosing The interface and features together make it very easy to work. Even those who are new can use with great ease and zero percent difficulty. You still gotta know how to connect and manage your cloud server yourself.

Just in case you do not want to use Putty software to use SSH, you have the browser terminal feature.

Since you’re logging in to your server and you’re already there in the dashboard, you will see the login user and pass*ord above the terminal screen. You can simply type it in and you will be logged in to your server.

Here’s how it works

Also, it is a channel that works at an extraordinary speed. A platform that is flexible enough and easily understandable unnoticeably saves a lot of time.

Security & Monitoring  has enhanced security features. It is one of those critical factors that make stand out. It has a robust integrated privacy policy that nullifies the chance of threat. Its privacy policy promises high safety and security that go hand in hand. The data center firewall and security products are there to keep your back.

Talking about the monitoring, you need not setup anything after creating the server to monitor the CPU/Ram usage. Its already there in Status >> Performance tab on your server dashboard.

Customer support  provides outstanding customer support. In case of any queries of technical support, they immediately react and resolve as soon as possible using the ticket system. Whatever the problem is, they attend to it very swiftly and put themselves into action in no time. Overall their service and customer support are excellent. 

The support team works on the ticket system, and the TAT is around 24 hours. So, you need to have patience before you send them your query over the support ticket.


The plans of are broadly categorized as two plans; flexible plan and fixed plan.

 Flexible plan

If you choose the flexible plan, you can choose to configure your server’s hardware and specific software-related configurations essential for your program to run. It costs around  €4/month for the basic hardware, and the price will variably increase with the choice of hardware.

Fixed plan

A fixed plan is similar to a flexible schedule. The difference is that the plan and configurations are predefined and cannot be changed according to the users’ choice.

Additional Services

Not just the cloud servers, you have a lot to built with Serverspace and here’s how the pricing goes for those services.

Pros and cons 


  1. Flexible to use and easy to set up
  2. You can scale up a fixed plan server with flexible cost
  3. You pay as you go
  4. Excellent customer support
  5. Precise and reliable privacy policy.      


  1. All pricing plans are in Euro and you might need to calculate in your currency to figure out the actual cost in your currency. To be able to make payments in USD, you should be using

Conclusion is the most recommendable cloud platform available. It suits all types of data storage and handling. This cloud platform is the best platform to invest in to get the most trusted services and highly satisfactory customer support. It is reliable and reasonable.

Also, has an excellent customer support team. They are very swift and are highly efficient. For any queries or issues, you can drop them a mail.

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