List of Top Cloud Hosting Providers in 2023 – Cheapest off-shore cloud servers


When your web host is not bound to a single physical location, it is cloud hosting. Whatever you upload on your website, all the resources are maintained and can be accessed across the globe over multiple virtual servers.

Different cloud servers are responsible for different types of work. By any chance, if one of them fails or functions incorrectly, the others are meant to pick up the work. This will allow your website to perform smoothly with cloud hosting, irrespective of any errors faced by anyone server. You will not have to face much downtime with cloud hosting.

Before you choose a single option for yourself, you should be aware of what is actually in the market. With the help of this article, you will get to know the top cloud hosting providers that top the list of the market. You must spend enough time understanding them so that you can easily narrow them down to an option.

List of the Top Cloud Hosting Providers in 2021

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ServerSpace is the best option for international business enterprises to small businesses. This option hits the list of the top cloud hosting providers because they are the experts in IT solutions, Virtual and Infrastructure, scalable, flexible, and affordable cloud. With the help of this platform, you can create your cool digital stuff by yourself. You can run and store any sites, media, containers, and databases with server space. You can also implement AI, blockchain, DevOps, conduct analytics, and deploy app routines. 

Some of their most remarkable features are Monitoring, API, direct connect, private network trusted SSL certificates, easy and quick management of all DNS record types, private cloud, freeze protection, 2FA guard, ultrafast deploy, block storage, cloud servers, and object storage. 

They offer a billing method that saves you money, unlike most other similar platforms. Most cloud providers use the monthly or hourly billing system, while ServerSpace uses the 10 minutes increment system. This way, you only pay for what you use.

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Upcloud is one of the most amazing cloud hosting providers across the globe. They scale forward for everything from projects to some Important IaaS deployments. They have a lot of cloud solutions to choose from. This platform offers a 2-month free migration period if you ever wish to change. During this period, they won’t be charging you any service costs. Apart from that, there is a dedicated account manager and custom onboarding for their business customers. You will get 24/7 customer support with a 95 % satisfaction rate and a 97 second average median response time. 

They are entirely reliable for hosting MSPs, are cost-effective and scalable. They are secure and build a production-grade environment. Also, for any downtime over 5 minutes, they provide their customer with a 50 times payback and 100 % uptime SLA.

They have scalable MaxIOPS block storage providers that provide the users with 2 times faster reliability and performance. 

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digitalocean homepage

This platform has a straightforward interface. It will help you build API backends and web applications on robust infrastructure. Here, you can learn the basics of cloud computing and speed up the development with CI/CD add-ons, developer tools, and intuitive API. They have many services to offer like PaaS, IaaS, etc. It also has a rich marketplace of 1-click applications. They have some cool features to offer like enterprise SSDs, 40 GbR hypervisor connections, global data centers, DNS, monitoring and altering, cloud firewalls, 99.99 % uptime SLA, and many more. 

They have over 3,000 tutorials to offer. In case you have a question you can’t find the answer to, you can put your question in the discussion forum, and the active community can help you solve your problem. They have excellent technical support for you. 

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Vultr holds over 17 locations worldwide and offers $ 50 credits free for signup.

They have a feature enriched control panel having features like view console, change OS, reinstall, reboot, restart, and many more. Vultr has a robust API that can control, destroy and spin up your instances quickly. They only have short hourly contracts, so it is worth every penny. With all VMs, they have a dedicated IP address and ‘root’ access. 

With Vultr, you can deploy FreeBSD, Windows, Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, or upload ISO features. They have 100 % intel cores of the latest generations. It will enhance your CPU performance to 58 % faster and memory performance to about 28 % faster. They can be used for different purposes like DDoS Protection, Flexible Networking, Firewall, Snapshots, backups, etc.; they offer all smartphones, desktops, and tablets. 

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This platform can help you cut out your cloud bills in half. Their package includes monitoring and alerts, iPv6 Support, worldwide availability with a hold on 11 locations worldwide, one-click applications, DNS management, free bundled transfer, API & CLI, user-friendly cloud management, 99.99 % compute uptime SLA, no cost, DDoS protection, 24/7 phone and email support, and many more.

On sign-up itself, you get $ 100 credits free. They have pricing based on flat-fee and no calculator or hidden fees. You can quickly scale up and down without the fear of penalties. 

They do not have varying charges for different regions. With any plan you purchase, you get some free extra benefits like Support, plugins & integration, Kubernetes on Linode, generous transfer, unfiltered API access, monitoring, etc. Compared to services, security, and reliability, their pricing beats leading platforms like Azure, Google, and AWS. They maintain quality and ensure performance. 

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They have over 40 options for Linux tools, applications, and distros. To quickly configure your servers, they have one-click VPS hosting templates. They have 3 pricing plans to offer, basic, charging $ 4 per month, standard charging $ 10 per month, and premium charging $ 20 per month. 

They have some exciting features for you like premium infrastructure, start for CEPH file storage at $ 4 per month, it is powered by open-source, you can earn hosting rewards with premium membership having the maximum rewards, triple replicated SSD, flexible resource options, auto backup and snapshots, and at you can start at a mere charge of $ 4 per month. 

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They are available globally, have great points, and are of German quality. They charge based on servers. For Virtual Private Servers or VPS, they charge $ 6.99 per month; for Virtual Dedicated Servers or VDS, they charge $ 49.99, and for powerful dedicated servers, they charge $ 199.99. To provide their users with first-class customer support, they have 64 highly trained support specialists that can help you anytime throughout the year. Their customer service is recognized and tested by CHIP Hotline Test as well. They also have a remarkable reputation in Germany. Their online reviews are pretty great as well. 

They are available globally and have 3 data centers in Germany and 1 each in Singapore and Missouri. Very soon, 1 of their global centers will be set up in India a well. They have more than 160,000 servers across 5 data servers, more than 100,000 servers in 180 countries, and have been in this business since last a whopping 17 years.  

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One of the best cloud hosting providers is Kamatera because of the fact that they have excellent customer support and live human chat support. They offer cloud infrastructure, managed cloud services, business solutions, managed solutions, and many more. Their cloud servers are cost-effective and straightforward and can help you from simple to complex infrastructure developments. They have a high-security private VLAN, a private network essential for security. They have an advanced safeguard system as well. 

You can easily add a hard drive to your cloud server using this platform, starting from a mere $ 0.05 per GB price. They have a cloud load balancer that balances your network and ensures reliability, speed, and maximum performance. They also manage the cloud for you, hence saving a lot of time. 

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Summary: Best Cloud Hosting Provider Plans for 2021

If you own a growing website or e-commerce business, Cloud web hosting is the best place for you to go. To throw light on what we have discussed so far, we have listed various cloud hosting platforms for you, which are best in a particular segment. To decide which one is your best bet, you need to consider your needs. Depending on your business model and budget, you must choose your web hosting platform.

If you want to consider our opinion, you might want to go for This is one of the best options available because it tries to cover everything that a person requires. Even when you do not have knowledge about cloud hosting servers, will make it a point to act as the best option for you. Although, you might want to think about the pricing and then derive the perfect option for you.

Furthermore, it is important that you take advantage of the trial period of the options you consider. You will not only get the chance to understand the features but also will get an opportunity to practically use them.